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Tantalizing Table Toppers

The fabulous Pat Sloan has been busy writing another exciting book featuring table toppers in her studio. There are 12 topper patterns to tantalize your sewing senses to dress up your home and make the perfect handmade gift.

Being a lover of star blocks, I chose the pattern Breakfast Club and dived into my vintage stash of Anna Griffin fabrics, The flora collection from Windham Fabrics. To finish off the topper I added a simple red, ric rac trim before adding the binding. It takes pride of place on my silky oak card table.

Visit these links to see what Pat’s other quilty friends have made from the book. Each participant will be giving away a copy of the book.

Now for the GIVEAWAY

I will be giving away one book to one lucky follower. (US hardcopy, outside US digital copy).

Please leave me a comment on this post telling me what your favourite quilty gift you love to make for friends and family.

I will contact the lucky winner on Tuesday 1st June 2022.

To get you started on locating the book you can find Tantalizing Table Toppers here or


  • Dorris Dale

    I usually make full sized quilts as gifts. I have only recently started making smaller quilts as gifts and to donate.

  • Debbie

    My favorite gift is a table runner or topper. My family loves to receive these as gifts. Perfect book to try some new runners.

  • Edith Laramore

    My favorite quilt gift that I give to friends is a seasonal table topper, sometimes with coordinated mug rugs

  • Kena Lollman

    I have been making sewing kits for coworkers when they retire. I work with a lot of quilters. The non quilters I make travel jewelry cases.

  • Maribeth Strand

    I love to give quilted journals put inside of a quilted bag. I try to utilize scraps for these projects

  • mjcloke2

    Love your color selection for the table topper. My favorite quilty gifts are small to medium wall hangings.

  • Janis Ewing

    Absolutely lovely! Great fabrics.
    I like giving bowl cozies as gifts. Apparently a lot of others do too. It’s my best seller at Quilt Show/ Craft Show vendor booths.

  • Jean

    I love the fabrics you used for your table topper. There are so many things I love to make as gifts……quilts (of course), table runners, embroidered kitchen towels, tote bags, fabric baskets, ………the list goes on and on.

  • laurarg61

    Your version of this topper is like a flower garden…so beautiful! My favorite quilty gifts are table toppers and small quilts. I embellish mug rugs made from practice pieces with glitzy threads and give them to friends and family.

  • Rhonda Collier

    What is my favorite quilty gift I love to make for friends and family? Lap size quilts that match their personality.

  • Karen Kolmer

    I enjoy giving quilts, coasters, placemats, etc. to friend and family. I also like to make quilts for charities and veterans.

  • Allison McCullough

    Oh my goodness your table topper is stunning! Thank you for sharing this beauty! I love to gift quilts to others, but if I don’t have the time to do so I will make a special wall hanging or table runner.

  • Anne Buckley

    My thing to make for gifts is a lap quilt for snuggling on the couch. Although these table toppers are all so cute, I may switch my thinking! Love your fabric choice – my favorite combination.

  • Kathy Anderson

    My favorite quilty gift to give is a small zippered bag. Seems like we can use them for so many different things and they are always used.

  • Georgann McHugh

    I love to create art that is personal & specific to the individual. I have made memory photo quilts for 8 nieces & 2 granddaughters for their graduation and t-shirt quilts for a son commemorating his days working at Coral Sky amphitheater. I love Pat Sloans patterns.

  • Vicky

    Throw quilts, though I gift many more sets of pillowcases, which technically aren’t quilted, but are seen by me.

  • Janet Davidson

    I love to make quilted tote bags as quick give aways. I also make comfort lap quilts that are personalized to the individual.

  • Joyce M Miller

    I just love your version of the quilt. What a great combination of fabrics and colors. They were ment for the Breakfast Club. I don’t have just one particular quilt project to give away. I guess my favorite is the next one I want to make. Is that fickle?

  • Laura

    I make tic tac toe, game bags for kids. The front of the bag is a 9 patch. It lays flat for game play. I add candy, small toys or checkers to use as the game pieces.

  • Sandy Johnson

    I love to make a very colorful polka dot quilt for baby’s. I’ve mad 10 through the years. I love the fabrics you used in the Breakfast Club table topper.

  • Doreen Johansen

    I really love making quilts as gifts. Baby quilts, Graduation quilts, rag quilts. I’ve made a few other smaller projects but not many.

  • cshelleyqbq

    My favorite gift to make is the microwave bowl cozies. All 100% cotton fabric, 100% cotton thread, no resin or scrim in the batting(I use Wrap-N-Zap).

  • Dedy Slack

    I am thinking table toppers are going to be my next series of hand made gifts this years for family and friends

  • Susan Hartley

    Although I have made many Humbug bags as gifts, I also enjoy giving table runners because they can be used everywhere in the home.

  • Debra Holstine

    Actually, I love giving my friends and family table toppers and market bags. Everyone can use a market bag and hopefully the table toppers give them all a smile.

  • Ronda

    First. Love your fabric selection for the table topper. Second I make easy no fuss carry all bags for my friends and co workers every year for Christmas. They love them. Fun to open fridge at work and see 2 or 3 bags in there.

  • Amy Abraham

    I Love to make table runners for friends and family! They are easily created and quilted all by me and easy for receivers to change out. I can make more out of them and it isn’t a huge investment but shows them my true love and thankfulness for them being in my life!

  • Judy George

    Love your table topper with the added Rick rack! My favorite “go-to” quilts gift is a kitchen set with bowl cozies, napkins, hexagon coaster, and tea towel. I can keep those on hand & take to a friend with a nice pot of soup when they’re in need of a friend and comfort meal. I also love table toppers and pillows because it can be done in an afternoon or weekend and customized to the recipient by color, style, etc.

  • Helen McNenly

    I just started quilting this year, so don’t really have a “go to” yet. But so far, mug rugs, microwave bowl cozies and pillows.

  • Amy Walter

    It depends on the situation. Baby quilts for baby showers. Christmas tree skirts for bridal showers. Table toppers for many other occasions.

  • Cathy

    My granddaughter is loving placemats right now, so that is the quilty gift for her. Simple, two sided, and I leave them near the machine to warm up with when I’m machine quilting. But for others, I love making pillows for their taste and interests.

  • Dolores Magaargee

    My family stopped giving gifts years ago. Some are minimalists and didn’t want to be gifted more stuff. Others had their reasons for ending the tradition of giving gifts. For a while our rule was this, the gift must be useful. Eventually, we all agreed to the no more gifting rule. We get together on holidays, cook and eat some great food, play games and work puzzles, and enjoy each other’s company. I like the idea of bringing a quilted table topper to a holiday gathering, though. Wonder if I could slip that in without anyone noticing.

  • Kelly

    This year I gave my in-laws a quilted checker board and a set of nice wood checkers. It was fun to make, give and play on. I think I’ll be continuing that idea for others this Chirstmas.

