Book Lovers Day

What quilting book started you on your quilting journey to be a quilter? Today at the The Cutting Table, we will be sharing stories about the books that inspired and taught us to pick up fabric and thread and make the quilts we make today.
I have a library of quilting books that I have purchased over the years with helpful hints and inspiring projects but the books that probably started my collection were a gift from a friend.
My friend was cleaning out her sewing room and came across some ‘Rodale’s Successful Quilting Library’ books. I liked them so much that I bought a few more on-line when they were on special.
They are packed with pictures, tips and in-depth ‘How tos’ for the novice to the more experienced quilter.
These days I find inspiration, not only from books, but the vast universe of the internet. A tip here and there, a great tutorial on a new project and of course the wise words of wisdom from both the new and experienced quilters. 
You just never know, one day I might even venture into the publishing world and in some bookcase, somewhere out there, my name might be in the credits of a book that might inspire you too.
Visit the Cutting Table to win one of 6 great new books and find links for all the other participants. 


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