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The Splendid Sampler™ – Block 2 Wings


Block 2 of the Splendid Sampler™ has arrived. 10 – 1 1/2″ half square triangle (HST) butterflies nesting amongst a garden of 26 – 1″ finished squares. This is what we would call a 6-patch block configuration. It’s a great way to used up those tiny scraps and practice your small piecing technique.

Here are some tips for small piecing:

Stabilise the fabric.


Use a starch product to give body to the fabric before cutting. It makes it easier to cut stretchy or open weave cottons. I use a spray starch from the super market and following manufacturers instructions on the can give it a few sprays to make it nice and firm. I don’t starch again until the block is finished.

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Sharp is best.


Replace the blade in your rotary cutter if it is dull and grabbing the fabric. If it starts to miss threads as it cuts it probably needs replacing. When you cut it should feel  like your are slicing through fresh bread. Also, check your cutting mat for nicks and tears. This can cause the blade to slip.

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Accuracy in cutting.


Take time and cut your pieces accurately. Piecing is easier if your pieces are square. Sometimes when cutting many strips the straight cutting line drifts on an angle. Check after every cut that the edge is straight. Trim if necessary.

Look directly over your ruler as you cut and move your hand as you cut up the ruler to hold it firm so it does not slip.

Here is a great youtube video on how to cut fabric.

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Use a good quality 50wt thread for piecing. 50wt is a finer thread that helps alleviate the bulk in a stitched seam. It’s very strong ( I use it in long arming). My favourite thread is Aurifil.

Choosing the right colour thread is also important. Select a thread that blends. Go light if the block has a majority of white or light fabrics.

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Accurate seams.

Sewing with a scant seam assists in compensating for the compounded loss in measurement from multiple seams. What is a scant seam? It’s a seam 1-2 threads shy of a 1/4″. Setting up your machine to sew the perfect scant seam is a must.

For example: Imagine you have 5 seams in one row of this block. For each seam you may sew a tad over the 1/4″ seam allowance. That may add up to 1/16″. Compound this figure with the width lost in the thickness of the thread and impact of pressing the seam to one side. It may add another 1/16″,  1/8″  or 1/4″ loss in the final measurement.

Here is a list of a few places to start when deciphering the mysteries of the scant seam:

How to sew with scant seams

Scant – 5 little letter (Moda)

Quiltcetera – quarter inch accuracy

Scant Rant – Gen X Quilters

Pat Sloan – Test your 1/4 seams

Click here to learn about Celine Perkins Perfect Piecing Seam Guide

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Single hole sewing plate


This plate is a must for straight stitching. Not all machines have them but if you do have one, use it.  It stops the fabric being sucked in. My machine has a safety feature which locks the stitch width to ‘0’ so if I change the stitch type to zigzag it will not break the needle. If you don’t have a stitch width locking feature make sure you place a sticky note warning on your machine so you avoid a nasty accident.

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Scrap starters


They are known by many names but they all have the same purpose to make it easy to start piecing. Does your fabric get sucked into the plate? Do you find it hard to start on a pointed corner of a triangle piece? Staring from half way, stitch through a small scrap of folded fabric first and then continue on to your first piece leaving about 1/4″ of thread. It is similar to chain piecing. It provides enough tension to keep the fabric running smoothly under the foot and over the feed dogs.

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Pressing seams

I have made this block 4 times. I tried with seams open and seams to one side. Opening your seams does remove bulk and makes the block flatter in appearance. It also helps with the accuracy of the final measurement by removing the amount lost when the seam is folded over to one side.

Don’t be afraid to open seams. Some helpful tips are (1) Start and finish your seam with locking stitches and (2) check the tension of your stitches when you press the seam open. Are the stitches too loose? Sometimes shortening the stitch length a tad can help.

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Extra tidbits

  • Starch your block once it is complete and square block. I am leaving all my blocks to square until my 100 blocks are completed. I’ll give them another starch, press and square to the same size all at once.
  • Press your block, not iron the seams so that you are not stretching the fabric and skewing the block.
  • If you need to unpick a seam or two (or three), unpick gently as not to stretch the block. If you have had to unpick many times and a piece is looking a bit shabby, cut another one and replace it.
  • (Optional) Some fabrics tend to fray around the edges. Sew a stay stitch around your block 1/8″ from edge. This helps stabilise the block and keeps the seams from pulling.
  • Try making the half square triangles without drawing lines. I use the CPA by Kari Carr.
Click here to watch the video on how easy it is to sew without lines.

What would a kaleidoscope or swarm of butterfly blocks look like ….. ?

Did you know a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope or swarm? I like kaleidoscope better. It has a more quilty sound to it.

I always have a little play when I design a block to see what it would like in a quilt. The wings of the butterflies make a secondary star pattern.


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To celebrate the release of the second block and my first of nine in this series I am having a giveaway.

The Fat quarter shop is giving one Splendid Sampler™ member the opportunity to win a Splendid Sampler™ FQ bundle. FQS have put together two bundles – Contemporary and Traditional and the winner can choose their favourite. Leave me a comment on this post telling me something splendid about your day. I will announce a winner next Thursday, 25th Feb 2016.



  • Rebecca

    My day had the splendid feeling of spring in the air….daffodils are starting to bloom and the sun was warm on my face. I drive a school bus and it was wonderful to see the sun after the last few dreary weeks….I got excited!

  • Pat Rutland

    Every day is splendid! I have a wonderful sewing room with a husband who encourages my addiction. I am loving the Splendid Sampler. I can tell it is going to challenge me along the way but it is so much fun. Thanks for the giveaway and for the tips on making this block.

  • Terri Thomson

    I thought itvwas splendid that I was not late for work since I turned off my alarm before I got out of bed.

  • Jennifer

    Something splendid about my day (besides the new block!) is the fact that supper will cook in the crockpot while I stitch away!

  • Corinne Spicer

    I am having a Splendid day listening to the rain on the roof, exploring some inspiring quilt sites. Thank you for the ideas and help!

  • Judy Cooke

    Away in the caravan at Strahan, Tasmania, sun is shining, scenery magnificent, a cruise booked for tomorrow and a piece of stitching going well – It’s a splendid day all round.

  • Celeste Lira

    Having finished my chemotherapy, surgery and radiation for breast cancer inJanuaryof this year, EVERY DAY is a splendid day !
    Of course, I enjoy them even more when I’m quilting?

    • Lynda Turner

      Having spent a stressful morning trying to get the internet to work properly, I opened this site and all that stress disappeared!

  • Kathleen Lambert

    My day is splendid because I finished a king size quilt I started on New Years Day today. The customer needed by 2/22/16. Now I think I’ll tackle a nice small wall baby quilt…lol. Love the Contemporary Sampler, the colors are fabulous.

  • 2paw

    Well it goes without saying that block #2 is splendid, and I am exceedingly pleased with mine!! Lorelai Gilmore and I had a particularly splendid walk with her friends, Sandy the Failed Guide Dog and Rafa the Border Collie: frisbees were thrown, stuff we don’t want to think about was eaten but no-one rolled in anything smelly!!!

  • Sherry Jurykovsky

    I had a splendid day. My daughter is getting married in 6 weeks and we are sewing her a wedding corset. It’s going very well. And the funny thing is our caterer is called A Splendid Affair. So we are splendid in EVERY WAY. 🙂

  • Nancy Daly

    A splendid day today because the weather in San Diego was great for a noon time 3-mile walk! And I lived seeing block 2 today! It is a splendid day?

  • Darlene

    My day started out with a phone call from my daughter. We talked about everything and anything. She and my Grandbabies are doing great. And that’s all I really care about.

    • Ellen Matoba

      It’s my son’s birthday and his family, including my two oldest grandchildren (ages 6 & 8) are spending lots of time with us this week. Also my daughter and youngest granddaughter (age 4) are staying with us for the next week. SPLENDID! Lots of quality family time and still enough free time for sewing block 2—SPLENDID!

  • Coralie

    I was invited by my niece to go with her to view a reception venue for her wedding we had a splendid time and the sun was shining on us.

  • Julie

    My special needs daughter has been sick a lot this winter and had her first well day today! I got to quilt too!