  • Margaret

    I like making personalized wall hangings as gifts. A craft beer wall hanging for my son who crafts beer, a fishy wall hanging for a loved one who fishes, a hand mixer for a baker . . . I really love finding patterns that will be particularly meaningful for the recipient.

  • Paula Johnson

    Currently I am making toddler quilts for two of our great grandchildren and just finishing up a queen sized quilt as a wedding gift for a granddaughter.

  • Ally Faulks

    I love to make small wall hangings. I can combine my two loves, counted cross stitch and quilting, to make bespoke pieces. Funnily enough, some have ended up as table toppers! ?

  • Diane Highfill

    I love making picnic/car quilts. I use recycled jeans and crumb blocks. I add in fun bits in the crumb blocks that are special to the recipient, sports fabric, favorite colors etc.

  • Lori Fresina

    I love to make homespun quilts for gifts because they are so soft. Your version of the table topper is beautiful!

  • Rebecca L Thomas

    My favorite quilt gift to make is a baby quilt. I love seeing then used to wrap the babies in love ?

  • Sylvia Martinez

    So far I’ve given lap quilts. I think a little larger lap quilt we’ll be my favorite but we wait to see what happens with my skills

  • Diane Welch

    I have really enjoyed making embroidery placemats for my grandchildren this past year! It does twofold, teaching me to use my embroidery machine and they have had fun using them both for placemats and looking at pictures they have created. One grandson uses it as a “blanket” on his lap while having a book read to him. At Xmas they had to decide which one each child got. They loved them. I started this last Halloween and working on Fourth of July, looking forward to doing some more quilts soon.

  • Tiffanee Goins Noack

    My go to homemade gifts are a travel pillow with removable pillowcase and those microwave bowl cozies. They were a big hit at Christmas. And with every quilt I gift I also gift with a travel pillow and standard pillowcase as well.

  • Ruth

    I have been making picnic quilts bowl cozies and mug rugs for all the young in the family. Am now trying to get 17 throw quilts done for children and grandchildren for Christmas this year.

  • Susan

    Enjoyed seeing your topper in use, and love the fabric. I enjoy making lap quilts mostly, but interested in the toppers here!

  • Julie Johnston

    My favorite quilty gift to give is quilts, but I also love to make travel diaper change pads for new moms too

  • Sally

    I like to make special quilts for people I love. I am not a prolific quilter, so no one has more than one. Lol. Friends and family often give me old clothes that are made from beautiful fabric to use in my quilts, so I try to use some of the fabric that person has given me. My quilts are usually throw size and I quilt them on my vintage domestic machine.

  • Becky Payne

    I have given many different quilty things to friends and family. Such as mug rugs, coasters, wood protectors for under plants as well as zipper bags and throw size quilts. I’m always looking for new ideas?!!

  • Sherri Allen

    I’ve recently learned how to make quilted zipper pouches and have been enjoying making them as gifts.

  • Vivian B.

    The more I see “Breakfast Club” made up, the more I want to make it for baby quilts! Favorite quilty gift: Right now, I look forward to making bowl cozies. I have four planned for a “watch party” friend made up of novelty fabrics depicting our favorite shows!

  • LeAnn Segner

    I love seeing gifts to give! Difficult to choose which would be my fav! I’ve given bowl cozies, table runners, coasters, quilts of various sizes, purses, backpacks, dish towels, and scarves! I enjoy making and giving! I love your table topper!

  • Cindy Wienstroer

    I love to sew so have lots of scraps. I make gifts with the giver in mind using my stash of fabric. I also use orphan blocks as a start. Table runner are a favorite – quick to chance seasons.

  • Kathleen King

    Good Morning Jane from sunny oceanside Santa Cruz, California! Gorgeous table topper in Pat’s lovely pattern. I typically make a quilted tote bag as a gift, but this pattern has inspired me to make more table toppers!

  • Merry Oelmann

    My most recent quilt gift was to a work friend who moved to Florida with his family. I used the Florida fabric line and it came out wonderful.

  • Tina Booe

    Of course I love to give the obvious, a quilt. I also like to make wine bottle bags during the holidays and take a nice bottle of wine to the hostess in it.

  • Bev Kenney

    As a retired teacher I love the idea of a reading/pocket pillow as a gift. I have made them for baby gifts, inspirational gift for friends going through cancer treatments, and journal pillows for teenagers.

  • Maryann Autorino

    Your table topper is beautiful. Lovely fabrics and colors. I have made seasonal runners for myself and daughters and I also like to make microwave bowl cozies for gifts.

  • Chrissie Devinney

    The gifts I make match the person or event, wedding quilts for family members and select friends. McCall’s Super Nine Patch baby quilts for all babies, table runners for wedding showers, many others things made and gifted as well.

  • Mary Wezner

    I’ve gifted lap quilts to many of my family and friends over the years, as well as cute little mug rugs. These table toppers might be the next items on my gift list!

  • Sue Gregersen

    Most recently I have made a spring lap quilt, String Bean, for my daughter. Love to do sew alongs and make the quilt for a specific season.


    I really like giving pot holders with crochet top kitchen towels! You can never have enough pot holders or kitchen towels! They are always glad to get one, ideas to make pot holders are endless!

  • Judy Johnson

    Good morning, My favorite quilty thing to make is lap size quilts for my children (5) and grandchildren (31).
    I’ve made each at least 1 but now they are requesting additionals ??‍♀️
    I LOVE LOVE your table topper. Your fabric choices make my ❤️ Happy. Thank you for sharing.

  • Carol Harris

    I love to make pin cushions as gifts for my special friends. I have also made mug rugs, table toppers and placemats for family members.

  • buddhajames777

    For family, my go-to gift for everyone who gets married is a Christmas tree skirt and matching stockings. And, I always save enough fabric to make matching stockings for the children they have through the years. For everyone outside of the family, I like to make table runners.

  • Karen Dowd

    my go to gifts are quilts, I have just finished a small quilt for a friend with breast cancer, I am finishing up a lap quilt for a friend that has ALS, and i have a quilt in progress for a nephew getting married later this year.

  • Darlene B

    My nieces and nephews all receive a baby quilt for their first baby. Other friends receive small wall accent quilts or table toppers. So, I need this book!!

  • dlgillin

    I have made graduation quilts for my kids, and all my nieces and nephews over the last 30 years. Now, I make quilts for the babies of those older recipients.

  • Joan Ludke

    I like to make baby quilts the most. Fun colors, easy patterns and such a nice way to welcome a new little one.

  • Elaine Sinton

    Lately my go to has been table runner with matching placemats. Although, I’ve done 2 throw size quilts for a niece and nephew who are getting married in the next 3 months.

  • Jenny Strahley

    Mostly my gifts have been quilts for family members but I’ve made a few wall hangings too. Love your Breakfast Club Table Topper! The colors are beautiful and the rick-rack just sets it off!

