Share the Love (Fabric of Course) – June Giveaway

6 FQ’s of the Tula Pink Collection – Prince Charming

I want to share the love, the love of fabric, Every Sunday throughout June, I will be giving away six (6) FQ’s of some luscious fabrics. To enter this weeks giveaway is simple:

Leave a comment telling me how you would change someone’s life if you won 20 million in the lottery.

I will draw a winner next Saturday. Remember, please leave a way I can contact you. Good Luck.

Nice is always better ……..

I woke up this morning at 6.15am to a crisp, cold winter morning in Brisbane to read my e-mails and have a quick look around blog land. There was one e-mail that put a damper on my day which has sent by an anonymous person. They made a very derogatory comment about my ‘Flying Kimonos’ quilt. Thank goodness for moderation of comments because that little gem was not going to be published. Ok, freedom of speech, everyone is entitled to an opinion etc. I am tough enough to take criticism but I draw the line at inappropriate comments that will be aired for the world to see. Remember, polite conversation never involves, sex, religion or politics.


  • Colleen

    I have a couple of things I would love to do with 20 million. And they would change many lives. I would like to buy a farm and set it up as a teaching center for Elementary students from our poorest city schools, a place to raise rescued animals from farm to wild, and a place for high school students to do internships in farming, animal care, building, etc I would like it to be a place of practical learning. Oh and a museum for all the cool stuff my dad has collected. Then there is the quilt/local craft store/retreat dream…

  • Samelia's Mum

    I hate those nasty anonymous comments – they go straight into my trash file. I think your Flying Kimono quilt is beautiful.

    Now, $20 million… Love the idea of winning it πŸ™‚

    I'd firstly make sure my family was covered. House paid off, money aside for schooling for the next 15 years or so.

    Then I'd probably help my family and friends. Be a bit like Oprah and pay some bills and generally help them have an easier life.

    Lovely fabrics. Thanks for the generous giveaway and don't let nasty people put a downer on your beautiful work xo

  • BubzRugz

    I have a hard time understanding people who right nasty stuff…. they must be miserable people!
    If I had $20million….. well – there a a few people I know who need their mortgages paid off to get some security in their lives…

  • Linda

    I think I would start by helping out our education system. Here in the states, many teachers are being let go because schools don't have enough money to keep them on. They are cutting out programs like art and music, thinking that is a good place to start.

  • CountryMom

    Sorry to hear about that bad comment. Don't let it spoil your day! Twenty million dollars would change a lot of people's lives…. I would share with several families/people! First of all my parents could afford to go into assisted living instead of having to make do with me going over and helping as much as I can… and my brother could have a decent car to drive and own a home for the first time…. several ministries I care about could extend their services to hundreds more people…. the list would go on and on! I would LOVE to be able to share big money like that. What a dream!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva

    With 20 million I could donate most of it to reputable charities, not have to work and be able to volunteer… to quilt quilts of course and deliver to needy people. Probly would do some aid missions {have always wanted to do that, but you have to pay your own way}. Mostly it would change my husband and I's lives.
    ~kimberlee, spunkydiva at live.com

  • Fiona

    Hmmmm I think 20 million is way too much for 1 person's shoulders so I would buy each chils ( I have 4) a house and car – Pay off my mortgage and then split the rest between a number of charities that have no government involvement – The ones that don't get the cream taken from the top and actually help people from the bottom up….

    Now stepping down slightly from my soap box – How dare someone leave a nasty comment. I received 2 e-mails this week from a reader of my blog demanding a pattern from my FREE BOM that I have taken down – I pressed the "Delete" button. She did ruin my day for a few minutes because I was hurt by her tone and manner but I had the last laugh DELETE DELETE DELETE…… I hope it didn't upset you too much. Hugs – Fee X

  • Barbara

    I would create a foundation to help women who have been victims of domestic violence – low cost housing, technical education to get a job – establish a life for themselves with respect and dignity in a loving and caring environment

    and Flying Kimonos is TOTALLY rad – so Offensive Anonymous should just step away from the keyboard and go to time-out.

    hugs to you !

  • Natasha

    If I won 20 million dollars, I would work as an advocate to improve conditions and the environment surrounding adolescent residential care. I am not sure what that would entail just yet, it is just a subject near and dear to my heart.