  • Diane

    I did a tough hour of Pilates, came home, cleaned the house and sat down to review your block #2 then feet up with a coffee to read my newly delivered quilt book on improvisational quilting! I’m challenging myself this year to be committed to 100 blocks and also free my design/creativity skills! Love the butterflies! My granddaughters will love pink ones!

  • Teresa Arnett

    Hello there! The most absolute splendid thing that happened today was finding out after I trudged through slushy wet snow forty minutes to Lexington that the results from lugging around a heart monitor for a month turned out to be “Hearts a Flutter” but nothing too serious that I can’t sit down and begin to fly with my “Wings!” Can’t wait to get back to my machine! Loving life! Teresa Anett

  • Leila Muller

    A splendid day visiting an ill friend in hospital and being able to do her washing, and then to arrive home and find the next block in this quilt has been released, so a splendid evening planned attempting to finish this block.

  • Denise Armstrong

    I am excited to use embroidery to embellish my block, I have been hand stitching for many years and came to love quilting only recently and love to combine these two loves!

  • Nikki Reeves

    Gail Pan introducing this site to learn some great tips has been the splendid part of my day 🙂 thank you

  • Petra Baker

    Good morning from Dundee. It’s here half six in the morning and just spotted a fluttering of snow through the hospital window. Hoping the day is getting better as we are waiting for my daughter to have an operation on her leg, she broke her femur on Monday sledging. The contemporary colours would make a lovely quilt to chear her up.

  • Katie

    I woke up to sunshine on a February day in Seattle- that is especially splendid! Bonus, I got to work in my sewing room all day- finished my design boards and another small project and finally cut fabric for block 1.

  • Bobbie Prairie

    The most splendid thing about today, was that I got to sew all morning and then spend the afternoon outside with my 3 and 4 year old grandkids. Oh and I didn’t have to make dinner, my daughter brought it over. Thank you for the Splendid Sampler and for a chance at some beautiful fabric.

  • Cecilia

    After being away visiting family for a few day, I’m back home and enjoying a splendid cup of tea, made with love by hubby! I’m contemplating fabric choices while sipping…

  • Carol markham

    Great instructions on how to proceed with this lovely block – flutter block 1 and butterfly block 2 – and a fiveaway – I’ve got to choose the contemporary living those colours and be great to complete a Traditional sampler and contemporary one thank you

  • tina Neff

    It has been a Splendid day out of the boiling hot sun, in my sewing room with the fan on! About to start this block. Just finished some swap 1 in hexagons to go in the post!

  • Wendy Stevens

    My day was splendid because my thoughtful husband cooked tea for me so that I could get my teeth into block 2 ?

  • Gail Grills

    After a favourable aged care assessment for my mum, I enjoyed lunch with friends before going to the beach to watch the large, scrappy waves crashing against the cliffs and over the rock platform. Overall, a brilliant day here in Bateau Bay, NSW. ??

  • Sandra Paschkow

    My splendid day commenced with Tai Chi, coffee with friends and then an afternoon of chain sewing for quilt blocks. Can’t get better than that.

  • Lisa Wright

    The contempory mix looks good. My days are splendid when spent with my two young children. Although can be extra splendid when their nap time coincides and I can indulge in a spot of sewing!

  • Margaret Ralston

    Today is special as the sun is shinning, we have had so much rain we all feel better seeing that gold ball in the sky and came in for my breakfast to find the 2nd block waiting to print off YES!!!

  • Marisa Salem

    Hi Jane, splendid news today: my daughters best friend’s IVF has finally resulted in a pregnancy! Doesn’t get more splendid than that! A new quilt? Ou bet! Thank you for the generous giveaway X

  • Sue Griffiths

    Today was a splendid day,… I got to teach, which is a privilege, I helped a student with a quilting project … And made her press and square up, I quilted with friends, doing the splendid sampler of course, and when I got home, my daughter was home, which is a gift. And of the two bundles… For today, I like the contemporary one better….. But only by a fraction.

  • Cordelia

    The sun hasn’t risen yet but the promises to be sunny and warmer than normal 🙂 also I’m having dinner with a childhood friend this evening!!!! It’s going to be a fantastic day!

  • Susana

    I love the block and I love the traditional bundle of one of my favourite shops, so…. I choose the traditional one!! Thanks for the tips!!

  • Sandra Crawford

    Beautiful warm summers day here in SE Queensland. I’m a teacher and this afternoon I was outside teaching softball.

  • marchann58

    My day is splendid because it’s not cold here in Florida and I get to go to the pool than spend the day in my sewing room. It is a splendid thing that I am retired and can spend time on my newest hobby quilting. I have been hooked since 2013..

  • Pat Braman

    After I pick my colors for this block, my husband and I are getting in the car and driving five hours to celebrate our grand daughter’s first birthday. Splendid!❤️

  • Lorraine brown

    I woke up this morning in my right mind and the activity of my limbs. Thank God. And also a beautiful 80 degree weather lays ahead.

  • Chris

    Where we are wintering I have no space for sewing. I plan to visit a quilt store today to have the splendid experience of adding to my stash. I am sew excited!

  • Melinda Brooks

    Today is a splendid day with beautiful thoughts of picking fabric for Block 2 and the sun is shining!

  • Debbie Carpenter

    So splendid to have a new block to work on today while keeping warm inside. Outside temp with wind chill is single digits. Brrrrrr!

  • Theresa

    Love the contemporary colors! The sun is shining and it’s starting to feel a little like spring here in Virginia!

  • Maureen Thoms

    My splendid day is going great. I have the day off from work and I have homemade beans baking in the oven and fresh bread rolls to make. Just loving this splendid sampler, the creativity shown by all, and the opportunity to learn and perfect my quilting skills.

  • Vanessa Davies

    Got back from a splendid walk on the beach in brilliant sunshine with snowy mountains in the distance, to find block 2 awesome!

  • Sue

    Today is a splendid day because it’s National Drink Wine Day. 🙂 Seriously, it’s a great day because the sun is shining, I don’t have to go to work today, and I’m going to spend several hours in my sewing room!! I’m a lucky girl.

  • Dawn

    It’s a wonderful Splendid day cause yesterday I decided to go though my scrap bin that I am using to make these squares out of and I cut a whole bunch of little 1.5″ squares thinking well I will come up with something to use them on….and then I open the pattern for today and what do we need 1.5″ squares!!!! EEEK I am so excited less cutting more sewing today!!! Thanks for your beautiful design I love butterflies!!

  • Sharon

    I had a splendid time doing some thrift store shopping with my sis yesterday and the weather is promising a splendid day today !

  • Alison Powley

    I have a job where I am appreciated, my kids and grandkids live close to home so I can hug them almost every day, I have a remodeled home with my own sewing room thanks to my wonderful hubby. My sister-in-law is working on a splended sampler with me so we are encouraging each other via Facebook. Life is just Spendid!

  • Sheila

    Today is splendid because the sun is shining and you can just feel spring is in the air . I love the traditional fabrics , so rich and pretty .

  • Carol g

    Splendid to realize it’s a short work week, as Monday was a US holiday! I am waffling on this QAL as the farmers wife is demanding much attention!

  • Marianne

    Why is today splendid? I work a half day and then I’ll do some grocery shopping and finish packing for this weekend’s quilting retreat with friends. I’ve been cutting out many projects so that I can piece away. And I’ll be using my splendid new coffee mug from my lqs.

  • Marianne Perry

    How wonderful to read everyone’s reasons for a splendid day. During the night, I had the idea to bring in some of our leafy daffodil bulbs and see if they will bloom in the house. They came up in December before all our cold snowy weather started here in Maryland. Daffodils are my favorites so I think that is a splendid idea for today.

  • Amy Robertson

    We have had record setting snow recently but today should be a record setting warm day just in time for your gorgeous butterfly block! A sure sign that Spring is around the corner!

  • Nancy Peach

    I am having a splendid day because the sun is shining, I have a new block to make and my birthday is in two day!! Now isn’t that splendid??

  • Joana

    I started the morning cuddling with my little dog. We have had him just a couple of weeks and he was very sick over the weekend. It’s splendid to have him back to his mischievous, happy, normal self. Love the new block–Hobbes and I will be tackling it later today. ❤️

  • Annette Lawrence

    Today is splendid because I get to see and talk to my fellow quilting coworkers about the new block. Also, we are back in school after another round of snow days.