  • Elizabeth Hogg

    I like to make pot holders, placemats, or table topper/runners because most of my friends and relatives already have bed quilts. But it is easier to change table toppers every day(or week) than the quilt on the bed, and they”re easier to store when not being used.

  • Lori Baker

    I usually make full size quilts for my gift to others. Occasionally I make table runners or wall hangings

  • Rebecca Spain

    I love to make quilts, especially for my grandkids – we had 3 born in 2021 – to add to the 5 we already had! So I’ve been busy making new quilts for little ones. Now the older ones need new bigger quilts. I love the fabric you used on your Breakfast Club table topper.

  • Marcia Berkey

    I have recently been giving collapsible candy boats out of quilted fabric – plain, painted, appliqued or whatever the mood.

  • RayEtta M Jones

    I really like your table topper. The added rick-rack looks great and it a great idea. I’m addicted to STAR patterns also.

  • Sandra Nelsen

    I make baby quilts, and also make my favorite rag blanket for family members who love them as well.

  • Gina

    I like throw sizes for gifts, they get snuggled under and no worries about being the right size. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Gina in Missouri

  • Cindy Baucum

    My favorite quilty thing to give as a gift is pillowcases. There is so much fun fabric out there and I enjoy finding one that matches the hobbies or personalities of the person I am gifting the pillowcase to.

  • Kristy Y Rohm

    Lap quilts are my favorite to make and give away. When they snuggle on the couch with them they will always think of me!!

  • slmrn1

    I have made so many quilts for family, usually a lap or throw size for them. Probably around 50. Everyone has 2 or 3.. My daughter has so many she says Mom, no more. She even has quilts they keep on the boat in case they get caught in a rainstorm and get wet and cold..

  • Christie Brehm

    Not really “quilty” but I make pillow cases for the grandkiddos for all sorts of holidays, seasons and/or occasions. And baby quilts as the grands come along!

  • Linda Stewart

    Recently I’ve been making t-shirt quilts for the Grands. They love them and are a great keepsake of their school and sport events.


    I made Christmas-themed table runners for friends during the holidays, but my current gifts are zipper pouches with specialty zippers.

  • Teresa Dyer

    My favorite gift to give is a baby quilt . I’ve given away too many to count and always love the pictures that come back to me with the baby laying on my quilt.

  • Lizzy

    Lap quilts and baby are my favourite gifts because they get used. Snuggling sized quilts for adults, kids or babies seem to always hit the spot. If I have time I try to choose a theme that appeals to the recipient.

  • John the Quilter

    We feel baby quilts are the way to go for family gifts. Easy to make and lots of great fabric available!

  • Jeannie M Brown

    Baby quilts are so much fun to make and even more fun when a parent is surprised by the child’s gift.

  • Linda bell

    I love to make pillowcases, mug rugs, table runners , and bowl cozies for gifts. All are welcome gifts

  • Margaret O'Bannon

    My favorite gift to give to family is a scrappy quilt. My quilts are generally bed size. I committed to myself to make a quilt for all my brothers and sisters. That list now includes baby quilts for the next generations. By the way, I love the Anna Griffin fabric and the red rick rack you chose to make your table topper. Very pretty. I need to learn that its OK to make smaller quilts!

  • Sherri Wolters

    I love to make mug rugs and notebook cover and towel toppers but I have given over 39 quilts away and have 9 more to go, hope to finish this year, then onto table toppers and wallhangings

  • Sandi Scarlett

    I have made quilts as gifts for my family and friends. I really love Pat’s table topper book and think I might make table toppers for gifts this year.

  • Nancy Stone

    Lately I have been making project bags for Cross Stitch. I also like to make quilts for friends and family.

  • Lindsey

    It depends on the recipient, but a quilt of some sort. Recently I gifted my little niece a baby doll quilt with matching “diaper bag” for her babydoll she loves so much, a lap quilt for my aunt to use on her new outdoor swing, a picnic quilt wedding gift and making a full size quilt for my sister for her birthday.

  • Liz

    I usually make quilts as gifts..but lately if I need something quick I make Petit Four baskets from By Annie

  • Connie S Wolfe

    After makiing dozens of baby quilts for showers, I am now making table runners and some table toppers for gifts at holidays.
    Connie W.

  • Tonia Edmondson

    My favorite quilty gift to give to family members is a bed size quilt. I have given them to many of my extended family members and have plans to make them for the rest.

  • Delores Angus

    My quilts gifts are varied, depending on the recipient. Some receive bags, some table toppers or placemats. Some quilts. I do love the colors you chose for your Breakfast Club topper.

  • Colleen

    I am a fairly new quilter, but have made quilts for family members. I would like to make the breakfast club for my coffee table.

  • Danielle Trumble

    My favorite quilty gift to give is an adapted pattern from a gift that my grandmother made me. She called it the quillow, it’s a quilt that folds into a pocket on the back that becomes a pillow & when using as a quilt; you stick your feet into the pocket & your tootsies won’t get uncovered or cold.

  • Lee Ann Heier

    I make baby quilts for friends, family and charity. Each of my grandchildren get one and then a bed-size when they grow out of their crib. Think my favorite gift is table-toppers and wall hangings, so this book would be well used.

  • Kathy E.

    Table toppers and runners are my favorite gift to give to close friends. Smaller gifts are mug rugs or zipped totes!
    I absolutely love the colors you used in this topper!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  • Susan Conner

    I love to make lap quilts that I know they can snuggle with, take with them in the car and use in a variety of friends. I always tell them I’m not making heirlooms for them but experiences.

  • Diane Miller Flood

    Made lots of baby quilts at first, then it was graduation quilts, then wedding quilts, now it’s baby quilts again., I’ve come full circle. I make cute potholders shaped like pies for friends..

  • Cheryl A Brown

    My favorite wedding gift to give is a Christmas tree skirt. I love seeing Christmas posts from those that received one, and it under there tree. Some fifteen plus years later.

  • Josephine J Anderson

    I love to make Mug rugs and small table toppers. I love Pat Sloan’s new book on Table toppers. So many GREAT ideas and patterns.!! Love it!

  • Sheri McGill

    Baby quilts and table toppers always make great gifts. I love your version of the “Breakfast Club” topper. So tantalizing! ?

  • Tina Fulbright

    Your table topper is gorgeous. I love the ric rac you added. My favorite gifts to make are baby blankets, lap quilts and table toppers. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  • Pam Ward

    I’ve never made anything for a relative. No one has ever wanted anything. Love your colors though. Their my taste!

  • Dianne

    I have only been quilting for about 2 years so I consider myself a semi confident novice. I have gifted family members with table runners, placemats and a quilt for my oldest granddaughter for her high school graduation. I am now working on a quilt for her sister, but I really enjoy doing the smaller projects. Your Family Gatherings topper is so stunning!

