Aussie Eye Spy – Sneak Peek

Aussie Dream Time Eye Spy Pattern.

This beautiful design was inspired by a desire to make her grandchild an eye spy quilt with an Australian theme.

Anne Norris of EyeSpy Creations, spent many years in the graphic design business and as a result, the wonderful array of Australian animals and indigenous inspired fabrics bound in vibrant colour, really bring this quilt to life.

The pattern and kit for this wonderful quilt will be available 1st January 2011. 

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  • pirate

    oh! how wonderful! My daughter is currently an exchange student at Edith Cowen University in Perth. I'd love to be able to make her this quilt as a remembrance of her time in Australia.

    Is there a way I can be put on a list to be notified when your pattern is available? Or should I just make myself a note to check back in January?


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