  • Sara

    I would open up a women's abuse shelter. I would pay off my house and all other debt which would definitely help my family:) I would give some to a couple different great charities. And there is probably more!

    OH yeah the Tula Pink fabric is NICE!!!

  • Leah

    Wow, what a thought provoking questions. My first thought would be to pay off all my friends/families mortgages, but after thinking a little more I believe I would start a SAHM foundation. One that would boost families financially so moms who want to stay home with their young children can have that opportunity without having to struggle to make ends meet.

  • Irina

    I don't know where I would start…well… I'd buy the house I live in, share it with my family and friends (the money, not the house), and I'd give a generous amount to the charity I work for (and maybe I'll get promoted???, but probably I wouldn't need to work…so I'd volunteer then…and then…I'd better stop…
    I'd be happy to win some fabric….it's kind of more realistic.
    P.D: those nasty comments are really annoying, some people do need a job!

  • Catskill Quilter

    Even twenty million might not be "enough" to do all that I would like to do — but it would sure make a big dent in it! I would like to organize vegetable gardens for all inner cities — not just the land, but also the equipment, the seeds, the teachers, the instruction on how to harvest! Another thing I would love to do is send immunizations to 3rd world countries so that children can ALL be protected from avoidable diseases. I know, just a small drop in what needs to be done…

  • Marcia

    I would pay off all of my families house payments and then everyone would be able to work without the stress of living check to check.

    Sorry to hear someone wasn't nice on a comment – that is really sad. My Mom always said if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

    And thanks for sharing such a great giveaway! I love the blues!

  • Janet

    If I had $20 million, I would first of all give each of my three children enough to buy a house. I would then give my siblings and my hubbie's siblings assistance with paying off their mortgages. Then I would quilt my job and I would invest in a building/property in which I could start up a half way home for women in trouble with the law – there isn't such a thing where I live right now and it is sorely needed. I know who I would invite to come and staff it too.

    I'm sorry someone wrote you a nasty comment but I hope you are letting it go. Beauty, even quilt beauty, is in the eye of the beholder after all.

  • Jo

    Wow 20 million! I can not even imagine how to spend that much money but I am sure I could learn! First pay off the hose and the kids houses. College funds for the grands is an important one. I think I would life to spend mony helping two groups in particular, one being abused women and the second being children I am not sure which type of childrens issues I would pick to help as there are so many that are absoultly wonderful guess for that I would need to do research.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • elliek

    The saying" if you can't say something nice, don't say anything" holds true. The kimono quilt was lovely.
    With $20 million I like others would see my 4 children in houses and debt free ( Uni fees etc ) Then the rest would go to the Royal Children's Hospital as they have been so important in the lives of two of my kids and are so necessary for so many others.

  • Quiltin' Sandy

    nasty anonymous comments- disgusting. If they haven't got the g#ts to put their name to their post well they should just get lost! πŸ™ they obviously weren't taught " If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!!"
    WOW- if I won that amount of money? One thing I would love to do would be to build a Special Home for young people who at present have to live in Aged people's nursing homes. Although a lot of these places are probably nice enough, how sad it would be for someone young in the teens or twenties to be living there? Maybe I couldn't do anything about their health problems, but they could be in a fun, happy environment more suited to younger people, and with people more their own age.
    I am not entirely unselfish, I would like to go to Scotland and see where my parents were born, and perhaps a new smallish house or some renos here that are urgently needed. πŸ™‚

  • Sewjournal

    I like the idea of microcredit. It really changes lives. If I had 20 million I'd start a microcredit agency in western countries – Australia, the US, the UK and Europe – to help small business people (i.e. one person or two person businesses) to succeed. I would also provide mentoring and cut price marketing to all in the scheme. Small businesses employ more people than big business but they are not well supported. This system works well in the developing countries and it's way to help people in western countries get out of poverty too.