  • Betsy Davis

    I mostly make lap quilts for my friends, etc. I also make little accessory quilted bags and gifts with embroidery monograms. Just love working with fabrics!

  • connie richards

    Love your quilt! I give away almost everything I make. I have made lots of quilts for chemo pts at the University Hosp.

  • Susan White

    Love your version of this table topper. My gift quilt projects are usually full size…large enough to wrap up in.

  • Angela D Sherwood

    I love making people pouches or project cases. It’s one of those things you can never have too many of. I love your table topper.

  • Marlene shafet

    My go to quilty gift are project bags. People seem to enjoy receiving and using them for their WIPS.

  • Karen Eads

    I like making hot pads for friends trying out different techniques for blocks. Loved your topper from the book – stunning fabrics. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Karon

    I like to make table toppers to go with their decor. This book has a number of topper ideas I can use in the future.

  • Marie

    My favorite quilts gift is placemats if I am not doing a king size quilt. Depends on the event and how much time I have.

  • Vicki J Raub

    I love small quilted projects for gifts. Table toppers, pillows, lap quilts, wall hangings bags and purses. Since I won’t attempt to machine quilt anything larger than a lap size, these smaller projects allow me to be creative and personalize them, as well as complete from start to finish myself.

  • christygregg

    For their High School graduation gift, my grandchildren get to pick a quilt from those I have made.

  • Carol Mendes

    My gifts for family are full sized quilts. I have made lots of baby quilts for family and friends. Exploring more to quilt since I’m recently retired.

  • Doris Huinker

    Yesterday I mailed four little quilts halfway across the country to my four great nieces and nephews. I can’t wait for the zoom visit when I get to see them snuggling their new “blankies”!

  • Julie marvin

    I made quilts for each of my 6 grand children That was lots of fun especially their faces when they received the gift

  • Laurie Savage

    My favorite quilt to make is Pat’s Sweet Dreams we just finished. I used Aquarelle by Art Gallery fabrics, and I think it came out beautifully if I say so myself! ❤️?

  • Debra Holmes

    I love to make and gift lap size quilts for family & friends to cuddle with while reading or watching TV!

  • Brenda Sue Marino

    I love table toppers for all the seasons. For children, I love making reversible placemats and reversible napkins!

  • Teresa Davison

    My go to quilts gift is lap size quilts, or baby quilts. I am from a BIG family and have made all my brothers and sister a quilt (nine), now I am on to nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephews! Lost count! ?

  • Sharon

    For a really special gift I love to make bed-size hand quilted quilts. The time they take is a gift in itself, so small projects are fun to do in between.

  • Linda McCarter

    Your table topper is inspiring in these fabrics. I enjoy making quilts for my family and making charity quilts. I’m inspired now to make table toppers. It would be very satisfying to complete a project quickly.

  • Janine Baker

    I make ALOT of pillowcases as gifts. I like to give table runners too as I can do my own quilting on them. Recently I have been making quite a few hot pads & casserole pads to gift. Thank you for the opportunity to win a book and also for your beautiful inspiration!!

  • Ginny Andersen

    Every year I choose a type of quilted item to make gifts for friends and family. I have done bowl cozies, table toppers, Christmas ornaments, pillows, and other none quilty gifts, too.

  • Anne Sidell

    I love making burrito method pillowcases as gifts… sometimes to match quilts, but more often as standalone gifts. They’re like potato chips … I get started making them and just can’t quit!

  • Lura O Alsalam

    Your table topper is beautiful and thanks for sharing on the tour. My favorite fabric gift is a teapot cozy in large floral fabric similar to your choice.

  • Donna W

    Table toppers and runners are my go-to gifts. Seems like everyone loves them and has a place to use them.

  • Judy Frederiksen

    Hi there! My favorite quilt to make for my family is anything that I know they will love. The look on their face says everything!! Thanks and it’s been great meeting you!

  • Linda Mahoney

    First of all I love the fabrics you chose for this project! Secondly, the favorite thing that I make are lap size or throws for people. They are just the right size for me to quilt on my machine.

  • Melissa Lamb

    Love to make toppers for the different seasons. They are a great gift item. Thank your for participating in the book tour.

  • Felicia Robinson

    My go to gift lately is a quilted heart, a pocket prayer quilt. I am adding them to birthday cards for friends and family.

  • Terry G

    Seasonal throws. I have made ones with Christmas, Halloween and sailboat themes. I did one with a beach motif added PUL water resistant fabric to the back with a waterproof pocket for keys and straps to roll it up. My nephew rolls it up to take on the ferry to Fire Island Pines and then uses it as a beach blanket.

  • dccrafts2

    I like making and giving a Table Topper or a Table Runner depending on if they have a round table, square table or rectangular table. Who doesn’t love having a pretty quilted covering for their table?

  • Heidi A Dupree

    What I and my 91 year old mother like to do is a little different. I check our thrift stores and often find fabric that has been donated. I will find fabric that has lovingly been cut and ready to be made into a quilt, but sadly given away because someone has passed or is no longer able to sew. We often joke about out own fabric and quilting sash as to who we could leave it to, but sadly not as many people sew and quilt theses day. So with the fabric I find, mom and I make quilts, often baby quilts and donate them to the women’s shelter. We feel like we are able to finish a gift that someone put time, energy and love in and pass it on to those who would cherish and enjoy it. Sometimes all it takes to finish a beautiful baby quilt or a lap quilt is to find a way to design the fabric and or blocks, add some batting and sometime purchase a fabric back for it and a wonderful gift of love is created to pass on. My mom loves to sew and still at 91 does an amazing job. And what makes are hearts happy is we are able to help pass on someone else dream and joy. A quilt is truly a gift from the heart, it blesses the maker as well as the receiver.

  • Eleanor Krueger

    I enjoy making zippered bags for my grandchildrens’ toys and art supplies, individualizing them to reflect their current interests.

  • Maria Newnham

    I have given more Clover seam rippers as gifts! No other one fits as nicely in my hand. I have one in each of my sewing machine cases!

  • Lorri Ferguson

    I have made several baby quilts for gifts and plan to make to make table toppers for this year’s Christmas.

  • Heidee

    My favorite quilty gift is a quilt! If not that, then I often give a zippered pouch, pillow or wall hanging.

  • Cathy Hepburn

    I enjoy making small wall hangings or mug rugs for friends. The smile on their faces give me great joy.

  • Sandy Bamford

    I usually make baby size or lap quilts to give away. Although, I spend most of my quilting time making baby quilts for charity.

  • Jessica Siegel

    Your table topper is beautiful! I usually give full-sized quilts, but table toppers are a favorite gift for friends!

  • Amy Kollasch

    I am newer to quilting, so I don’t have a go to quilt project yet. I am hoping to get good enough to start making table toppers and pot holders for gifts.

  • Kathy Burch

    My favorite gift to give is table runners and bowl cozies. This Christmas, I did give my sister, brother and brother-in-law each a flannel lap quilt as we live in Western NY and we have some cold nights.

