Windows and Appliqué

Today was set aside to make a quilt for a friend. Joanne and I spent 5 hours making a little Parisian themed whole cloth with appliqué.
Having to stick to a limited time schedule, we decided to throw convention to the wind and fuse the appliqué to the background fabric by taping it my sliding glass door over the image. A bit lazy you may say but it worked like a charm without having to trace out the design and mark the background fabric.

I carefully pressed the pieces onto the backing cloth using a low setting on the iron. Just enough heat to stick the piecing on before fusing them properly on the pressing table. As usual, I Instagramed every step as I went along and one friend in the US suggested this may not be a wise move for people with tinted or treated windows. Agreed. This method was born out of convenience (or sheer laziness) and should not be tried at home without parental supervision. In the future I would probably place a white piece of flannel behind for extra insulation. Luckily, no windows were hurt in the process.
The quilt now sits on the quilting machine happily being quilted with Aurifil 50wt 2026. Hopefully, if I can get it quilted tonight I can add the hot pink binding ready for sewing tomorrow.


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