2013 is just around the corner

Another year is just about to pass and it is a time for all us quilters to reflect on what we have finished,what we would have liked to make and what is still lying in a pile ready to be made. I am sure our secret resolution for the New Year is to stop buying fabric too!
I disappeared for 2 weeks to go home to the place of my birth and spend Christmas will my mad family.  They are mad in a good way. Always entertaining.
I come from the Sutherland Shire, the ‘Shire’ as it is known to the locals. No one ever leaves the ‘Shire’ or if they do they always return. A bit like a Hobbit, I suppose.


The above pictures are of the Sandbar, which is part of the Royal National Park located on the Port Hacking. This was my playground as a child where many a day were spent fishing, crabbing, chasing the soldier crabs, water skiing and basking in the sun (in those days we did not ‘slip,slop,slap’).
This is boat harbour, a protected stretch of beach at the far end of the Cronulla peninsular. Many a day were also spent on Cronulla beach (in no way similar to Puberty Blues). It is great to be able to take the children back home to enjoy the beach and waterways.
Christmas Day was lovely as usual. We had the table set for 24 people. There are 22 in our immediate family. The youngest of the cousins are 7 years old and still ‘believe’. Waking up on Christmas Day and seeing the delight on their faces while they pulled the presents from the Santa sacks was priceless.
I am back to reality now and just delivered all the orders to be shipped to the Post Office. When I returned home yesterday it was like Christmas all over again. I had a pile of parcels from abroad and home contained all sorts of wonderful fabrics and presents.

I received this beautiful, handmade Christmas decoration from Elizabeth. Elizabeth must know how much I love decorations. This will always be a part of our tree now and will be one of the many decorations with a special story. Thank you Elizabeth.
Well, it’s 7pm here on New Years Eve as I type this post. I better get ready to serve dinner and prepare for the BBQ tomorrow. It will be a quiet one here tonight. I doubt we will even make it to midnight. I wish everyone a very safe and happy new year and hope that while you sew up a storm in 2013, you also find time for your family, friends and yourself. 


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