  • Sandra DeMers

    I think I have given all my friends bowl cozies already, so now I am turning my attention to table runners and toppers. I can hardly wait to get started!

  • uptownconnie

    A quilt! I have so many UFOs, so trying to finish them and send them to my loved ones…when my husband allows it! (He loves quits) Connie chendryx(at)nctv(dot)com

  • Peggie Hayes

    I love making table toppers to give as gifts because they go together so quickly. Can’t wait to purchase Pat Sloan’s new book.

  • Rob Jennings

    Crafty items for the kitchen; all matching bowl cozies, placemats, hot pads, table topper. Recent fun quilty project, on my new machine, was a reading pillow for my three year old great nephew. The patterns in Pat’s new book look tantalizing. 🙂 Particularly after seeing the prints you’ve used; beautiful!

  • Catherine Simmons

    I love making baby quilts for the moms to be in their chosen colors. Several of the patterns look like they could be used for baby quilts, as well as table toppers!

  • Michelle pen

    I like to change it up. First was a lap quilt, then a small zipper pouch, then a fabric basket for the microwave, then a pillow case, etc. This round with family and friends is a mug rug.

  • Loriann

    Table runners are a good quilty gift. A couple of years ago, I made several for Christmas and let my mom and sisters pick the one they liked best. I got to keep the leftovers.

  • Linda Phelps

    Lately my go to gifts are mug rugs, some I sew and some are made with the embroidery module on my machine.

  • Teresa Foister

    I have gifted baby quilts, lap quilt, wedding ring quilt and sampler wall hanging. My new favorite will be table topper! why did I not think of that! your top made me remember to pull out my border fabrics !

  • Lynette Brown

    My favorite quilty gift is a quilt. I’ve made a couple pillows and a purse but I love quilts the best. 🙂

  • Gretchen Thatcher

    I make tea-bag holders that fold up with a snap closure. Inserting a variety of tea bags completes the gift.

  • Jan

    I’ve done mug rugs in the past for church but none for family members & since most of the kiddos are now older to use a mug rug I’m collecting patterns that would reflect their interests. Guess I need to get started on making them if they’re going to be this years Christmas gifts.

  • cathyf1996

    Recently, I’ve been quilting wall hangings for teachers. Using panels some are maps, some feature the National Parks fabrics by Riley Blake. Sometimes they hang from the teachers desks to hide computer cords. They are fun for both teachers and students.

  • Karen Oakes

    My favorite gift to give is a table runner/topper/placemat so this book would be perfect for getting new patterns to use!

  • Vickie Fosjord

    For weddings I make a bed quilt, last year I gave table runners this year I think im doing quilted bags. As you can tell I like to change it up.I love the table topper you did the colors are great.

  • Rose Mary Jameson

    I am currently making loads of mug rugs and snack rugs (just a bit larger to hold a cookie or two!) to gift to friends and family throughout the year. I think table toppers might be next! Yours is beautiful! Thanks for showing the ricrac detail, is so perfect.

  • diane hall

    Pat Sloan’s Oh My Stars is one I have made many times. It’s easy and you can use a lot of fabric combinations. I mostly have done an “I Spy” version with novelty fabrics.

  • Donna Glick

    I love to make table runners for gifts! They are usually a quick and easy gift. Love your version of Breakfast Club!

  • Dee

    I like to make smaller quilted mats and floor mats to be used with the children’s toys as roads or other fun uses.

  • Josefa Volpe

    I think mug rugs make nice presents. You can customize them with fabrics and colors that compliment your friends. I also think that pin cushions are always a welcome gift.

  • Patty Wentz

    I love your topper! My favorite quilt to make would be a baby quilt. I usually have plenty of time to get it done!

  • Sharon

    I enjoy making table runners for gifts. My very first quilting project ever was a table runner that I gifted to my daughter.

  • Lorin Nelson

    My favorite gifts to give are small quilts just like what is in this book! I feel small quilts are the most versatile.

  • Gwen Malinowski

    Fabric baskets and zipper bags are my favorite gift items to make. Love your touch of ric rak on your topper!

  • Deb Kloss

    I make quilts (usually bed size) to give to family and friends. I love your table topper! Blue and Red and RICKRACK!!! How exciting. Thank you for sharing.

  • Nettie Sews

    I am always sewing Dish Drying mats for my family. They really are just an 18 1/2″ block and I quilt it with a tea towel on the bottom. I use them quite often. Thank you.

  • Sandra McPeak

    I love to give zipper pouches. The pouches can be made to match the personality or interests of the recipient.

  • Sue Siebers

    Now that my mom is in a retirement community, I have been making quilted seasonal wall hangings that are sized for her apartment door! They brighten her day and the other residents that walk by.

  • Linda Dennison

    My favorite quilty gifts are table runners, table toppers and casserole cozies. Love your topper, it’s beautiful! ?

  • Judith Bell

    I usually make bed quilts for family; occasionally I will make a tote bag and embellish it with embroidery.

  • Elizabeth Kelbaugh

    My favorite thing to make for a gift is placemats and I have made many. Sometimes I just make one that could also be a small wall-hanging or a set for a family. Love the rickrack accent.

  • Michele Rutolo

    I like to make lap quilts for the littles and for the adults, table runners or placemats. Love the quilts in this book and think some would look very nice in lap quilts too!

  • Luella H

    Your table topper is beautiful Jane. The fabrics you used are so elegant! Your friend Pat Sloan is an excellent designer for sure. I make baby quilts to share with others or small wall hangings.

  • Linda McCourt

    I love making seasonal runners, toppers, and mug rugs. My family and friends are all starting to downsize so these work well. The topper you did is wonderful. I especially like your color choice.

  • carolannpinto

    Currently I am making a quilt that I will give to my daughter’s mother-in-law in memory of her mother that recently passed. I love to make quilts for my friends.

  • Karen Gay

    I love to make a variety of quilted items so it is hard to say which is my favorite. I try to match my gift to the person who is to receive it. Baby quilts and kid’s quilts are high on my list; table runners and wall hangings are right up there to, some pillows, quilted zipper pouches, etc. the list is endless. I want to make every pattern that is in Pat’s book so I hope to win a copy of her book. Your table topper is gorgeous.

  • Evelyn Stevens

    The latest project I make for my friends is two tote bags with liners. In the past I have made baby and lap quilts.


    I have been gifting a number of quilts lately. However I have been looking at make it some smaller wall hangings size quilts.

  • Heidi Lewis

    I gave each grandchild a t-shirt quilt at Christmas this year. This year they will get a bed sized quilt.

  • Sharon Robinson

    Love the fabric you chose to do this quilt top, so pretty! I usually do a whole quilt to give away, at least so far. But I am loving learning to make smaller things.?❤️?

