Travel with the Gnomes – Part II

Thursday is Mahjong day at my place so Norm and Nanette joined in and won nearly every game. Gnomes have a competitive side and they don’t take kindly to losing. The group enjoyed a delicious lunch of marigold quiche and succulent salad made by Nanette. Norm went into a chocolate coma from eating a packet of Tim Tams and a Cadbury family block.

In the afternoon, Norm and Nanette strolled through my garden chatting with the flowers and wildlife. Norm noticed my lawn needed a mow so he jumped on the ride-on and whipped around the property while Nanette visited with Uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim lives in the succulents and is Nanette’s Uncle on her mother’s, brother’s, gardeners’, postman’s, neighbours’ son. Gnome genealogy can be very complicated. He was very glad to see the newly weds and invited them over to his terracotta pot for dinner.

Come back tomorrow to see what these amorous gnomes have been doing.

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Elizabeth Hartman’s Norm and Nanette pattern can be found at your favourite quilt shop or here


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