  • free indeed

    I would first off, get another heat source in my house…I'm getting too old (and fat) to do the stairs to build fires if hubby isn't home; and it would be whole house heating…we don't have heat upstairs at all..living in northern Maine that is really roughing it! Maybe build a one story home would be better for us…
    Help the kids out (we have 6, some married with families some in college still.) I was an unmarried mom in the beginning, so I would donate some to the organizations that helped me through that tough period and even asked if I needed a place to stay…my parents were not happy); I'd donate to help our elderly in this country..seems they get short shafted the hardest. Then of course, I'd donate to God's ministries for sharing the gospel abroad and at home, so that other's could hear the saving message of Christ dying for their sin…I'm sure there would be oodles left!

  • Jacqueline

    There is a property that has been for sale. I would buy it and turn it into a working ranch/farm with multiple halfway house type houses (there are five houses on the property) It would be self sustaining. And I would pay off the mortgage on my parents property (mine eventually) and I would donate to the local DV shelter. And probably a bazillion more things, but thats a good start! <3

  • Sharon

    The first person's life that I would change is my husband's. He works so hard & long hours to take care of our little family. I would buy him a little ranch, a handful of cows & horses and a nice trailer.

    I'd also love to adopt. So far, we're not able to have children (hopefully that will change in the future) & I'd love to adopt but on a ranch hands wages we can't afford all the legal fees to do so. We'd love to find a child or siblings that need a loving family to take of them.

    Sorry to hear about the negative comment. Some people need to learn their bloggy manners! That's OK brush it off and don't worry about the negative people. They're not worth your energy.

    Have a lovely day! πŸ™‚

  • Sarah Craig

    It would just be a small dent in 20 million, but I'd start by funding a new building at our church, loaded to the gills with quilting supplies and equipment, for our quilt ministry to use. Then I'd provide some much-needed funding for a local ministry that uses horses in therapy with children with behavioral issues. They do great work and are always in need of funds because they do so much charity work.

  • robin

    20 million – that's a lot $$. I'd help family members get out of debt, and set aside some for my children in trust, and use a good healthy chunk for orphanages in disadvantaged countries, and save a lot to use as needs around me arise. It would be fun to ease the burdens of others.

  • Tiffany

    My dad has been unemployed for almost 2 years now. My sister and her 3 kids live with him. She is depressed and has some other issues and does not really take care of the kids. We are scared he may lose the house one day soon. He is all those kids have as far as a functional family and it would be devastating for him to lose them. I would def. pay off his house, pay to get my sister some professional help, and just help out that group of my family who needs it so much right now.

  • Melody

    If I won $20,000,000 I would establish a home in the country for young homeless people that was also a wildlife shelter.
    I wrote this before reading others' comments – my dream is so similar to Colleen's. I think I've found a kindred spirit.
    I'm so glad you deleted the nasty comment. To think that someone could write something mean to lovely, kind, caring you. They must be a very sad and sorry individual. All of your work is beautiful.

  • Terrie Sandelin

    Who wants to rain on someone else's parade like that? Have to love the delete key — so deserved! As to who would I help? Hmmm. Bill Kristof is an editorialist for the NYT and he writes quite a bit about the terrible abuses of the sex trade — both at home and overseas. According to Kristof, India is particularly bad. I would donate money to the groups that are working so hard to save children from the sex trade and to help those who have been rescued.

  • Jessica

    hmmmm 20 million would go a long way! I would pay of our debts, update some things that desperately need updating, do something to set our kids up for the future.
    I life by the motto "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all", I can't believe how nasty some people are. My hubby is in ham radio and the golden rule is don't talk about sex, religion and politics on the air so it is something I go by too.

  • Marcia W.

    How would I change someone's life if I won 20 million in the lottery? One of my favorite charities is the Florida Baptist Children's Home. If I won so much money, after taxes I would give them a million dollars. I would also set up education funds for each of my grandnieces. And, would pay off the outstanding home mortgages for my nieces and nephews. The rest will be for my mother and I to use until our passing, then will go to my brother and sister. Through wise investing, we should be able to support our church and pay our bills (especially healthcare and at home care – so we won't go into a nursing home).

  • Kate R

    Hmmm… So many ways to use that money! I would first buy us and my parents a house, set aside money to live on (so I didn't have to work for money!), donate the rest to charity, and then would be able to do the work I love: legal representation of refugees.

  • meljsim

    Wow, I can't believe someone would leave a nasty comment. I understand how some forums become heated over other topics, but how the heck does someone get mean over quilting??

