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Jeneta ” I’m not sure I have any style! I like modern vintage, though I do think the word ‘eclectic’ describes me! “
To celebrate the release of the new Fat Quarter Style book from the Fat Quarter Shop I am giving one lucky reader a copy. Just leave a comment on this post telling me:
What is your style?
The winner will be announced 31st August 2014 at midnight AEST.
Visit these bloggers to see quilts they have made from the book as part of the Book Tour.
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Thank you everyone for sharing your favourite nail polish colours.
The winner of the $50 gift certificate is

I also wanted to give you a sneak peek of a quilt I am making with the gorgeous Katarina Roccella’s Indelible collection from Art Gallery Fabrics. I am working on this in my spare time (along with many more projects). More on this quilt later.


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    I am always drawn to contemporary, bright fabrics – but not necessarily modern designs. I love to see traditional patterns in brighter or 30's style fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win…

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    I love the bright new fabrics ~ whether in a modern quilt style quilt or a more traditional setting. Thanks for the chance ~ fingers crossed!!

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    Your indelible quilt is making me swoon. Is it bad that I'm not sure I have a style? I like bright colors. I'm kind of geeky, but I love traditional style blocks just as much as funky modern ones.

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    I'm traditional usually, but I'm drawn more and more to the newer styles as time goes on. These new fabric designs were "odd" to me at first, but I'm opening up to them more now.

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    I'm not sure I have a particular style, I'll have a go at most things but I do know I love colour! For me brighter is better.

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    I like a lot of styles – I love making modern quilts with bright fresh colors and whites, greys, and blacks but then I also like making sampler quilts. What I have a problem with is making scrappy quilts – I am too much of a type A to do a pure scrappy w/o some planning

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    I'm a modern traditional quilter. I love traditional patterns and fabrics but with a modern twist, does that make senth? My favorite designers are Bonnie & Camille, Fig Tree and Carrie Nelson you can never be wrong with one of them.

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    My style is colorful and modern traditional– I'm not afraid to mix civil war fabrics in either, if they aren't too muddy. And I love to use hand screen printed fabrics too.
    Clothingwise? Jeans and tunics all the way 😀

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    Your Indelible project looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to read about it when you finish.

    I'm still trying to find my style! LOL Lean towards the Modern aesthetic probably but I'm trying different things.

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    My style is traditional scrappy. But I do love using some of the happy fabrics from current designers, esp Bonnie & Camille and Lori Holt. Love those bright happy fabrics!

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    I think I'm more of the Heinz 57 variety type of quilter! LOL LOL From scrappy, traditional to modern and Art quilts… I love them all! I really can't say that I have a style because I make so many different things! I do enjoy Modern quilts a little more now. There are a lot of great designs being created! Thanks for the giveaway!
    array-dawn at cox dot net

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    I don't really have a style. I do love the modern quilts I am seeing all the time. I see a pattern and go for it. I usually end up changing the color scheme of the pattern to what color I want to use at that time.

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    i am sure I have a style. I like fabric with dots, flowers and strips. Colors depend on mood, can fall in love with frilly, period prints and bold colors.

    Patricia C

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    Oh my goodness. that new quilt looks amazing…. so different…

    as for style… as fifty something I feel I am still trying to find myself!!! anything goes…


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    My style is somewhat hard to explain, I like bright and bold, traditional with a twist and patterns that are complex and interesting. The only quilt I have done recently that was just straight squares was the Kate Spain charm square swap, where I wanted the fabric to shine not the pattern

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    I like to call my style naive modern. This allows me to avoid precision piecing where all the pints meet perfectly and every seam is exactly 1/4 inch. Maybe another name for my style is slap dash and impatient??!!

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    I'm not sure I have one particular style either. I love all kinds of quilts – just not too crazy about the art quilts. I want my quilts to be used like the ones my grand mother made. Thanks

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    I do not think I have a style yet, trying lots of things, started with crazy patchwork as I like embroidery, red work on the to rty list and doing little bunny blocks, so far 14 done. Book looks interesting, keep checking but not available at amazon here in the UK yet

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    I look to the web for ideas….then make stuff up as I go without any real pattern so…experimentalist? And almost always with earth tone batiks.

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    Hi Jane! Thank you so much – I'm so so happy I won the gift certificate! Your NEW Project looks very exciting and those Fabrics are gorgeus! My style is scrappy, fun and perhaps sometimes modern. But please don't count me for the give away – that wouldn't be right.
    Can't wait to choose NEW Fabrics! x Teje

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    I think my style is colourful and girly with anything geometric thrown in! Have to say your Indelible quilts looks incredible! (P.S. Not sure if your giveaway extends to UK but had to let you know how much I love that quilt!)

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    I'm pretty modern with my style, mostly because it requires an eye for the feel of a piece but with less effort (um, not about to undertake a Dear Jane any day!). It's like abstract art to me, and I love that!

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    What is my style, you may ask? I'm not sure I have one yet! I'm "eclectic" I guess. As I look around at what others have made, I gather ideas and make something unique. I usually choose bold, colorful fabrics with simple templates. I do like variety!

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    Oh fun! I guess my style would have to be called eclectic! I'm still at the learning stage, soaking it all up like a sponge!! Always trying something new, a different challenge!

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    Well, I never thought much about style, LOL and I've been quilting for over 40 years.
    If I had to choose I'd say it was traditional. I like piecing best, but have tried lots and lots of different kinds of quilting. I, now often use modern quilting ideas for the backs of my quilts.

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    I am a traditional quilter but I'm being drawn to some contemporary designs. I love scrappy quilts; the more fabrics, the better. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    My style is very eclectic. My projects tend to be traditional when sewing for my home. We have a 1930s English Tudor home, but when I sew for others I get a litter braver and use bright colors and take chances. There is nothing that I don't like though.

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    My style is pretty much anything. I love traditional, modern, scrappy, applique, etc. I love things that are "easy" as I don't have a lot of time to spend on making things. Working full time takes away from that! Thanks for the great giveaway!

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    Hmmm I guess you would say my style is eclectic! A little bit of improv, sometimes I use a bit of old fashioned homespun and then other times I make a quilt from a pattern that I love! Eclectic contemporary I suppose!!

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    Honestly, whatever I like. I never pieced because I couldn't bring myself to do all those little fiddly pieces, and I didn't handquilt because I didn't like all those traditional designs. But then I found crazy patch and stash quilts and anything goes with color and design and FMQ!!!! So now I do it all but still not so traditional. Thanks.

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    My clothing style is comfortable… but if I was physically healthy & fit I'd dress like Taylor Swift (more vintage.) :-) For quilt style I have no idea, it's more sentimental than anything. Is that a style? BTW that is the loveliest quilt I've seen in a LONG time! WOW!

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