  • Karen

    I have absolutely no place to go today. Can someone say “sew day?” Does not get any more “splendid” than that. Great tips for sewing small. Thank you.

  • Diane

    It is a splendid sunny but cold day here Ocean City, MD. The sun is shining off the ocean and gentle waves are breaking on the shore.

  • Joyce Carter

    Today is a splendid day because it feels like Spring after the really cold spell we were having. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • pamm

    You have made this a splendid day!! I. LOVE. BUTTERFLIY. QUILTS!!! Did you know? Thanks for this wonderful block and the fat quarter bundle is just icing on the cake!!!

  • Anita Jackson

    Loving the ‘wings’ block and thinking of how to incorporate a wintery theme with one. And the small pieces! Oh My! The splendid part of my day so far has been a hot cup of coffee, and looking forward to the end of a work day to play with some fabric!

  • Lynette Peucker

    Such a splendid day, here Down Under
    l sorted fabric for a charity Quilt, so someone can win & snuggle under.
    Proceeds for a friends’ huge losses, will go to the Royal Children’s Hospital coffers.
    The fabrics selected are yellow and grey
    Making this Quilt gave me such a Splendid Day.

  • Diana Hess

    A storm is blowing in which makes for a perfect day to stay in and sew. I love the traditional colors!

  • Beverly

    My day is just beginning, it’s 6am here, and it will be a day of remembrance for my mother as this would be her 101 birthday.

  • Kathy

    Today is a splendid day as we just found out that our first grandchild, expected this summer, is a boy! Time to get started on his first quilt!

  • Nikki Moshier

    Am looking forward to making this block. We are on a cross country adventure visiting my husband’s family. Today we continue on to Santa Fe. It’s a splendid day for sightseeing!

  • Kathy Lamb

    I have fabric ordered (can’t wait to get it) for this splendid project, and I’ve learned so much from reading all the scant 1/4″ seam tutorials. I’m soooo excited to play with my machine to get that scant seam right, so when my fabric arrives, I can GO! I love, love all the tips for accuracy!

  • Etta

    Today was a splendid day, because it was warm and beautiful here in Saskatchewan! The early release of Wings block was a splendid surprise! I would love to win the contemporary bundle. Much thanks to you and Pat and all the designers on this splendid journey.

  • Thimberlina

    I’ve stayed in bed until lunch time reading the forgotten seamstress by Liz Trenow – absolutely riveting and couldn’t get up until I’d finished it! I am starting a set of nights tonight so did have another excuse for a lazy lovely morning ?

  • Pamela Freese

    Today is a splendid day! I have the day free to sew on my Splendid Sampler blocks and other quilting projects!!!

  • Diane Cerny

    On this splendid day I downloaded Block 2 (thanks!) and will attend a baby shower for my future grandson this afternoon! What could be more splendid?

  • Karen Bain

    Today is an utterly splendid day! The sun is shining, and the spring flowers are starting to bloom even though it’s winter. My 5 year old granddaughter has been asking me to teach her to sew. Yesterday I found one of the children’s sewing machines on clearance, so this afternoon we’ll begin her first lesson. Oh happy day!

  • Karen Rochette

    The splendid part of my day was being able to cut the pieces for the block before I had to get ready for work. It seems I don’t get much done when I get home if I start by selecting and cutting fabric. This way I can sew as soon as I get home and finish eating. 🙂

  • Pam Boyce

    My day is splendid because this second block pattern was on my email. So I’ve read over everything while drinking a hot cup of coffee (also a splendid thing as far as I’m concerned).

  • Diann Talcott Reeves

    Today is my first grand child’s 17th birthday .I have always called him My “Sweet Darlin”. I love you Autry. So Proud of Him. So my day is full of sunshine and memories of the day he was born. I now have 6 Grand kids, 5 boys and 1 girl!

  • Iris Daviduk

    It is a splendid day today as I am healthy and happy and I have the ability and hopefully talent to make these small 6″ blocks.

  • julie714

    The last two days have really been splendid for me which is particularly queer!You see not having any fabric to start the splendid BOM has been a real issue for me. Thankfully I have managed to put together a wonderful selection of fabrics in my opinion and I can now happily start my splendid BOM instead of feeling left out. I can’t wait to make both blocks that have been released now! Very Excited and love the blocks too! Thank you Pat and Jane.

  • Margie

    This is a splendid day, indeed — the sun is shining, I am going out to lunch with my husband AND I get to sew all afternoon! I love block 2 of the Splendid Sampler.

  • Cass

    I had a Splendid day combing my 2 loves quilting and stitching in one block. Thank you for your tips Jane, I can’t believe I never thought to use scrap starters before, so useful for all types if sewing

  • Sari S.

    The air is crisp but the sky is blue. Looking forward to a day of quilting. Thanks for the Wings block pattern and the helpful tips.

  • BethG

    I had a splended day yesterday sewing! I honestly haven’t had a chance to sew for 10 months, and it was great doing the sample block and block one! Now on to block two!

  • Linda Stemmermann

    I am enjoying the splendid weather in Texas! Also anticipating the birth of our 3rd grandchild. He is due tomorrow!

  • Paula Brewster

    Feeling excited this morning, Block number 2 would be posted, the friends in Australia got to tease us last night posting their finished block #2. Just made the wait seem more like Christmas Morning!! Have a great day looking forward to the other 98 blocks. Thanks again for the project!

  • Karen

    What makes today splendid is that I’ll be going to my granddaughters school program. Then we’ll be having dinner with her family 🙂 so, I’ll be getting hugs from 5 grandkids today… Nothing more splendid than that!

  • Rhonda

    My work schedule is a free slate today. How splendid is that!!!! I can make my block today instead of tonight.
    Thank you for a great block #2 and the opportunity to win the FQ bundle

  • Monica Kenny

    Today it is pouring rain! Just in time for Spring flowers. It’s a great day to complete the 2nd block. It’s a Splendid Day when you have fabric options and a good cup of tea!

  • Deborah

    The sun is out and the wind has died down. I can hear birds singing outside. It feels glorious and just makes me smile – especially now I’ve got your butterflies to go with it ???

  • Ann McColey

    I’m leaving for a quilt retreat today and I think I will take your pattern and some fabric! If nothing else I will peruse your blog during my wine breaks.

  • Marlus Lemke

    My day is splendid because I get to spend time with my six year old granddaughter who loves to craft with me.

  • jennhess2

    Today is a Splendid Day with the sun shining and the birds singing on my back porch. Just a teaser for spring as we are supposed to get more snow on Tuesday. But today is Splendid!

  • Carol Bucher

    Today is splendid because I finished a wall hanging yesterday and will get another one bound today getting ready for a quilt show next week.

  • Livia Boggs

    What a magnificent day! The sun is shining, a good cup of Jo, and a new sewing adventure awaits me! What beautiful fabric colors would add to my splendid day, contemporary or traditional?

  • Nancy Andrews

    Today is splendid because I finished a doll dress, purse, and headband for my granddaughter and she is coming to get them this afternoon!!!!!

  • Megan

    It’s Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday! and the weather is supposed to be lovely today. I have one more meeting to get through this week before I can relax and its today!

  • Ann Marie Ott

    My day is splendid because the sun is shinning and I have all day to do whatever I want to do – and that means sewing!

  • Mary

    After days of bitter cold and icy snow, the sun is shining and skies are sparkling blue. And I have a new block to sew. A splendid day, indeed!

  • Betty Drake

    I think today is splendid because I get to learn something new with each beautiful block. Thank you Jane and Pat for giving your time and talent to this 100 block quilt.

  • ferne

    I am so excited to make this block…I love butterflies and I love the secondary pattern when you add more than one so it will be hard to resist that. Today is a splendid day because after being ill for the last 2 weeks it is stormy on my days off and I get to sew! If the electricity goes off I can embroider antenna.

  • Laura Sheldon

    My Splendid Day will be spent taking my 5 yr old grandson to a local science museum and planetarium! There is a special butterfly exhibit going on – how coincidental that Jane’s square today is butterflies!

  • Mary Ann Mueller

    my day is more splendid than usual as I have an official retirement date less than 2 weeks from today! Looking at this butterfy block for an entire quilt, but don’t want the star effect, but have ideas!