    With 20 million, my friends and family would not have any debt. My husband and I would not have to work in meaningless jobs to get by from day to day – therefore our time can be used to spread awareness of bigger issues such as the global food crisis/clean water shortage. I would love to make quilts for children's hospitals too. Oh that money would be nice!

  • Nadilah Magee

    If I won $20 million, first, I will help my family, buy a house, pay all the debt, and help my husband start a business. Then, I will build a hospital for children who don't have insurance. Then, build a good school for poor kids who can not afford to pay a good school.
    Thanks for the giveaway..

  • Peaceful Piecer

    I can't even imagine 20 million….my daughters could stop work and stay home with their babies. My son could open his dream restaurant and I could live by the ocean. I would want to help children and animals in need too. Of course I would have a new sewing machine! Thanks for a chance to win

  • Fran

    Wow, 20 million would be an amazing amount of money to win & then be able to do good with. It would be lovely to help out members of my family & also be able to support more of the charities that I would like to assist but am currently unable to. It would feel really good to be able to do lots of good things.

  • Deanna

    20 million? Oh. My. Goodness. A lot of things. College scholarships, for sure. If people have a good education, they can change their own lives. Also, there are many worthy sewing groups that teach skills to women. I would buy machines to help them get started in their businesses. Also, some farm/garden initiatives that provide seed and small animals, such as rabbits or goats, to families so they can be self reliant. Solar ovens for places that have a lot of sun and not much wood. Very interesting and such a benefit. Hmmmm…Yep, it would all be spent pretty quickly. But, what fun I would have doing it.

  • annmarie

    20 million dollars! I can't even imagine that much money. First I would help all my sister & 2 brothers who are not as fortunate as I. Then I'd invest some so I could do a bit of travel in the next several years. Then I'd just read the paper or watch the news & give most of it to those in need – tornados, tsumami's, floods, hurricanes oh & our high school needs a new swimming pool! Have I spent 20 million yet??? Thanks for the chance to win some awesome fabric – I heart Prince Charming.

  • Our Busy Little Bunch

    Do you know that there is enough food in the world to feed everybody but a billion people are going hungry? Maybe 20 million could pay for the resources to some communities to grow food and cattle, and put a dent in that number.

  • JanetK

    I can't even imagine what nasty thing someone would say about your creative quilt design!

    With 20 million for real? I'd spend about 1 million paying off my mortgage and setting up my kids and nieces and nephews for their education. Maybe that would take 2 million since my husband has a large family.

    After that my dream is to start a non-profit company that makes diagnostic tests for developing countries – like cervical cancer screening with HPV since it's the 2nd most common cancer worldwide just because there isn't access to screening and early treatment. Could be a novel technology or a novel way to provide access to underserved people…not sure yet…

  • Jo in TAS

    It's such a huge sum of money besides freeing my family and close friends from debt I'd invest the remainder and use the interest earned to provide ongoing support to a few charities that really make a difference to peoples and animals lives. I think I'd have to find a very good financial advisor to help me do it though!
    PS I'd also set aside a small amount to fix up my craft room and make it real pretty and cosy!

  • Heather A

    Hmmm … so much need. Even 20 million wouldn't be enough. My pet concern lately has been reducing our exposure to harmful chemicals that are allowed into our food system. I might try to speed the momentum of change from chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to organic agriculture and humane treatment of farm animals. I'd make companies like Monsanto who depend on poisoning the citizens of the world with Frankenfoods and chemicals to line their pockets redundant.

    I'd make governments and executives accountable and honest. I'd legislate social responsibility for all businesses and governments. People in power who fail to be ethical would be outed and wouldn't be allowed to hide behind the protection of loopholes, secrecy, and cronyism

    And I'd cure cancer. Can all that be done with 20 million? Ha!

