Quilting Room – Part 2

I had these tables made a couple of years ago for my old sewing space. They are 900mm high so that I can use the them as cutting tables as well as ironing and sewing tables. The baskets underneath the pressing station house fabric and I hope to devise a system for hanging my rulers on the front side of this table.

Pressing Station with Silky Oak Towel rack. Handy for draping pressed fabrics over.
Sewing table / cutting table / drawers for accessories. 

The tables are positioned in an L shaped layout so I can press to my right and cut to my left as I make blocks.

My next project for this room is the storage area and my design wall. Any suggestions?


  • Maria Elkins

    Your pressing station is fabulous! Did you make your own pressing surface or is that a commercial product? I hung my rotary rulers on the end of my sewing table. I used Command hooks, which are removable if desired. I wasn't sure if I would like them there, especially since it is alongside my walkway, but I love the convenience of having them right next to the place I do my cutting. I highly recommend it! You can see a picture here, http://mariaelkins.com/index.php/2011/01/computer-geeks-and-rulers/

  • Linda

    What a wonderful quilting room! I am in the process of planning a new one now. I love the table idea.
    My design wall currently is made of 4' x 8' panels of foam core insulation that has been covered with white fabric. I would use white flannel next time, but I love that I can pin into the foam core. It is great not only for designing but also for pinning finished quilts for photographing. If this is something you might be interested in you can see a picture on my blog in an older post.

  • Canadian Kristin

    1. I am packed and on my way… A room that fab is meant to be shared with blogging friends! 🙂

    2. My friend used the stuff from car interiors for her design wall, apparently it is super inexpensive to buy and durable?

  • Jolanda

    Fantastic sewing room. I can get some suggestion for mine. My design wall is made of a very thin wood panell and on it we sticked cork stripes (you use them to lay out floors. Very easy and useful.

  • Cynful

    I've been searching ways to rearrange my quilt room. Most of the designs on Pinterest do not look user friendly to me. Yours are the first one that I love! I will be using your layout!! Thank you 🙂

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