The Man of Cloth Quilt

The Man of Cloth Quilt is finally finished and bound. This quilt was made for Fr Augustine to welcome him to our Parish and to Australia. When I asked Augustine what colour he would like, he cheekily said,”Pink”. For those that know me I do have a warped sense of humour and was almost tempted to add some pink but refrained from doing so and dove into my Parson Grey Curious Nature stash instead.
I apologise for the photos. It has rained non stopped for the last few days and I have not been able to photograph outside.

The quilt is a simple design using free form lime crosses. It is mostly negative space using the Kaufman Quilters Linen in grey and quilted in multiple fill patterns using a light teal thread.
The backing is one of my favourite prints from Emily Herrick’s – going coastal range – Crab Walk in Grey. I thought the crabs made it a bit quirky and fun. Although, one may have nightmares with all those clawed creatures lying on top of them.

Augustine will receive the quilt on Friday and I hope it brings him much warmth and comfort in his journeys.


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