    I have the heart and soul of an activist just not the energy and money. *sigh*

  • Sue

    20 million, I'd start with family, then my local community and then a community in need.
    Family, buy us a home instead of renting, hate paying someone else mortgage, help our 4 kids with buy homes.
    Local community, I am part of a missional community that is looking to build a community facility that we use, only needs 3-4million, design,build and manage.
    We supported a World Vision project in Laos "Maternal and child health" did you know that more babies die because they are born into world of poverty where a piece of plastic sheeting can be the difference between living and dying. I would want to give more that I have in the past to help new mothers and their babies

  • Bug

    Aren't delete buttons awesome??? πŸ™‚

    I would do two separate things (aside from the typical and practical pay-my-house-off type stuff): I would fund a couple of charities that are near and dear to my heart, one of them being quilts for terminally ill patients at an area hospital. They go through 40 a month. The second thing I would do is whatever it would take to enable my husband to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning and running his own business. He's got it started, but it's part time and struggling, and he's occasionally discouraged. He has always enabled me as much as he can in my quilting endeavors, and I would love nothing more than to return the favor.

  • Sunnybec

    Thank goodness for the delete button I say. What would I do if I won 20 million? Faint probably would be the first thing LOL, make sure family and friends are helped out, buy a camper van to see more of the World and help sick children in need of operations.

  • Diane H

    Twenty million would be lovely to spread around. Guide Dogs for the blind, animal rescues and our childrens hospital would benefit from all of it. Thanks.

  • Quilt n Queen

    Sorry to hear you received a nasty comment. Your blog was the second in a single day that had unkind words. People can be downright cruel….they must be very unhappy souls.

    If I were to win $20 million…first I would surely scream, then faint and then start some serious financial planning which would include $ to family, friends and strangers. I would donate generously to charity especially to…The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Cancer Society and Alzheimer Society. Three diseases that have affected my immediate family and many of my friend's families. When all that is taken care of I would like to open a quilt store that had a retreat area…it is a dream I've always hoped would happen….. hoping I win the $20 million before I get too old to realize my dream…..thanks for letting me plan my $20 million win….
    winning the Prince Charming FQ's would make very happy….thanks for the chance. Have a wonderful day(o:

  • Karen

    With 20 million buckeroos, I could and would do a lot of philanthropic work. Anything involving children would be high on my list, followed very closely by the geriatric community. First, however, I would make sure both my Mom and sister were settled in their lives by paying off their mortgages. PS I really need Tula Pink fabric. Thanks!

  • Quilt Kitty

    Hi Jane, so sorry to hear you got a nasty message. Don't they play on your mind too. I hope all out tales of great riches give you a laugh. I would buy houses for family & good friends & for me I would like a little farmlet down the Huon Valley of Tassie with a couple of chalets so I can make one available to the hospices & oncology patients free so they get to enjoy the views, the food & the peacefulness. Thanks, love the fabrics & the fantasy! Tracee xx

  • Pam

    I love this fabric!
    I have a grandson with Alexander's disease. It is a terminal leukodystrophy that not much is known about. I would put 20 million towards discovery of a treatment or cure for that.

  • Charlene S

    Charity begins at home – so first all 7 of my children would be come debt free and the education needs of all 19 grandchildren would be taken care of Then I would set up service grants to be given to local schools. By helping these young people to help others, I would truly be using the money to help many people and maybe even have a "gift that keeps on giving."

  • Mimi

    Wow! Twenty million would be a blessing to help some family and friends in need and that is what I would do first. Our small community is hurting in so many ways, I would want to help somehow to make it a more enjoyable place for children and elders. Gosh, I don't know what else… but I do know that the wealth would be shared in many ways.

  • Hand Quilting Nana

    Oh where do I start? So many people I could help with $20 million. I've thought about this a lot.

    First we traveled the country for five years in an rv and we helped people all along the way. People broke down at rest areas and needed money for repairs or gas. Homeless, etc.

    So after taking care of family I would buy a larger rv and travel the country and help folks who needed it. People who had tragedies and no insurance to help. Just ordinary people who need a helping hand.

    And I would create a foundation to help people who are bipolar. Our family has personally been affected by this disabling illness and it is an illness just like cancer.

    Then if there is any money left I would start another foundation. A campaign to bring back common sense. Do you think that's possible? There is a lack of common sense in our country and we need awareness of that.


