New Moda Arriving tomorrow

Arriving in the little e-shop tomorrow are the collections – Kasuri, Enchanted Garden, Simple Marks, The Morris Apprentice and Ticklish.

This collection of hand painted floral prints are as breathtakingly beautiful as a gallery of Impressionist masterpieces. The Enchanted Garden’s flowerbeds flourish with a vast array of blooming tulips, pretty poppies, and lush lilies as far as the eye can see while delicate vines meander along the terrace. Romantic rose reds, violets, and marigolds portray nature’s artistry and grace.

Experience a taste of Japanese tradition with prints inspired by ancient Ikat and Indigo dyed fabrics. Reminiscent of antique kimonos embellished with cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and geometric motifs in a variety of shades from the deepest midnight navy to softer, dusty blues and subtle naturals, Kasuri exudes classic Japanese sophistication and understated elegance. 

Simple Marks by Malka Dubrawsky
Unlike many of the fabrics I’ve created in the past, Simple Marks was inspired by concepts rather than visual inspirations. Ideas about patterning that felt hand drawn, inviting, functional, yet graphic informed the design of this collection. I wanted the maker’s hand to be apparent and for the patterns to feel familiar because of their simplicity. Designing with ideals as a starting point was a new and different way to work, but I feel the method yielded fabrics that can be crafted into a wide range of beautiful and functional items, both small and large in scale and scope.

The Morris Apprentice by Barbara Brackman
This new collection of William Morris design celebrates the master apprentice John Henry Dearle. In the late 1870s the 18-year-old art student was hired as a showroom assistant. Twenty years later he was Head Designer putting his own stamp on the Morris style. The prints in The Morris Apprentice reflect Dearle’s new directions. He added color and line from art nouveau in designs like “Helena” and “Foliage.” Pattern repeat took on a Persian formality in “Eden.” Dearle became Art Director in 1896 after Morris’s death, guiding the firm into the Twentieth Century.

Ticklish by Me and My Sister Designs
The definition of “Ticklish” … ticklish [tik-lish] adjective 1. sensitive to being tickled These prints will bring a smile to your face as they tickle your fancy! You will especially love the super soft flannels! These fabrics will lightly touch in a way that causes laughter!


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