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Hexagons – Part II

For instructions how to use the ‘glue method’ please see post ‘Hexagons – Part I’

I love reproduction prints, especially the fun you can have fussy cutting.

To sew these flowers together, I was using Superior Bottom Line Polyester 60wt thread in Taupe. I found, while the thread did melt into the fabric because it was so fine, it was very hard to work with. I have now changed to the 50wt cotton Masterpiece collection by Superior threads www.superiorthreads.com
I was also using a Milliners No 11 needle, recommended to place less stress on the hands while sewing. I have reverted back to a small sharp. I suppose at the end of the day, it relies on what you feel comfortable using and how it will impact on the way you piece.

More Done today.

I like the fabric in these flowers. 

The last of the flowers glued ready to be sewn. Now to the fun part.


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