The Jelly Roll Rug

Have you made a Jelly Roll Rug? Download @Romaquilts pattern from here and get a group of your sewing friends together and spend a fun filled day making this delightful rug. I have been wanting to make one for months and I seized the opportunity this weekend to gather up my True Blue Feedsacks by Linzee Kull McCray, 2 rolls of Matilda’s Own Rainbow Batting (2″ x 25m), pre-cut batting and a cone of Aurifil 2311 50wt cotton thread. 

The 2″ wide poly batting was easy to sew and manipulate when making rug rows. I sewed 1/8″ from the folded edges instead of 1/4″, which gives it a different look from the original pattern. I placed the batting roll in a clean waste paper bin to contain it.

To make the sewing more manageable, I wound it into a ball and again placed it in a waste paper bin. 

It is quite a hypnotic experience sewing around and around, watching the rug grow. Having a level surface to take the weight of the quilt is a must and regularly steaming creeping curves to tame them. 

To finish the rug off, I decided to add a fancy border. Finishing off the rug as instructed in the pattern and then continuing along the edge folding each section into a point. I measured around the circumference if the rug and estimated it would take 2 1/2 times the length of fabric to complete the edge. Therefore, I stopped at 3 1/2 strip lengths from the end of the jelly roll strips, completed the edging and had 12″ of prepared piping left over. Phew. 

Tip: Wind a few bobbins.

I have not decided where I would like to place my little mat but I can see my dog is eyeing it off as a place to sleep. 


Pattern by @romaquilts

Purchase pattern here.

Get Jelly Rolls here

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National Jelly Roll day is fast approaching and this would be the perfect project to showcase your jellyroll collection. Tag #nationalsewajellyrollday – 15th September 2018



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