  • Libby

    My day started out Splendid when I walked in my Daughter’s house and to tell my sweet grandaughters “good morning”. They make
    me smile !

  • Penny Fraley

    The day will be Splendid with lunch with friends and time at the fabric store picking out floss. Thank you for this lovely butterfly block.

  • Kimwithak

    I’m having a splendid day just by reading your sewing tips and realizing I need to change my sewing machines Wide plate to a Single plate! Thank you!

  • Margaret

    Today is splendid because it’s beautiful out with birds singing and squirrels running about. My family is healthy. Cant ask for any more than that.

  • Carrolyn v

    I absolutely love your butterflies and fabric choice! May have to make two splendid samplers to have one just like it! And your fabric bundles are divine!

  • cckoester

    Oooh, can’t decide. Love them both. Thursday is my do nothing day so I can spend the day in my sewing room working on my Splendid block. And I have a quilty weekend with friends coming.

  • sgrancio

    After a soaking overnight rain, badly needed here in CA, the us. Is coming out. After a long walk and grocery run, I will spend a splendid day in my studio. Contemporary all the way,

  • Shirley Couch

    Today is beautiful! The sun is shining! I have lots of time to quilt. Good all the way around! Ontario, Canada.

  • Martha

    Today is splendid because I have my Lord even when I’m alone at home and not feeling good. I have a wonderful husband who supports me and my sewing.

  • Carrie

    Today my company was purchased. I’m about to enter a meeting to hear more about it. Not sure if this will be splendid yet our not, but I am going to assume that this will be a splendid thing for me!

  • Mary

    Experimenting with small pieces is a Splendid distraction for a recent widow like me–and my block was Splendid on the first try!

  • Diane Zebroff

    I don’t usually buy fabric before choosing a pattern so I stepped outside my comfort zone when I purchased a couple of pre cut bundles on sale a few weeks ago to use for this project. I was happy with the results of the first block and am feeling absolutely “Splendid” about using these same fabrics for this block. I love the cheerful colours in the contemporary collection!

  • Valerie McCarley

    Today is splendid (in a strange way, I suppose) in that my husband is recovering from a large skin cancer excision. Today we changed his bandage for the first time. Thankful we found it and were able to get it taken care of. He is a trooper! I think I’ll keep him!

  • Joan Sorensen

    Today will be splendid as I get to spend a few hours playing with my brand new grand daughter!! So precious is she 🙂
    I dream that one day we will sew together–how sweet !!

  • Char S.

    Today is a splendid day for a hike, the sun is shining and it is warm. Thank you for your tutorial; hope you have a splendid day.

  • DeeAnn

    Today is a splendid day because I am looking for my first ever BRAND NEW car! And planning a road trip to go see my daughter!!

  • Pat Oster

    My day is splendid because . . . the sun is bright, the sky is clear, and I have a new Splendid Sampler block!

  • rosa amalia marchiano patchwork mis amores

    Gracias por tus tips y por enseñarnos este precioso quilt,!!!! besos desde Buenos aires Rosa

  • Marie Sundsboe

    Just love the block and love the project!! Thank you for your time and effort in making this project possible. Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  • Kathy Billings

    Today is “splendid” because I have the whole day to play, oops, I mean work with fabric and make some quilt blocks. I’m going to start with Block 2 of the Splendid Sampler and then move on to some fishy blocks for my new grandson’s baby quilt.

  • Barbara

    There are so many splendid things happening today, I’m not sure I can fit them all into just one comment! I saw one particular block already sewed that gave me inspiration for picking the fabrics for my own block – that was splendid! A work project that has been giving me fits for 2 weeks finally had a huge breakthrough this morning and now my manager thinks my work is is splendid! There is a beautiful blue sky outside which makes every day just a little more splendid! I saw one of my favorite designers – Geta Grama – is on the list for the blocks…and I know all of her work is splendid! I’ll stop there – haha!

  • Sandy Tyson

    The first signs of Spring are here after a long and dreary winter. It’s so splendid to see the sun again!

  • Mildred Plaskett

    Beautiful block. It is a splendid day when I am up and about and can do things I enjoy now that I retired. Must get busy with my block. Thanks for The Splendid Sampler.

  • Faith McLeod

    I absolutely love that after quilting for 26 years, I still learn something new every day. Thanks for the interesting post, Jane!

  • Melodie Chitty

    It is indeed a splendid day! I’m going to see my new grandson today! The traditional fabrics remind me of home, but the contemporary ones remind me of the joy a new life brings to the family.

  • Diane E.

    The clear weather has made the start of this day splendid, and of course the idea of winning a contemporary sampler!

  • Ann Wheeler

    Today was a fantastic day, I am so excited with block #2. I really appreciated you showing how a quilt will look with a collection of this block. I enjoy seeing on the different variations of the block and how creative some people are…Thank you so much for all your hard work! You are making our day special!

  • Mary

    My day is splendid because I’ll be playing with fabric most of the day, but mostly because I’ll be picking my 5 and 3-year-old granddaughters up from school later today, and will get to spend some time with them before their parents come pick them up. After a snack we will probably do some sewing – they love that!

  • Linda

    What a splendid day I have planned. Quilting this morning, lunch with my daughter and making my Splendid Sampler Block 2 after that. Can it get any better!

  • Carol

    Not only is my day splendid but super splendid. I rolled out of bed and checked my email to find a present in the form of Block 2. Then I wish myself happy birthday and open the block up. Yahoo! it has embroidery on it so I get to practice the stitches I am learning from a club I go too. It also is scrappy…can things get any more splendid…yes…I will pack the car and then head out to teach 6 friends of “will be” quilters…how better is that to share the joy. Then I get to head “north to Alaska” not really but I get to leave Calgary, Alberta, Canada and head north to Sylvan Lake to spend my birthday weekend with 3 friends on our 1st mini retreat together and of course visiting the area’s quilt stores. Can my day get any more splendid … Oh I know…I will buy a splendid piece of fabric to put into my sampler from each store I visit…Now that is a splendid day I wish as my birthday wish to every quilter today. Thank you for creating this splendid sampler, many of us receive much joy from each block that arrives in our email inbox. Carol

  • Lisa Schartner

    The snow is softly falling, dinner is bubbling in a pot on the stove, any my sewing machine is calling my name! Now that’s what I call splendid! Much like the beautiful colors in the contemporary bundle! Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this together for us and the opportunity to win free fabric!!

  • Caty

    Today is a great day, the sun is shinning and I am thrilled to be alive. Will go home and quilt after work. What could be better!!!

  • Kiry K

    So Splendid! I started my second Splendid Sampler Block and my husband came home after a 2-1/2 week trip to Australia!

  • carolyn montgomery

    the sun is shining bright and it is 71 degrees here in the coastal plain of texas. that’s splendid.

  • JoanG

    Today started splendidly while watching cardinals and goldfinches chasing each other for space at the bird feeders. Love this new block and all the hints you are giving.

  • Gini Bellettini

    It’s a splendid day already as the rain blew through here in No. California, leaving the earth soaked and green & the sun is shining. Going to have a splendid day deciding what fabrics to use for my second block!

  • Janet Strong

    Reading all the splendid day comments from fellow Quilter’s reminded me that there are so many wonderful ways to make a day splendid. Thank you for these uplifting comments from around the world!?

  • Suzy

    Top of my to-do list today is sewing… and the sewing area got a good cleaning yesterday… Splendid indeed.

  • Karen Hempel

    The Splendid Sampler is teaching me so much – since I am fairly new to quilting it is challenging but you and Pat have given wonderful tips and resources to learn so much! Thank you for everything!

  • Renee

    Love this block, can’t wait to make mine! It’s going to be in the 60s today and tomorrow which is a splendid change from the cold and dreary weather here!

  • Roseanne

    It is a splendid day because I heard on the radio this morning that it is wine day. That coupled with it being Thursday makes it a splendid day all around!

  • Jessica Thomas

    it was a splendid day because at work i was able to remove 4 upper molars from a kitty cat today fairly easily and quickly (this is a job where my bad words usually come out and it takes me all afternoon!). even more splendid to come home, turn on the computer and open the pattern to my second block. It feels like Christmas…I am so excited each time to see what the new block will look like!!!