  • Mommarock

    20 million! I'm not familiar with that kind of money.. I do have a dream though of how to help people.. I would love to have a place where training could go on in the nursing field. The nurses would then be required to give so many hours of time back in service hours to pay for their training. Gifted hours of service in the care of Seniors and service members. They would still receive pay for regular work hours, but say one extra day a week, they would come in and pay back 8 hours of their time by serving in a nursing home, or vetrans facility. There are plenty of places for them to work out there.. a little free service for their training would help people with paying for their schooling and help keep costs for care down.. that is my idea.

  • Natasha

    How I would change someones life with 20 million. . . . I would pay off the debts of my brother, mother and mother-in-law, as well as our own debts. Starting someone with a clean slate is a great way to change their life. I would then give some to my church.

  • MoeWest

    Aah! Dreaming of the big lottery win … I would retire asap and have all the time in the world for my hobbies. I would share with family and friends. I would choose deserving charities to help out. I would definitely spend cold winters in a warmer place!

  • Katrina

    I'd change my sister's life. She has always been there for me through all of my pregnancies and children's lives. She is their second mother and gives herself to them unconditionally. She lives in Arizona and I live in Canada but she is here at least every three months for a week or two to help me. I'd do what I could to make her life easier.

  • rubyslipperz

    well…as far as bad comments – "they" should remember…"what goes around comes around!".

    20 mill – I would create a home for abused children…


  • WandaFish

    I can't really imagine $20 million! Of course I'd make sure family and friends were comfortable and then look at charitable organizations who would make good use of that money – probably helping children. It would be a big responsibility changing peoples lives and I'd need help!
    Back to earth and dreaming of froggy Prince Charming! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

    Oh, I LOVE your Flying Kimono quilt!

  • Manda

    Sorry to hear about your horrible comment. I hope you don't dwell on it too much, your quilt is great!

    Ummm 20 million… I would buy a house and make sure my families and friends are all covered with houses/mortgages etc. I would probably not have to work so instead I would find a charity who wanted me as a volunteer to keep me busy! And donate some money to some small local charities.

  • Jodi-JoJoMia's Place

    First I would make sure my family was taken care of, two boys, one granddaughter, my mom and dad and a few of my closest cousins (I have a LOT of cousins). Then I would donate to several programs for Autism to try and find a cure and/or prevention. My youngest son is Autistic and I love him just the way he is but I know how hard it can be for him and other kids and their families.

  • Jenniffier

    Sorry to hear about nasty comments, really people should follow if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all.
    20 million dollars, well after making sure my family was debt free including homes, I would probably help get technology into the schools. I have been piloting a program for Ipods in the classroom and I really think that it helps students learn in a much different way.

  • Tena

    I'd help out my husband by getting us out of debt. Then move on to his widowed mother with a simple, handicap accessible new home.

    Lovely fabric. Thanks for the opportunity.

    whosyerbuddie AT yahoo DOT com

  • Deborah in Atlanta

    Wow! That is one heck of a HUGE amount of money. TWENTY MILLION!! Hmmm…my husband and I have always talked about what we'd do if we won the lottery (ha! we don't even play, so how could we win?) But we really do talk about it. We've have three children and two grandchildren. We've said after taxes were taken out, we'd talk with an investor and find out what the best decision would be to give our children the money without them having to pay additional taxes. We've got charities and friends we'd take care of, and we'd set up accounts for both of the grandchildren for college, and I'd love to sell our house and just move into a retirement community. I'd then travel – extensively!! Oh yeah, I could spend that 20 million and have a lot of fun!

  • SiNn

    To be honest If i had 20 million dollars first thing id do would be to buy my parents a house and pay the taxs on it for 10 or more yrs set my neices and nephews up with a college fund after i did that id donate to charities like childrens hospital and shriners as well as st judes after id di that id use some to build a comunnity cente rin the porest community so children had a safe place to go after school if they needed to or wanted to then id adopt one family and help them set up their own place and find them a job after i did all that id use what was left to open my dream movie house

  • Elizabeth D.

    Wow, that's a tough one. Firstly, I would take care of my mother, who has moved from dreaded rental to dreaded rental after my father passed away about 10 years ago. Then, I would help pay for my sister to go back to college. She left college before finishing and has always regretted it, but now with two young children and barely enough money to get by, it's a pipe dream for her. Then, after taking care of my family's financial issues and setting up a trust fund for my children, I would then use the remainder to invest in the local school system where I live or in the local library system.

