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Henny Penny


It’s #FarmGirlFridays and I was lucky enough to make the Mama Hen block from the Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt.  The sew along commenced 1st May 2015 and will finish 9th October so there is plenty of time to catch up. See the list of participants here.


My little Jenny Penny hen finishes at 12″ x 12″ (15″ x 15″ with border). Made using Denyse Schmidt fabrics from various collections and one googly eye to add a bit of character to my feathered friend.


I have a thing about chickens. I once had 11 Australorp chickens which produced the most delicious, golden yoke eggs (but not anymore after foxy loxy had a visit to the pen). I do miss them.

Chickens 001
Fatty chicken and Happy the rooster

Visit Lori’s blog,  IG, FB and Twitter to experience a feast of gorgeous blocks using #farmgirlfridays or #farmgirlvintage.









  • Beth

    Your chicken and rooster were so pretty. I’m sorry you lost them. I do love your Hen block. I’m a fan of Denyse Schmidt and I think her fabríc that you chose is just perfect for the block. I’m going to borrow your use of another pattern in the background if I can find one that I think will work as well. It really adds a lot to the block versus a white or other solid/near solid. I’m not familiar with the really cool black fabric you used for the body of your chicken. Would you mind telling me the name of it? it’s such a perfect choice for your chicken. It’s black like your real live ones and it definitely has a feather vibe to it! Believe it or not, this will be my first block and I’m really excited that it’s the chicken one! Thanks for making such a great example. As you can probably tell, I find it very inspirational!
    Don’t worry, I know it is unlikely that I will find any of the black fabríc. Even if I did, I would feel too copy cattish to use it for my chicken. I just really like it and would look forward to the quest of trying to find some. It’s a Denyse Schmidt that I don’t recall seeing before. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky now that I know about it! Thanks again for your cute Henny Penny!

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