  • docrobbi@rogers.com

    I’m enjoying being a part of the splendid sampler as it motivates me to sew more. I’m approaching the second year mark of recovery from an autoimmune disorder which depletes energy and I’m finally getting to the point where I have enough energy to do what I love! Quilting, knitting and embarking on a new journey with weaving as well! PLUS, we woke up to a wonderful day of sunshine and melting snow here in southwestern Ontario in Canada and we’re looking forward to a month in the south! Altogether it adds up to awesomely splendid!

  • Cathy

    A long awaited fabric order arrived yesterday and I have all day today to sew! Heaven! A new block to try. Sounds like a splendid day to me!

  • Jennifer

    Great morning to you and all of The Splendid Sampler participants! Today is splendid because of The Splendid Sampler. Yes, it is the release of Block 2, but that isn’t the most splendid thing today. I received a message from a family member this morning…… Some of our family members have been out of touch for years. The passing of our dad changed that. So with our ‘new’ and ‘tender’ relationships I try to remain very neutral so that I don’t ‘tip the boat’. A week ago, while talking to my niece I mentioned The Splendid Sampler and how much fun it looked. Her mom (my sis-n-law) overheard and asked some questions. I sent her links and then never heard anything. Block 1 came and went…I wondered about her, if she found her way here (or to The Splendid Sampler). This morning I received a message from her asking about Block 1. It really means a lot to hear from her…Today is Splendid because of The Splendid Sampler and the bonding agent it is giving my relationship. Thank you to all of The Splendid Sampler designers!!

  • Patricia

    although it’s a chilly day, it will be splendid to drive to the beach & sit snug in my car chatting with a good friend while gazing at the water bathed in sunshine.

  • Judy Hansen

    It’s a splendid day in Michigan with the sun shine ng brightly on the snow. I’m liking the butterfly block. Thanks for the giveaway-It would be splendid to win it!

  • Pamela Wright

    It’s always a splendid day when I get to quilt! And I love butterflies, so I’m pumped about this block!

  • Jolanda

    A splendid day it was indead. As a starting quilter I was a bit nervous about the tiny pieces, but…a made it! Not quit perfect, but a made it! With love! Many thanks for the nice block from the Netherlands

  • Sandra Post

    Waking up to the sun shining makes it a splendid day for me. Add to that the next block in this wonderful sampler quilt makes the day even better!

  • Virginia

    I had cataract surgery yesterday–absolutely no pain. I’m already seeing better, even through the blurriness, and I’m back to sewing already. Definitely Splendid!!

  • Karen

    Went to a great class early this AM in a life long learning series for seniors. Now on to some quilting today.

  • Marcella

    It may not seem splendid to anyone else; my day started with a skunk in the backyard! It was a beautiful adult out near the back fence. It startled a dove then ran under the fence to the quarry. I love seeing new critters in the yard!

  • Sue Peck

    It is splendid that my husband is healing well enough from his cancer surgery to travel to Hawaii in March! I love the contemporary colors!

  • Beth Ann

    Something splendid about my day: I just learned that two friends have adopted a baby! I am so thrilled for them!

  • Lynn Propst

    My splendid day started with receiving our tax refund! I am between jobs right now and I had an interview this morning. To top it off, we are spending the afternoon with our son on his 30th birthday! I think the contemporary colors match my bright mood!

  • Kristi

    My day is Splendid because your block has butterflies in it. I love butterflies. Thank you so much for designing part of this quilt.

  • Lynn Bankowski

    Today we have sunshine and 50 degree temperature outside, so the contemporary colors fit my mood to a “T”!

  • Tammy Parker

    I look forward to the new patterns each week for our sampler. I am new to quilt piecing, so my stash is small and would love to add on of these FO bundles to my small collection. Thanks for all the time everyone is putting into this sampler.

  • Anne

    My day is splendid, thank you for asking. I went to anew book club this morning, what a nice group of ladies. That made my day

  • Sandy W in Ohio

    Sunshine on a February day in northeast Ohio is always splendid! !!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this fq bundle.

  • brianne

    I Love the colors of the contemporary bundle. I am excited about this quilt a long. I have never done one and I think this would be a great place to start. 🙂

  • Diane

    I try to smile and he happy in all my days. Each day being special in it’s on way whether problems or joys. This day is exceptionally splendid because you are offering a gift. Thank you.

  • Beth Magliarditi

    Thank you for bringing us The Splendid Sampler. My day was splendid because I spent it with my Mum.

  • Margaret C

    My day’s not been terribly splendid so far… but the appearance of this block has cheered me up! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Mary Ann

    The temperature is rising today and the sun is coming out! That makes for a splendid day in the throes of winter!
    And, I love butterflies so this block sings to me.

  • Malinda Guy

    Both color ways are nice, my favorite I’d say, is the second, because my Splendid Sampler is made of bright combinations. My day is splendid because I’m listening to the rain while designing the second block!

  • Carrie P.

    Great tips on this post. Thanks for sharing. My splendid day involved a haircut. When it is time for a haircut you want nothing to get in your way. :0)

  • Silvia

    A Slendid day started with a cup of coffee while reading the pattern for Block 2. Then printing out the pattern and choosing fabric. Next I cut out the pieces. I had to stop playing and go with my husband to buy groceries. We have enough to last a month! So now back to the priority-Stitching block 2 . I love both color ways and I would be happy happy to win.

  • Charlotte

    Splendid day started with buffet breakfast with best friend-husband. Now off to some splendid quilting time hoping the electricity doesn’t go out with all the wind & rain arriving today.

  • Carol Engeron

    Today is soooo splendid because I found out my health insurance will continue to pay for a special treatment I receive even though I am out of network. Hip Hip Horray

  • Leslie Wittenberg

    I am on my first vacation in 10 years on the beautiful beaches of Miami. The weather is splendid. I would love a splendid contemporary bundle?

  • Karen

    The splendid part of my day is conversing with my friend and encouraging each other wether it is about fabric choices or a difficult thing going on in my life I know she is just a message…call or a Friday sew day away. ?quilts friends are simply splendid!

  • diane

    having a splendid day with my hubby, will print out block to do later. spending time together and sewing what more could one want.

  • Jeanne Drews

    Today was spendid because the sun was shining,and the roads are snow-free and dry. There’s just a slight hint and a few signs of Spring: the angle of the sun, maple trees being tapped, and no major snowstorms in our forecast for Downeast Maine? The second block pattern makes me think of the flowers in my garden, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again?

  • Peggy

    It’s a very splendid day. We safely arrived back home from a flight to FL w my lil grandson who had a eval w a neurologist. Kind people gave us money to take him to Magic Kingdom for one day. He was one over the top excited ‘autism w epilepsy’ child. God is Greatly to be praised.

  • Nancy

    I sit here having lunch reading blogs. That makes for real down time from work which is splendid to have. Lucky my employer lets us surf on breaks and lunch.

  • Mary

    Today is a splendid beautiful sunny crisp day after several days of gloom, snow, rain and bone chilling cold! Am looking forward to sewing this splendid sampler!

  • Susan Sharkey

    I had a splendid start to my day! I woke up and cut out and pieced my block over morning coffee before heading to work!

  • Louise

    A wonderful, splendid, sunny winterday with a touch of sewing! Can it get any better….? Maybe with some fun fabrics!

  • Sue

    My day was splendid! I got to spend it with a good friend at several quilt shops and then having a great lunch!!

  • barbe

    today my splendid thing is these tiny little squares, way too fun, i fussy cut a bunch of little butterflies, just happened to be one of my fabrics for this quilt, perfect right lol

  • John

    Love the traditional color way. Something splendid today is knowing tomorrow is Friday and then there is the weekend.

  • Patty Bullen

    I had a lovely day at the Palmetto Quilt Guild meeting here on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary!

  • Mary Beth McCormack

    I would say the first would be my pick. After I downloaded the Block 2. I needed to go to the Quilt shop 30 minutes from me. There with excitement I told the girls all about the Splenfid Sampler. They were going to look it up & join they said. I’m in Arkansas!!

  • patricia ludwiczak

    My day was splendid volunteering at our Buffalo Women and Children’s Hospital. I read to a few little ones on the oncology floor and delivered books from my library cart to lots more. It always puts a smile on my face and makes me appreciate my life and family even more.

