Splendid Sampler

The Splendid Sampler 2 – Pineapple Block

Today, my Pineapple block is available for download at The Splendid Sampler website. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your pineapple blocks. 

Let me show you how I made my little pineapple block using washable, fusible interfacing, sharp scissors, pointy objects, and a glue stick.

Step 1

Trace the squares onto the stitch and wash product ( a fusible interfacing that washes out).

Using a small, very sharp pointed pair of scissors (I use Kay Buckley scissors), cut out the squares.


Step 2

Press the shiny side of the fusible to the wrong side of your pineapple fabric.

Make a small snip in the middle of each square and then make a cut to each corner of the square.

Step 3

Using a fabric glue stick, glue the edge of each square and using something with a pointy end fold the fabric back and press down to secure.

Cut a generous 1/4″ seam around the finished top piece.

Step 4

Cut the backing fabric. I trim off a scant 1/8″ all around the edge so that it fits within the top pineapple template.

Using applique glue, secure the back to the front piece.

Using the glue stick again, push the seam over to the back. Try to avoid pleating as it caused rough edges. 


Step 5

Make the pineapple top.

Step 6

Using matching thread and an applique stitch, sew the pineapple top and pineapple, including the tiny squares, to the background fabric.

Step 7 

Use a french knot in the centre of each square of the pineapple.


Halloween is fast approaching so I thought I would share this cute idea from Taste.com.au. Pineapples can be scary. 


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