FatQuarter Choice Aqua

Laura at Quokka Quilts  is holding a competition sponsored by the FatQuarterShop. all you have to do is choose 12 prints and 3 solids from the FatQuarterShop to make a designer bundle.

I had my tangerine / orange selection ready to go and someone beat me to it. Grey and charcoal was also taken so I opted for one of my favourite blenders – Aqua / turquoise. I don’t use white as I have boys, dogs and red mud in and around my house so I use greys and aquas as backgrounds and highlights.

Aqua goes well with grey, charcoal, orange, citrus, reds, lime, purples, pink – really anything.

1. Ruby-55031-22-200, 2. Flora-25055-15-200, 3. Flora-25051-11-200, 4. SweetShoppe-3651-05-200, 5. LilyWillII-12402-14-200, 6. LilyWillII-12402-12-200, 7. Ruby-55035-12-200, 8. LittleApples-18515-13-200, 9. FSDesignerSolids-S20-AQUA-200, 10. PlainJane-CX1492-OCEA-D-200, 11. TaDot-CX1492-AQUA-D-200, 12. Ruby-55037-12-200, 13. SweetShoppe-3653-05-200, 14. LittleApples-18512-47-200, 15. Divine-33283-4-200


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