That time of the year again

The Albany Creek Fair is happening this Sunday. Last year I spent 6 months of my life with the help of some beautiful friends to make craft for the fair. This year I had to opt out of the craft stall so I decided to work all day at the Fair Cafe. Judith, the convenor, found some bargain white aprons so I added a little appliqué of teacups on each. If I had more time, I would have loved to screen print ‘Cafe Corner’ on them.

The Cafe supplies tea / coffee / hot chocolate plus fresh scones, pikelets, cupcakes, biscuits and fresh sandwiches. I will making my triple choc cookies and Lemon myrtle Macadamia muffins – all gluten free. Yum.

It has been raining all week so, for those who are doing a rain dance in the Southern Hemisphere, please have a rest this weekend and let us enjoy the sunshine.


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