  • Marie Eddins

    Today was a splendid day as it started with a handwork bee with some quilty friends. The weather is like spring today so when we picked up our grandson from preschool, we went to a nearby pond and watched the ducks and turtles and had a little picnic. Both colorways are beautiful, but I think I favor the traditional one the best. Thanks!!

  • Connie matter

    My husband passed away January 8, 2016 from a 2 year battle with cancer. This quilt along was something that I had planned to do since I could not leave the home for classes. However, now this quilt along brings sunshine into my days as I view the beautiful blocks, read the amazing instructions, find the companionship of wonderful quilters and enjoy a “splendid” opportunity to experience a joyful activity each day.


    I mastered a cutaway piece by machine today ,really pleased with it. Traditional would be my choice if I were so lucky. Thanks for the oportunityx

  • LaDonna Knaus

    I had a wonderful day! It was beautiful weather here in San Antonio, Texas and I got to babysit my 9 month old Great Grandbaby!!! I couldn’t be happier! Well if I could win a fat quarter bundle I guess I could be happier!

  • Linda Cox

    I had a splendidly blessed day doing girlfriend lunch, buying groceries and coming home to cook and read about the second block and all the great tips you are providing.

  • Jacqui Delchau

    It’s a splendid day because I’ve just finished a quilt for a deployed Australian soldier in Iraq, I belong to Aussie Hero quilts and laundry bags here in Australia!……. About to dig in my scrap bin to make block two…..wish me luck, those pieces sure are small ;o) Good luck everyone!

  • Hanke Fijnvandraat

    My splendid day was work and shopping, my grandchildren are coming tomorrow. Next week I will make a start with the first blocks. Thanks for the chance, love your block!

  • Giulia

    The splendid thing about today was finding your cute and adorable block in my facebook while I was drinking coffee trying desperately to wake myself up before work. I’ve been thinking about my colors all day and this thought has been a precious one! I’m so glad to be part of this sew along! Tomorrow I’ll have time to sew it, I hope!

  • Anita

    My Splendid day was spent with quilt friends at my guild. We had a class on making an iron caddy. Fabulous! Thx for giveaway.

  • Laurel B

    Love the butterflies in Block 2. Thanks for the tips on achieving accuracy in small piecing. As I have a free morning, I am off to the sewing room to get started on Block 2.

  • Terri E

    Today is a splendid day because it’s my day off! The weather is beautiful here in Arizona and I’m enjoy the opportunity to sew for a whole day with the doors and windows open!!

  • Ginny Over

    We had Splendid rain last night and this morning. Always a good thing for California. Got my fabric cut for the second block.

  • Cath Carpio

    Hi Jane! Today I am very excited to try out your beautiful butterfly block. I love the fabrics you used. Thanks for all the information in this post. I will need all the help i can get! This is the first time I am working with such small pieces of fabric. I also wanted to mention that the header graphic on your page is really pretty. It will be fun getting to know you and all about your personal style and quilting style. I love the contemporary fabrics collection. For now I am using fabrics from my bucket of scraps from 1970’s dresses I used to sew and wear. I must admit there are some pretty wild fabrics!!! I might have to tone it down a bit.

  • Lois

    Sunshine and blue skies after a week of gray and daily snow. Had time to quilt a few rows on a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.

  • Susan Y. from Cleveland

    While i read and write this, there is leftover homemade chicken paprikash reheating on the stove, already spoke with my daughter, my car has a full tank of gas, and it was sunny today. And it’s Friday tomorrow AND I got fabric in the mail today! Splendid!

  • Shelly

    I had a splendid day because my friend from since we were 5 years old and now 58 bought me a new phone. My phone stopped working and she has always been good to me it is just unspoken words between us. It feels so good in my heart to be loved by her and her husband. And I hope you had a splendid day also.

  • Alison Nevin

    Pleasant day at Quilt guild meeting…nice drive there in beautiful sunshine…now, deciding on what colors to make my butterflies!! Both colorways are lovely 🙂

  • Juli Severson

    After lots of cloudy days and a foot of snow, the sun was shining and the sky a brilliant blue today. The trees are all covered with snow and diamond-like ice. It’s like a little glimpse of heaven.

  • annettezee

    Thursday night is nap night after a long work week and before the fun of Friday. We wake up and have cereal for supper. I’m off to join my Hubbie in a nice warm bed laden with quilts!

  • Janet Broomfield

    The sky is blue, the sun is out and once again I’m playing with fabric. It is a truly splendid day!?

  • Lori Ginsberg

    I spent the day with my dear friend who just happens to be my son’s Mother-in-law. I helped her to get started on a wedding quilt that she wants to make for her son who is getting married in July. While she cut her fabric and we talked about how to piece a log cabin, I worked on my Hearts Aflutter block and picked fabric for my Wings block. Splendid indeed!

  • Terri D'Ambrosio

    We had a new baby calf born overnight here on the farm. This afternoon I finished laying out a quilt I am making for my daughter.

  • Machelle

    Butterflies are among my very favorite things! When I first looked at the block without reading the title I did not see them. When I looked a second time I thought “oh look a butterfly!” That was a splendid surprise! My grandmother who taught me to quilt collected butterflies so that triggered some splendid memories. Most pleasant thoughts on a snowy cold day where I live.

  • Laura McFall

    I spent my Splendid day with my Mom and Sister. Sister lives out of town, so when she comes to visit we all get together. Today we vacuumed, but sometimes we sew.

  • Sherrie Perez

    I was very excited to be invited to start this sampler by our sewing group leader! It was a splendid way to end the day, looking at the two blocks you have created. I have the perfect idea for this splendid kaleidoscope of colors on the fat quarters that you are giving away!

  • Jo

    My day was splendid because I visited a new quilt group with some friends and then spent the night at my brothers house who I haven’t seen for a while. It was a splendid day…

  • Pat S

    Truly had a splendid day – dinner with my daughter included a spontaneous hug from my 6 year old grandson and lots of smiles from my 1 year old grand daughter! It doesn’t get any better than that for me!!!

  • Gale

    I unexpectedly got to spend an evening with 30 ladies for a community supper and sewing after. What could make a better ending to an awesome day. Love the new block.

  • Kay Lemieux

    My splendid day was spent taking my back up sewing machine to a friends. Her machine broke and it felt nice to be able to help her out 🙂
    ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Colleen Roberts

    Your butterflies made my day. My young daughter was just diagnosed with a rare liver cancer but I got to bring my daughter home from the hospital today as we get her ready to see specialists at NIH. My journey with Splendid gives me a chance to decompress and relax at my sewing machine. And this block is just so cheery and fresh. Thank you Jane and Splendid.

  • Lisa Marie

    Today when I went to my fitness class I took a stack of scrappy potholders with me. I make potholders for a fun little diversion and had a bunch on hand. So I took the potholders and gave about 15 of them to the girls in my class. They were excited and appreciative, and went on about how pretty they were. Such a small thing, but it spread happiness around. And made me happy too.

  • Elizabeth Porter

    A definite splendid day watching my granddaughter ride her bike through a large puddle of water several times after the rain last night. The butterflies in the second block will be splendid to work on.

  • Sarah Wallace

    It is a wonderful day to finish working at 3pm, then pick up kids, enjoy the sunshine and then sew the night away as no work tomorrow YAY!!

  • Junelle Erdmanczyk

    I spent a splendid day with my quilting friends! We are working on a project together and totally inspire each other. Those fabrics are awesome! A very nice giveaway.

  • Linda Edwards

    My splendid day started with my husband’s day off work. Always great to be able to spend a day together. Then, my splendid husband was willing to make a 3 hour round trip to take me to a sewing machine repair shop where we bought a new belt for an old treadle machine that I’ve had for awhile but haven’t been able to use. There is still more work that needs to be done to make it operational, but I am so looking forward to the splendid day when I can begin to learn how to use it.

  • Jennie

    Enjoyed the challenge of this block; working with small pieces pushes me out of my comfort zone a bit but I am learning something new, which is always a splendid thing.