    Nasty comments are a really unpleasant part of the blogging experience. I hope that you hit the delete button and moved right on.

  • All Things Beautiful

    20 million, that is hard for my brain to comprehend. For starters I would pay off our house (this would relieve so much of hubby's stress as we are an one income family). I would then invest in missions. Missions is not just other countries, it is right in our own backyards. Helping those in need and sharing Christ wonderful love with them. We would love to be able to get more involved with those in need.

  • If Toys Could Talk

    So sorry to hear about that nasty comment. πŸ™

    As to your $20 million scenario… I'd first take care of my family, then I'd set up a maternity home for women experiencing crisis pregnancies. They'd have first-rate prenatal care, help getting jobs and childcare after the child is born, breast feeding support and lots of love and care.

  • Canadian Kristin

    Glad you moderated that grump right to the trash! You are awesome, Jane, and negative commenters are missing out!!!

    20 million??? Wowza! I would surprise my family with paid bills and mortgages and then I would gift all my family and dearests with money to bless others! I would be so neat to let others share in the sharing, don't you think!?! And I would donate to hospice and an orphanage.

    What fun to dream, my list is suddenly so long!!!

  • rachandcarl

    wow $20mill! thats tough. id do all the normal helpful stuff for friends and family and then id help fund the campaign to stop the live animal trade – very topical now!

  • Slovenka

    With 20 million, I would pay off mortgage on our house, pay off college education for my children, invite and buy a house for my parents and in laws (who live in Slovakia) and make them comfortable for the rest of their lives, and then help to pay off church's mortgage, support my college, and cancer research center in Slovakia.

  • Paula

    I wouldn't need that much money to change people's lives. With much less I would start by helping my brothers to pay their debts and I would continue helping (but now more generously) one institution in my country that hosts abandonned children and another one that helps children with cancer and their families. These two institutions are close to my heart but I am sure many others need sponsors and I would be happy to help.
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  • Patchwork and Play

    20 million- I wouldn't know where to start! My sister, who has always struggled to make end meet on her own would get 5, another 5 each to my sons, a million to a charity and the last 4 for me!

  • Jen

    That's so weird about your kimono quilt. Some people. It's a great pattern that is very striking!

    With 20 mil I would do a case study on communal living. Basically, begin a self-sustaining apartment building where we could bond as a collective group rather than individual tenants. While producing our own food, electricity, and other items.

    Great giveaway, thank you!

  • Melissa @ Happy Quilting

    Good Morning. I agree with what others say, it is just mean to leave nasty comments, and especially to do them anoymously. Don't let it get you down. You are amazing, and you

    $20 million could go a long ways . . . Maybe use it to start a nation wide program to teach finance in high school. If people had a better understanding of finance maybe we wouldn't be in such a financial crisis πŸ™‚

  • Callie

    So sorry to hear that you got a derogatory comment. That is never okay! I just went and checked out your flying kimono quilt and frankly, I think that anyone who doesn't like it is–dare I say it?–just plain wrong. Your quilt is beautiful.

    Now, on to the 20 mil. First I would pay off my graduate student loans because that would allow me to follow my dream career path as a public servant without sweating over the monthly loan payment every month. Then I would set up funds for my future children's education. Then I would take all the rest of it (19 million plus) and support the charities I love and invest it in our local education system.

    Thank you for the giveaway!


  • Janie

    wow…20, you say. hmmmmm. Selfishly I would first take care of my family…set aside money to educate my 2 grandbabies and take care of their parents financially. Not too much. Don't want them to have no motivation left in their lives. A mil or so to my single daughter to secure her future and allow her to persue animal rights which is dear to her heart. Lots to uplift women in this world esp. in 3rd world countries… educate them, give them free health care, allow them to be independent. Lastly help inner city children in this country so they can break the poverty cycle and become all they can be. (Sorry this is so long) Some I would invest so that it goes on forever

  • Amorette

    i would endow a scholarship fund for students who want to go to college but cannot afford it, perhaps with a focus on those first generation to attend or who grew up in a shelter or foster homes without finding an adoptive family.

    asdrexler at gmail dot com

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