  • Jennifer Kinney

    This time of year I make signature quilts for the Seniors graduating and I’ve also done them for retiring teachers. My husband has worked for the school district for 18 years and I just started last year as an aide, so I’ve known quite a few of the teachers.

  • Barbara Seeger

    I love to make smaller quilts, wall hangings or table toppers. I also make lots of smaller quilts for donations. The smaller they are the more I can make.

  • Catherine Steplitus

    The floral. I think I am going to have to make something from the book with them. I am going to dig them out now.
    I have a table runner in those colors. Just needs to be quilted.

  • Donna Hall

    I have made different quilts for each niece and nephew when they got married, I would ask them for their favorite color and went from there. I made them queen size.

  • Gail Moore

    By the time i got scrolled to bottom for commet….I forgot the question! lol Comment should be at top. Oh yeah, I remember….bowl cozies are my fav….try to keep some made up to give to new friends.

  • Mary S Pitner

    The only quilts gifts I’ve made are baby quilts. I love matching the nursery with fabrics and finding the perfect way to hand quilt the blocks.

  • Mary Marcotte

    I have made quilts of varing sizes for family members and friends. Some are quilt alongs and some are really scrappy quilts.

  • Mandy Laseter

    My favorite quilty gift for family and friends is a quilt. I am working towards gifting all of them at least one quilt.

  • Amy Belue

    Hi Jane, I’ve been making lots of baby quilts and picnic quilts for the newly weds in our family. Table toppers are the perfect size!

  • Kimberly Hansen

    My very favorite quilts gift to give is a baby quilt! If there aren’t any babies coming, I like to make and give table runners. They are quick and small and easy to change out.

  • Kristy Broderick

    Ive made lots of quilts for gifts, I’ve made memory quilts, table runners, teddy bears, tote bags, zipper pouches, shoulder bags for kids, pillow cases, Christmas table toppers, bookmarks, face masks, lanyards, and I’m sure that will grow.. Love your red table topper, Pat loves red………..

  • Lisa England

    I love to make and give so many quilted things — baby quilts, lap quilts, table runners, quilted bags, etc. — that’s it’s hard to say just one is my favorite. Sometimes it just depends on the recipient and on how much time I have to make something.

  • Susan Reinhart

    I love making table runners for my friends and family. They are usually quick and easy and can be personalized with fabric choices

  • G Hesko

    Love the rick rack idea. My favorite quilty gifts are quilts to honor each bride/groom in our family for their wedding gift( im behind and owe 2). And for each niece/nephew when they have a new addition to their family a baby quilt (im also behind on 2!!). One of these days i will catch up! Thanks for sharing your talent

  • Laura

    I tend to make wedding and baby quilts which keeps me busy with a large family and extended family. Love your you tube videos.

  • Kim Carter

    Your table topper is beautiful. Those fabrics call to me.
    I am fairly new to quilting, but this Christmas I gifted 6 free wall hangings.

  • Judy Pray

    My favorite thing to make is something quilted that reminds me of the person I am giving it to. Some examples might be a photo quilt, or material that represents family members interests. So fun!

  • Tracey Stapley

    It is so hard to pick one favorite. Honestly, it changes from year to year, however, I always manage to gift several large lap quilts every year. So nice for cuddling on the couch.

  • lindakqovgmailcom

    I enjoy making “person specific” quilts. Sizes vary, just as the people do, However, my favorite size of quilts to make are lap or couch sized. A FEW queen sized quilts go to family on special occasions.

  • Helen Bouchee

    My current favorite is a “Picnic Quilt” for wedding gifts. I personalize it with fabrics/themes/colors of the bridal couple.

  • Kathleen Gregory

    I am new to quilting on a regular basis. I assisted with group quilts that were donated to be auctioned for fund raisers for the local chamber of commerce that was run by volunteers many years ago. I made my very first quilt by myself 20 years ago, a queen size double wedding ring, for my daughter as a wedding gift. It took me five years to make it! I started to make quilts again in 2018 doing sew-a-longs. I like to gift my finish projects to family. I have quite a few UFOs waiting to be quilted. I would love to win a copy of Pat’s book, Tantalizing Table Toppers. I have been sewing along with Pat for a couple of years.

  • Joanie McHugh Schwarzbeck

    I love to make little lap quilts for close friends who celebrate a “big” birthday! Otherwise pillows or zipper pouches are my go to!!

  • Judy Russell

    Love your breakfast club table topper. I’ve made table runner for my daughters and mom’s dining room tables. All my grandchildren have at least two quilts – baby size and bed quilts.

  • Amanda Bibble

    I just adore your fabric choices for this! My favorite things that I like to quilt for gifts are table toppers, wall hangings, and pillowcases!

  • Karen

    I made a wall hanging for a challenge, one of my friends and her husband liked it .So I gave it to them. I don’t make many quilts but do giveaway some of my sewing and machine embroidery items, like themed tea towels, and embroidered napkins.

  • Doreen S

    Depends on the person and occasion. I’ve made quilts in all sizes, purses, dopp kits for men, toys and numerous other things.

  • Rhonda Davis

    I’m making various size table toppers or wall hangings. Pat’s new book would be a welcome addition to my library!

  • Linda Kendall

    My favorite quilty gift to make, it’s a tie between the microwave potato bags and mug rugs! Your table topper is beautiful! Thanks for being part of Pat’s book tour!

  • Carrie Miller

    I love gifting quilts to family and friends. Picking fabrics and a pattern that makes me think of them. It is like sending them a lot of love and a hug.

  • Denise F

    I make pocket prayers in various shapes. People can easily carry them around and touch them and know they are loved.

  • Lisa Giesfeldt

    I love making lounging quilts, which are a bit longer than the traditional lap size. Great for on the couch and graduation gifts.

  • Barb K

    I have made some table toppers for gifts as well as a baby quilt and a few bed size quilts for grandchildren.

  • Cheryl Wright

    I enjoy making quilts for grand children, and this year I’ve made a quilt for my brother and one for my sister. I’ll be making another for my sister as well as for another grandson.

  • Evelyn Manecci

    I love to make mug rugs. They are so vercatile, don’t take up too much space and almost everyone can use them.


    Love all the toppers. My new favorite gifts the last couple years are table runners and small wall hangings.

  • Debbie Miller

    For children I make either pillowcases or draw string tote bags. For ladies and girls usually zipper bags of different sizes. For men I make cloth shopping bags and bowl cozies.

  • Debra Jennings

    I made table centres for friends for Christmas. They were well received. I do love your table topper though. May have to have a go for my own table.

  • Sandy Cole

    Since everyone in my family already have already received a quilt(s), I make quilted kitchen items – table runners, placemats, pot holders.

  • Rachel

    I like to make baby quilts or lap quilts as gifts. They sew up fairly quickly and are easy to customize for the recipient.

  • Linda J Klein

    I made table toppers for my Bunco buddies as prizes last year. My kids each got a queen sized quilt when they got married and all 4 grandkids got baby quilts. I like making mug rugs for my friends.

