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Hexagons – Part I

I am trying my hand at English Paper Piecing. Using reproductions fabrics, I am attempting a scrappy quilt using 2″ side hexagons.

I purchased the papers from a great seller on ETSY  – pbpatch or Australian site, www.pbpatch.com.au. Joanne produces beautifully wrapped and presented 190gms weight shapes for EPP (English Paper Pieicing).

I am using the Sewline fabric glue stick to tack the fabric to the paper template. Fantastic product. Very quick method and the papers can be easily taken out.

Instructions for ‘glue method’

Cut around the template leaving a greater than a 1/4″ seam allowance. Use a rotating cutting board and make sure the cutter does not slip!
This is an adequate amount of seam allowance to glue back and hold on the template.
Place enough glue to hold the fabric to the card. Press with your fingers. Don’t use too much or it will be difficult to remove later. Make sure the fabric is folded along the edge of the template.
Continue folding fabric over template making sure the fabric is gripping the edge of the template for accuracy.
Finished hexagon. Note some fabric is lifting. Dab with glue and refasten.
Voila. A beautiful hexagon, ready to be added as a centre to my flowers.


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