  • Kerri Arredondo

    I am already loving the Splendid Sampler blocks! I am excited to be sharing the experience with my quilt club this year! Each month at our club meeting the program committee members (including myself) plan to share some of the blocks that have debuted over that month. We hope to encourage them to quilt splendid blocks this year also. I am still playing around with scrap fabrics and have not yet committed to a fabric palette. Maybe after a couple weeks I will be more inclined… 😉

  • Connie Lawrence

    My day was splendid even though I didn’t get to work on the second block. My daughter-in-law lost her brother two years ago. It’s coming up on that second anniversary and she asked me to make a pillow out of one of his shirts that she and her sister will give their parents. So I planned and started sewing for them. Thank you for the give away.

  • Wendy Simmons

    well i was able to get the correct cast boot for my left ankle with tendonitis… and we got a 6 week old boxer puppy. my husband said we couldnt keep her but im going to push really hard.

  • Katherine Slater

    Today I have received the 2nd block which is Butterflies, (a favorite of mine!) and we unexpectedly got to have dinner out with our two grown sons. That does make for a Splendid Day!! ?

  • Ruth Peterson

    It was a splendid day spent sewing with 4 friends! I like the traditional colorway. Really enjoying being part of the international sewing group!

  • Mary D

    My Splendid day was when my oldest brother text me a picture of him after a day at the barber with the guys in the family. We have offered & he has refused many a time to go and we would treat him to a pamper day. He finally went today (with no resistance) and when he texted me back his picture, I was practically speechless. He looked so very much like my beloved father whom I miss greatly. I have a picture of my father that is almost the exact same pose as the one my brother sent me today. My emotions are extremely full today as I gaze at the picture of my brother and remember my father. How I wish he could be here with us today to share in our lives. It has been a good day for me.

  • Tracy

    Such a splendid day. Sunshine with wind, waves and a little rain mixed in. Crocus are up, hellebores are bloomng and a pleasant morning in my sewing room with several renditions of the butterfly block. So much to be grateful for.

  • sylvia boros

    It was a splendid idea to bring quilters from all over the world together to make as many blocks as they wish. I talked my sister who is a new quilter to do it with me. Not only will we have a great time but she will build her skills over the next months.

  • Carole Wood

    After a splendid week taking care of my 2 preschool grand daughters this is the start of a few splendid days for me to spend quilting!

  • Susan

    My splendid day ended by watching a sewing student of mine of 6 years sing the lead in her high school musical, Cinderella. The Rogers and Hammerstein version. She was splendid!

  • Fran Gray

    I love this block and can’t wait to try it! My day was splendid because 1) it is my brother’s birthday, 2) it was a gorgeous spring-like day and 3) we moved two weeks ago and I misplaced ALL of my rings ( wedding rings, class ring, a ring that belonged to my grandmother) and I finally found them today!!! What a relief! I was beginning to get concerned!

  • Lynne Tilley

    It’s a splendid day today for me because my 3 children are all happy in their lives, and my hubby and I are too. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful giveaway chance!

  • Jan Wills

    Finished my Wings block this morning – splendid sense of satisfaction that it came together accurately! Thanks for your tips – they really helped.

  • craftytokyomama

    Today was splendid because I had coffee with my foreign wife friends from America, Australia, Germany, and England! Life in Kyoto is amazing, but it is truly splendid to be able to chat in English with friends who know where you are coming from.

  • Linda Martin

    Today, like everyday, is splendid because I am fortunate to live in Maui, Hawaii. The weather is warm, flowers bloom all the time, and I have a sewing room where I am able to start my second block in the Splendid Sampler today. Life is good.

  • Julie

    Today was extra splendid as I could come home from work and sort out fabric for my next block and get some other blocks stitched. Not bad for a Friday I say. Bring on Saturday.

  • Gwen LaBeau

    Found out the details for a vacation trip with my son, have not air traveled in 40years. I’m sure things have changed a bit.

  • June

    Looking forward to starting the block this weekend when I will get together with my sister, sister-in-laws and nieces to quilt. I like how this block would look as a quilt. A splendid idea for a quilt.

  • Lynn

    My day has only just started but already it’s splendid as your block has given me yet another quilt idea! I had a lovely dinner out last night with my lovely husband & his golfing buddy, who was kind enough to spend some time admiring a few of my quilts. They have both just left for a golfing weekend, so I have plenty of time to get lots of stitching done! Thanks so much for all your tips!

  • Joan R

    Working at all 3 jobs today– article deadline, shift at the fabric store, binding on a quilt I need to sell to pay the power bill. Oh, and a custom handbag to cut. Add in Friday errands: bank, grocery, gas station. I need more coffee!

  • Kathy Y

    Today is a splendid day because I was able to leave my walking cast off for five hours, and get to some sewing, and thank you for your tips they look excellent 🙂

  • Mitzi Bojar

    Today is splendid because I can finally sew and I have realized this quilt could really be a scrapbuster if I work it right!

  • Lisa

    Thank you for the great tips! Today is splendid because I just came across block 2 of the sampler by accident which I didn’t know was out! The butterflies are darling! Love the stitching!

  • renata hanscamp

    The daffodils are already out and providing a brilliant yellow contrast to the crocuses – a simply splendid delight for my day in the office.

  • Susan Greene

    I had a splendid day all around – the sky was blue after heavy rain, I made an In-the-Hoop quilt block on my new embroidery machine, dinner out with my husband, and the San Jose Sharks (ice hockey) won again on the road! It doesn’t get much better than that around here.

  • Liz Isam

    It is a gorgeous day in Texas today and its Friday! It is splendid time doing the squares with others online and facebook knowing we are all similar and also all different shown by the beautiful squares!

  • Sandra

    Today is a splendid day as I’ve been ill all week and am finally feeling human again. To top it off, I discovered this sew along yesterday, am finished work early today, so I can jump right in this afternoon, yay!

  • lakegirl2

    Love all the blocks. Thank you for your tips on piecing these small squares. When I am done icing my knee, I am going up to my sewing room(my happy place) and make block 2 ?

  • Merritt Crawford

    It’s a splendid day because it looks and feels like a beautiful spring day. Windy enough to fly a kite!

  • Sally H.

    Any day when I can sew is a splendid day, so I am on my way to the sewing room to make Wings. PS I love your tips for making this block – I learned something new – another splendid thing!

  • Rita

    The day started badly since I found liquid dishwashing detergent had leaked under my sink. Now that I have a new covering there and have dispensed with lots of things that had accumulated- the day is splendid.

  • amyamydame

    ooh, the contemporary bundle is lovely. today might not seem so splendid because it’s raining (as usual) and chilly, BUT i have a crock pot full of stew that i’m very excited to eat, and that is splendid! soups and stews are so perfect for february! and as a bonus, i’ll have leftovers all weekend, which means more time for sewing!

  • Marti Berry

    My splendid day began with a safe and unusually fast trip from home to a city 45 miles away. I was so surprised by the steady flow of traffic I couldn’t believe it. The route is usually stop and go and takes forever. My destination was the Inspire Quilt Shop. What fun we had doing an International Mystery: France. The drive home wasn’t bad either.

  • Tanya

    Each Friday (today) I go to my quilt club which I just joined 1 yr ago and have the most fun. Small but quaint and the members are so FUN to be with and learn lots so today was another FUN day. Quilting has be come my joy in life since I found it! Thanks!

  • Karen

    My daughter is home from the Air Force so I had a Splendid day taking her and my son to visit my parents. So many smiles all round ?. Finished the day with a Splendid perusal of all the group blocks on FB!
    Thanks for asking.

  • Marcia

    My splendid day was a day at the Arboretum with my husband of 40 years followed by a successful taming of the Wings block on my second try….. I have been surrounded by beauty today

  • Melody The Hose on the Side of the Hill

    I spent my splendid day with my friends at my local quilt guild meeting. I haven’t been well enough to attend since October last year but I feel so much better now so it was brilliant to be able to attend. I discovered quite a lot of them are also stitching The Splendid Sampler, so I’ll have a real Splendid Sampler group to attend as well as playing along with all my wonderful fellow stitchers online – all 20,000 of you.

  • Carol

    It’s the small things in life that make it splendid and even if you are having a bad day, there is always something little worth savouring.

  • Karen McMillan

    “My whole body is filled with hearts” – a quote from my 4 year old grandson – how can you not feel splendid and happy after that!!

  • Pam Miller

    It is a splendid day for sewing in Northern Michigan today, cold, very windy, and a bit drizzly. Not a skiing day, which is the main competitor for my sewing time! It is a good time to try out a new block!