  • Linda Coburn

    I love to make pieced quilted zipper bags for my family. They can be used in so many ways and it’s fun to see them being used and enjoyed.

  • Colleen Taylor

    My favorite go to quilty gifts are seasonal wall hangings or table toppers. Sometimes I make multiples to give a more than one person. My goal is to make sure my children each have at least one for every season. I love your version of the Breakfast Club topper.

  • Jonnie

    Table runners! Usually 30-40″ length to finish them quickly. But it seems everyone loves a new table runner for their dining table, dresser or library table.

  • Carol Kussart

    I like to make table runners for quick gifts. I really like the table topper you made–the fabrics are lovely and the rick rack adds to the binding!

  • Jean Ridley

    My favorite go to gift for friends and family is table toppers of course! They are always quick and easy and are always appreciated

  • wmmuteach

    My favorite quilty gift is…. a quilt. I make scrappy lap quilts just to give away to friends and acquaintances who need a warm and snuggly hug.

  • Rita Hill

    I usually gift baby quilts but since my family and friends are out of the baby age, have started giving table runners. Have to buy Pats book for new ideas.

  • Nancy B

    It really depends on the recipient plus how much time I have…everything from a quilt to potholders to bowl cozies!

  • Nancy Rector

    For the past few years I have enjoyed making crumb quilts for my kids and grandkids to haul to the beach, picnic or make tree forts! They are bright with all the colors in a rainbow.

  • Carline Anthony

    I like to give lap sized cuddle quilts to my friends. I love your choice of colors for your table topper. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book

  • carmensrowe2hoe

    I love this giveaway and being able to visit other blogs/sites I’ve never been on before and subscribe to other quilters. I give guilts to all newly married’s and new babies. I love being able to gift these special gifts for special people.

  • Linda DeCoursey

    I love to make and create all different types of gifts taking in consideration of the person and event.

  • Susie Davis

    I love to make quilts for family members. Choosing the pattern and materials that suits each persons taste is a challenge. I am always pleased when I get it right.

  • Suelynn Williams

    I made a small bowl cozy for holding a little dish of ice cream for someone who loves ice cream but not holding the cold dish!

  • nellersite

    For a quick easy gift, I make the Double Slice quilt from MSQC. It takes just one layer cake and sews up so quick and easy.

  • Kathie

    Baby quilts are one of my favorite quilty gifts to make. They are in Italy, UK, Honduras, Mexico and of course the states too!

  • Molly Spradley

    I was so tickled to see you made Breakfast Club for your table topper…that is the first project I want to make from this new book. Until now my go-to quilty gift has been throw-sized quilts but I’m ready to switch to table toppers this year.

  • Nancy Matheson

    I really enjoy making lap quilts for people I care about. Sometimes I think I could show even more people I care about them if I’d make smaller projects but that thought doesn’t last long?

  • Valerie Jenkins

    My favorite item for gifting, besides quilts, is bags — shopping bags, tote bags, and zipper pouches of all sorts.

  • Karla Walker

    Love sharing placemats and mug rugs with family and friends! Love your quilt with the French General fabrics! My quilting journey began with you and Pat with the Splendid Sampler! Love those books! Best from Maryland, U.S.A.

  • Barb

    I love to make table runners or small projects for gifts. I always try to make a baby quilt for a new little one & try to use the nursery colors. I’ve recently made each of my granddaughters a quilt for their graduation gifts


    I have been making a monthly doorhanger for both my granddaughter and my dear friend. I have used seasonal door hangers for wedding gifts also.

  • Kim McWhorter

    I love making pouches and bags/totes as gifts. I also enjoy making placemats, pincushions, and potholders.
    This year, my children and their S.O. will receive quilts, with overnight bags.

  • Carolyn Moss

    Your table topper is stunning. It could easily be in a French palace. I have quilted square pillows with hidden zipper and piping, baby quilts, throws, bed quilts, pillowcases for kids, placemats, and quilted lined zipper pouches for a quick gift.

  • Maria ELENA Blecha

    What a lovely quilt!!!! It reminds me of Europe and my old home in Cuba!!!! I love giving little mug rugs, just a tad bigger< big enough that they could put at the center of kitchen table big enough for a bouquet of flowers or plate full of cookies!!

  • June

    A lap quilt / small throw quilt is my favourite giveaway but i have sometimes made a quilted cushion or a tote bag, just depends who it is for!

  • Sharon

    I love to make quilts for graduations, births, pretty much any special occasion. Love the projects in this book and I think they’d be wonderful gifts.

  • Julie H

    First of all, your topper is glorious! I like to make farmer market etc. shopping bags. So fun and useful.

  • Marilyn Weyman

    Table toppers and runners! Also, every quilt I have in progress is earmarked for family and friends. I need to make one for myself!

  • Judy Angle

    My favorite item to gift is a mug rug. People see
    To love them and don’t know how easy they are to make!!

  • farmquilter

    I seem to make my family quilts – bed or throws – and table runners! So many cool ideas in Pat’s book!!

  • Connie Graf

    I’m a loner so I really don’t have anyone when it comes to having family or friends. I do for myself and the care home

  • Carla Toppass

    As a new quilter, I’ve only made 2 throw quilts, and 1 table topper quilt (just finished the table topper this week that was supposed to be a wedding present last year for my neice).

  • Mary Newcomb

    Love to make lap size quilts as gifts but since there are only 24 hours in each day am looking for smaller projects.

  • Sandra Dee

    I love to make quilts for people in their favorite colors. I always use Minky or something soft on the back so that they will really enjoy using their quilt. I also put a label with something special written just for them. 🙂

  • pookiepea

    Beautiful version of Pat’s pattern, love Anna Griffin’s art style. I’ve only made lap quilts as gifts so far but am working on some Christmas wall hangings and table runners for this year.

  • Nancy+Sumner

    I like to make potholders as they’re practical yet fun and I can make them pretty quickly. Thanks for sharing the great giveaway!

  • Molly Fox

    I like to make journal covers and table toppers. Fun way to utilize my scrapes. I loved your fabrics and the rickrack. I have never used it before . Yours is beautiful .

  • Delores Kittelson

    I really like the Tea topper. There are so many great ideas. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration?

  • Brenda Milroy

    My lastest project has been clothes line mug coaster. I can design them with a special scene in each one!

  • Melissa Lamb

    my new favorite quilty gift is to make vinyl project bags for cross stitching. These bags are great for taking applique quilt blocks in too. Thank you for participating in Pat’s book tour.

  • Juanita J Ross

    I have gifted mug rugs, tabletoppers, and wall hangings. Charity donations have been baby quilts & and single bed quilts. I am currently making queen size quilts for my 9 grandchildren, to be gifted to them when they turn 21.

  • Kim M Lewis

    i love making pillow cases for my grandkids, nieces, nephews, they get one every year marking that year for them.

