Tuesday’s Treasure

My aunty Narn is a very talented doll maker and over the years she made many dolls and Christmas decorations for my mother (her dearest and oldest friend). My beautiful mother passed away two years ago. I miss her everyday. All these beautiful gifts reside in a display cabinet for all to enjoy. Cheeky aren’t they?

Cutsie Dolls

Piano Doll, Easter dolls, wedding doll and snow doll

This adorned my wedding cake

My sisters wedding cake ornament

Cheeky Dolls

Cupie Doll and New Born Baby Doll

Another sisters wedding cake ornament

Three sisters

Tuesday’s Treasure

I found a dark wood bookcase / cupboard in a second hand shop. It was in pretty bad repair so I added some paint, applied some stencils and placed in the nursery. My sons were too young to realise its girlie appeal.


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