The long term affect of Glue on fabrics

I wrote a brief post on methods I had come across while making hexies. I was made aware of another.
Thank you Sharyn from Kalama Quilts for leaving me a comment on the InkLingo method of piecing for hexagons and other shapes. Sharyn uses the InkLingo method and finds it fast and accurate. Go to Linda Franz’s site and explore her InkLingo product. What better place to start than with InkLingo Hexagons

Another interesting comment was left about fabric glues and the long term affects on fabrics. You can find the authors post here 

“As the gentle womenfolk stitched, they pondered whether they would use fabric glue or not”

Being the skeptic that I am about any thing with chemicals, including those found in nature, I had to comment. This is what I said:

“My scientific mind still has reservations about using specially designed glues on fabrics for applique and English paper piecing. I would not be convinced until I witnessed trials conducted on the amount of residues left after washing fabric treated with different varieties of glues. I do agree however, if a quilt was of heirloom quality and it was never going to be washed that any chemical, including the ones embedded in factory loomed cottons should be removed or excluded from your project. I have never used pen based, water soluble glues until now for my hexies. My projects will be short term and will be hand washed when completed. Do you have the reference for statements about the glue? I would be interested in following up on any studies or related information”

Christine has sent me this link http://www.quiltstudy.org/education_research/resources/publications.html which highlights problems with adhesive battings and sprays. 

I would love to hear back from fellow bloggers about views on Glue Sticks, Basting sprays, Starches, fusible webbing, marking pens, washing detergents and storage with insect deterrents.
Until then, happy (chemical free?) quilting.


  • Jessica

    It will be interesting the hear what you get back from your comment.
    I have been using glue for the Don't look now quilt along, I would like my quilts to last as long as possible but they need to be loved now not stuck in a cupboard!

  • Melody

    This is a very interesting post and the picture made me laugh. I have to confess I'm still tacking my hexies and I use a pencil to mark out stitcheries. Old fashioned I guess. Have a great weekend.

  • Christine

    Yes I am with Jessica, my quilts are used now but I still think it is good to know what can happen.

    Thanks for taking an interest, I loved looking at the old quilts and would love for some of ours to last as long, even if we don't know if they are….big grin


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