The Good Luck Fairy

Wow, what a few months I have had on the blogging circuit. I have been very blessed with my winning in the various competitions and giveaways, two of which won me gift vouchers from one of my favourite on-line shops – Fatquartershop. These are the spoils of my good fortune:

In the Bella Parade Competition I received a box of 31 1/2yds of bella solids and a mini quilt showcasing all these scrumptious solids. Thank you to Shruti over at 13WoodhouseRoad and Bryanna from A Blond Quilts.

 Yesterday morning I awoke at 5.45 am in the freezing cold and dark to find out I had won this at Happy Quilting. Thank your Melissa and Julie from the Intrepid Thread

I do enter every giveaway I possibly can because as they say, “you have to be in it to win it”. Why do I feel so guilty? Why did the Universe randomly choose me? I will do good things with this fabric.


  • Jessica

    I don't think you should feel quilty, after all these are random draws. And you might find, like I have, that you will have a dry spell for ages and then suddenly win quite a few things quickly. Congratulations Jane! Enjoy your prizes!

  • Jessica

    Wow congrats! I had the same thing happen to me recently. I enter a lot of giveaways too and I feel like it comes in spurts… I win a lot at one time a couple of times a year. Enjoy it! You entered and the giveaway fairy was on your side 🙂

  • Deb

    Enjoy it! The universe must feel you were due for some fabric wins! Maybe your stash has been waning lately? Needed some perking up?


  • Sunnybec

    I am so glad someone else is winning a few too!!! I have been extremely lucky winning giveaways, though not as much fabric as that LOL!!! I feel guilty sometimes too, but I also enter everyone I can find and hey aren't we entering so we can win????? I have just won three this past week. I keep trying to win a GO but so far not been so lucky. Congratulations on your wins. Linda

  • Cass

    Congrats on your wins! 🙂
    Don't feel guilty. Everyone else who entered had the same chance of winning as you did. Enjoy the goodies and sew something fabbo! 😀

  • Quiltin' Sandy

    Congratulations, Jane. I also enjoy entering as many giveaways as I can. A lovely surprise when you are the winner, I have been lucky a few times, too. Madly trying to win a Baby Go, same as everyone else on the blogging scene. Enjoy your lovely winnings and don't feel guilty about it.:)

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