  • Leslie Burghardt

    Woke this morning with my FB messenger full of wonderful quilters ALL OF THE WORLD who are working with me to create a prayer quilt! So blessed to be part of this quilting family!

  • Charlotte

    No committment morning which is splendid in of itself, plus the rain stopped (yes!!) and our newly adopted cat and our resident scottie have been meeting each other all morning and so far getting along (fingers crossed on this one). I hope to do this wing block in a second colour series today.

  • Ann Wilson

    I am having a fun afternoon working on block #2. It is warm enough here in Iowa today to have the windows open a bit…if I have a sweatshirt on!

  • Tammy Wilcox

    I had a spending day spending with a group of 20 women making Linus Quilts that go to children in need. The Linus quilts fill many needs in our community for children who are sick, ambulances, police cars, foster care, hospitals, and many other places. It fills any emptiness that you may have in your heart knowing that these will be in the hands of children in need. That was so splendid. Thank you for this free activity. I also told the girls there about this Quilt activity and one of them are joining two. Thank you for all the work you quilt artist do to create this. Happy Quilting 🙂

  • Carol Collier

    The butterfly block is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talents with us! Two splendid things about my day are: sunshine, and having some time to sew.

  • Susan Webb

    The splendid thing about my day was first thing in the morning. I went to my sewing machine and started the LAST seam on a quilt that I started on Feb. 12, 2015. WooHoo!

  • Pax

    My day ends splendidly with me finally getting started (and hopefully finished) on block two. Just in time for block 3

  • Susan k

    I spent the day with my hubby. We did some yard work – replanted some hardy hibiscus plants, trimmed up some others. Then this evening we went to a hockey game. Spending the day with him is the best!

  • Jane McWhirter

    My 98 year old mother and I had a splendid day together. She is selecting fabrics for her sampler and I sew them together for her. I am also making my own sampler. We spent a couple of hours just looking at fabric today and I listened to several stories of her childhood that involved sewing. She is already asking when we’ll get the next block. This Splendid Sampler is giving her something to look forward to and that makes us both so happy.

  • Barbara

    My splendid day? I’ve just finished my very first quilted block! Hearts a flutter. I’m new to quilting and hope to learn a great deal on my journey with the Splendid Sampler?

  • Jo ONeill

    My day is starting off splendid by putting my feet up with a cup of tea and picking up several tips on how to piece a quality block. Seems like no matter how many block I stitch there is always a hint out there I didn’t know about. Never thought about how pressing to the side affects the size. Wow! and Thanks!

  • daneesey

    I’m going to enjoy a splendid day at church! I’m a little confused . . . I see the block, but is there no link/pdf to the instructions? Or are we just supposed to figure it out from the picture? I’ve looked through comments and no one else has asked, so I know I’m missing something here! 🙂

  • hammondbay

    I’m watching a splendid sunrise this morning on the far west coast of Canada while waiting for Block No. 3. I’m vey much looking forward to the next challenge and to seeing this beautiful Sampler grow.

  • Sam Handley

    I will have a splendid day today as I get to start my Splendid Sampler. Having just got back from taking my girls away for sport I have day off work to relax and enjoy the first three blocks. Thank you for creating such a great project that allows us all to learn so much.

  • Carol T

    What a splendid day to receive the second block. Lovely. This is sew much fun and I look forward to the rest of your blocks, Jane.

  • Leanne Parsons

    This is such a cute block! I love the tiny butterfly wings. Also, I didn’t know a group of butterflies was called a kaleidoscope 🙂 We had a splendid weekend celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary (my husband’s sister and her husband).

  • Mary Jo

    Spending time doing something I love with a great group of new online friends makes my day especially splendid!!

  • Susan Buckles

    It’s a splendid day to be quilting! I can’t wait to start on this block! Thank you so much for your tips and beautiful pattern!

  • Debra Crumbaker

    My day was a wonderful day. With no wind but a sunny sky and temperatures in the low 60s, I tried to organize my sewing room. So much fun to find quilt blocks I had forgotten. Now where are the directions to the purse kit I bought and the little stack of scrappy split nine patch blocks? I love the butterflies!

  • Carrie

    Wow it is splendid to see so many comments here 🙂 I have to say it is also splendid to be a part of this global project!

  • Karen A

    My splendid day was spent in the company of my 3 adult daughters and reconnecting with old friends. I am blessed.

  • Marie Alexander

    It was a splendid warm day. Spring is in the air. I was joined by some red cardinals chirping and flitting about as I walked today. My thoughts drifted to putting those cardinals in a quilt!

  • Diane Kot

    Working on block 2 made me realize that the excuse I had been using for 20 years (not wanting to cut and work with all these small pieces) was a bunch of bologna!

    I loved making this block, even after taking it apart to correct the seams then sewing a row upside down. i didn’t lose my temper or give up I just laughed and tried again. I am so grateful you came up with this SPLENDID idea!

  • Isabella Hermit

    My day was made splendid when your tutorial said I could press my seems open , most of my quilty friends bo-hoo this but now I feel relaxed about it

  • Fiona

    Hi Jane, I’m starting late as I was having a splendid day in Bali when this all started… got some catch up to do…. I love this block…

  • Terry

    My day has been splendid working and finishing the second block, with the help from your tips…I look forward to doing more of your blocks with those helpful tips. Thank you so much

  • Wendy Harte

    I have just retired and am taking care of my 92 year old mother in my home. It has its ups and downs but quilting and needlepoint are my passions and make my days very splendid.

  • Nancy Edwards

    my Sunday was splendid as I spent the afternoon sewing and took a break to photograph daffodils and snowbells in my yard here in Louisiana!

  • Amy

    I live in Hawaii and my friend, who is also doing the Splendid Sampler, is visiting me from Texas. That’s about as splendid as it gets.

  • Linda B

    Today is a splendid day to look at all of the wonderful fabrics chosen and blocks that provide inspiration for creativity! Thank you for providing this wonderful project for us.

  • hilos de colores

    Me ha gustado mucho este bloque, porque ha sido todo un reto colocar todas esas piezas tan pequeñas. Me siento feliz de ver el resultado. Gracias por el diseño.

  • Cathy C

    Splendid? My niece is expecting and the morning sickness is lessening a bit. A new baby quilt…Perhaps using some splendid quilt blocks?

  • Pam N.

    Yesterday was absolutely splendid – I got to visit QuiltCon West and soak up the beauty and inspiration of so many gorgeous quilts!

  • Elizabeth S

    My splendid day started with a special breakfast with my husband and picking fabrics for the splendid blocks. Hopefully will start the first block this afternoon!

  • Teresa Arnett

    Well, the taxes are finally finished! Now to start this beautiful butterfly block; great tips for piecing small blocks…. Starch on!!!

  • Sandi B

    Contemporary splendid. So happy I’m in the family I’m in. They support me in all I try…and laugh with me as I learn new things. “Open palm smack to the forehead: I could have had a V-8” when I do something in an unusually awkward way! I love to laugh at myself; I’m easily entertained!

  • Alice S

    I finished 3 baby bibs for my great nephew, sewed a quilt label on a quilt for a step grand daughter in Belgium and got them both to the post office. That was splendid!!! Now to block 2.

  • Leanne Mal

    The weather here in Wisconsin is still damp and cold so I have been quilting almost every day. I’ve finished many projects…that makes me sew happy 🙂

  • Ella Stroupe

    Learning and growing as a beginner quilter is Splendid! Sampling all the wonderful designers work is such a treat!!

  • Deanna Coates

    The sun is shining this morning but still only 3 degrees above freezing. Today I will start my blocks, looking forward to seeing each one as they are published.

  • Eva

    Love that contemporary bundle! I just finished the Hearts Aflutter block and going to start the Wings – that’s splendid!

  • Pauline Hebert

    This is a special year for us as our youngest son is getting married in July and I get to create a quilt for their wedding. How splendid is that and I recently discovered the blocks for this Splendid Sampler quilt and things are coming together. Thank You!

  • Mindy

    It is a splendid spring like day on the TX gulf coast!!! I am looking forward to a splendid day tomorrow as I prepare to spend the evening with quilting friends at a monthly UFO night at a LQS.

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