  • Mary Brinton

    My favorite go to gift is baby quilts or lap size quilts. I lead a group at my church that does lap quilts for healing.

  • Nancy Hurley

    At the moment my favorite quilty gift is wall hangings for spring or holidays or whatever. Love your choices of fabric for the table topper. Have fun playing cards.

  • Ann Brassell

    My favorite gift for family and friends is a quilt. I have also made the Tourist Tote for my grand-daughters and girlfriends. I love your table topper!

  • Eileen

    The idea of using rick rack is a delightful idea shared with us. Thank you. I love to make baby quilts for family and friends.

  • Loretta McGinn

    I like to make table runners … although. I should qualify that by saying table runners – and baby quilts – are about the only things I can decenlty due. Although, it is not for the lack of trying, which I do all the time. I just keep plodding along…. 🙂

  • Deb E

    My ‘go to’ for gifts (if it isn’t a small quilt) is a tablerunner, mug rug, matching hot pads for the kitchen, or an embellished tea towel. I’ve made many of each over the years, but must admit I am drooling over Pat’s new book as there isn’t a single one that I don’t already want to make. New ideas are always good! Love how your mini quilt turned out – it looks beautiful in the room!

  • Deanna Smedley

    I love gifting quilts that I know will have a special meaning to the person I am giving it to. I made one year for Christmas for my grandmother, aunts and mother memory quilts with pictures of their children and special moments from their lives.

  • JoLynn Cooley

    I love making any kind of Christmas quilt – from mug rugs, stockings, tree skirts and lap quilts.

  • Becky Holt

    Love your breakfast club. The colors are wonderful. I love making and gifting pillowcases. Everyone is always in need of additional pillowcases.

  • Jo Yungerman

    I make different gifts for different needs or occasions. People retiring from where I worked get a lap quilt. Birthdays are usually a quilted pillow or mug rug. I like working with the small panels of scripture sayings/quotes for these. I love your designs here!

  • Jane

    Typically something that’ll work in the kitchen. Bag holder, trivets, tea cozy, hot pads (including rope covered) aprons and bags to contain and cook things. It’s always appreciated and useful.

  • Laura

    My grandchildren love zipper bags made in character fabric to put all the “little” toys in. It helps when it’s time to clean up because they know what bag each toy goes in.

  • patti mcgarry

    I’ve had a run on baby quilts lately plus a bunch of quilted pillow covers. Your tabletopper is beautiful, I was just given a lovely new dining table so I’ll be making toppers for myself and my daughters this year!

  • Kaye Mood

    The ric rac trim on your table topper is such a nice touch. I love to make and give quilts to family and friends.

  • Maggie Bannasch

    I give mostly lap quilts to close family and friends but lately have been giving table toppers since they are so much quicker to put together!

  • Gloria B.

    At first I was going to say pillowcases with fabrics to match the recipient, but lately I’ve been on a table topper craze.

  • Diane

    I prefer to make quilts for the extra special people in my life. However table toppers are always a go to if I’m short on time.

  • Roxy

    I love to make seasonal, baby, and birthday themed throw size and bed size quilts for family and friends along with table runners and table toppers. Thank you for offering a prize of Pat Sloan’s new book!

  • Karen Baer

    I love your fabric choices for this topper. Bowl cozies are my favorite things to make for family and friends.

  • Nadine Spychalski

    Since I am newer to sewing/quilting I have only done smaller project such as mug rugs and bowl cozies. I am ready to move up to placemats and table toppers.

  • Sam Nicholson

    My favorite is drawing my own pictures and making quilts out of the pictures. My last one I made was a wall hanging of a farm. The most requested thing I get is for microwave bowl cozies, I try to have several so if asked I can give one! I love to do any quilt that is from books from 1800s, that is how I taught myself to quilt and not many people do the older designs anymore!
    I did a hand print quilt for my father when he started forgetting people, I collected everyone’s hand prints and put their name, birthdate, and a picture so that he would associate the people by the picture(whether it be a turtle or a saikboat) in the middle I drew my home we will grew up in….he recognized it immediately!
    I really love making quilts for anyone who needs a hug due to loss or illness….its a hug from me to them whether I know them or not!

  • Ann Lineberger

    I love to make small little quilts as gifts for friends. They can be used as small table toppers, wall hangings arranged with other pictures, or a wall hanging that is perfect for a small spot. It’s a great way to use my scraps.

  • Vicki Sue O'Neill

    Well I used to make bowl cozies but now I make small quilts. I love the gratification of a quick gift ready to give!

  • Marg Pritchett

    I love to make lap quilts for my family and for myself. So nice on cold winter nights and for summer camping.

  • Tamara L Dittman

    I love making baby quilts for my large family! I have over 30 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. =)

  • Nancy McC

    I love making seasonal table runners as wedding shower gifts, baby quilts for any new arrivals, and lap quilts for children!

  • Linda K Zumwalt

    I love to make table runners for myself and for gifts. I also like to teach non-quilters how to make easy table runners. It is a small project that they can finish easily.

  • Debbie Dorsay

    Table toppers and smaller quilts are often so overlooked! Your table topper is elegant yet whimsical with the Rick rack embellishment. Lovely.

  • Mary Alice Holz

    I love making quilts, but my go to is table runners and quick flannel baby blankets-we used to call them receiving blankets.?

  • Debbie H

    I love to gift bed-size quilts. My kids know that after I have made a quilt, it will be given to the person who loves it. They ask for it and I give it to them. It takes away the worry about choosing colours and a pattern that no-one likes. I enjoy the process of creating the quilt.

  • Cathy Slabaugh

    I love making quilted mug rugs or a table topper that suits the colors and taste of the person receiving it. If we are far away from each other we enjoy a cup of tea together while face timing and using the mug rugs!

  • Diannea Renee Hickey

    I have made table runners, market bag and a few quilts for gifts. I mostly I gifted table runners. One year for Christmas my son was 12 or 13 he made potholders for everyone.

  • Mary S, ME

    I enjoy your red French General Fabric and the addition of the rick rack. As a new quilter, smaller projects are perfect.

  • Joan Nelligan

    Your table topper is just gorgeous. A great melding of blue and red. I love to share small wallets that hold credit cards and those punch cards and such for your favorite shops.

  • Annette Ellis

    My favorite quilts gifts I like to make are baby quilt and project bags and pin cushions Your table topper turned out great! Beautiful fabric combinations.

  • Laura Schultz

    My go to gift was microwave bowls. No I think I will work on table toppers and runners for Christmas this year.

  • Karleen E. Page

    Recently I’ve made quilted pillow covers! A lovely and comfortable gift! I’ve not had any refusals so far! Love your colors for this topper!

  • Carol B.

    I make bed sized quilts for each of my grandchildren when they get married and for each great-grandchild when it is born. I also make small projects to give to the adults in the family for Christmas and also charity quilts in my spare time.

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