Birthday Giveaway

***This giveaway is now closed ***
Today I am 18 with 30 more years of experience. So to celebrate, I will be giving away a little packet of goodies to one lucky blogger.
I will also add a mystery surprise to the package when I choose a winner. To enter, leave a comment telling me your ingenious places to hide your stash from your partner when you have gone on a fabric spree.
I will draw a winner 10th Nov 2012 AEST.
Good Luck!


Birthday Giveaway

Competition Closed

Next week is my birthday, so to celebrate I am giving one lucky blogger a charm pack and matching yardage in the Prayer Flag range from April Cornell for Moda.

1 x Charm, 1 x 1/2 Yard + 1 x 1 1/2 yards

Entry into this giveaway is easy – just leave a comment telling me the answer to the following question:

“If you had one birthday wish, what would it be?”

The giveaway closes midnight 2nd November 2010. I will announce the winner on this post 3rd November 2010. Good Luck.


  • capitolaquilter

    Happy Birthday – I like your math 🙂 Not much help in the hiding things department – he just shakes his head when the packages arrive in the mail. Thanks for the giveaway

  • Deb@asimplelifequilts

    Happy Birthday! I "hide" my new stash additions in the rest of my stash as soon as it's washed as my hubby can not tell the difference. He just shakes his head at my stash closet but knows little of what goes out or comes in.

  • Marjorie's Busy Corner

    LOL…..nice one Jane. I don't hide my stash; I can't keep my mouth shut long enough!! I have to show him everything I pick up or make…lol

    Happy Birthday; I had that one just over a decade ago….ssshhhhhhhh

  • Danielle Hudson

    Ha Ha! I actually do this! I sneak it in the house either by sticking it in my purse, or just a walmart bag, then slide it in my stash. Sometimes I leave it in my trunk for a couple of days if it's a large amount, until the coast is clear. I haven't figured out a way to hide the UPS or USPS deliveries though. I guess I could say I won another giveaway:D Happy Birthday!!

  • Janet

    I just put it in my sewing room. There is lots piled up and he does peruse it often enough to know what's new and what's old. First I have to get it past him and up the stairs.

  • Ullhärvan

    I live with my 2 sons(17 and 19) and I try to bring my purchases in the house when they're not around or they certainly think that I have enough. Once in my sewing room they seem to not notice the news.

  • Chiska

    Happy Birthday! It's easiest for me to hide it in plain sight–if I try to be sneaky he seems to notice, but if I just add it to my stash he doesn't notice….that and I do a lot of my shopping online so getting to the mailbox first is key. 🙂

  • Kallie

    Happy Birthday Jane!! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day full of, love, laughter, friendship and of course some quilty goodness!!!

    Oh my where do I hide it? Umm I always have a big purse so if I pop in for something small I can always sneak a bunch more into my purse without hubby noticing (all paid for of course!) Or I go out when he is at work and put it in a messy pile with other stuff!! I don't think he has noticed specific stuff coming in, just that it seems to get bigger! Haha!


  • DianeY

    I Conan leave my stash right out in the open in my sewing room – husband never ventures in there because he is a pin magnet. He always steps on one! I will have to say sometimes I just leave them just so he stays out!

  • Kathy MacKie

    I'm sew lucky, there are never any problems bringing in a bag of treasures. Anytime I leave the house he knows there may be a bag of quilty goodness that will "follow" me home!

  • PippaP

    lol,I'm very lucky my dh encourages me to buy more fabric so I don't have to hide it but that's because he then goes and buys more motorbike bits 🙂

  • ELNM

    Happy birthday – and many more! I love how you describe your age! I simply put my purchases in an already scary craft/storage/misc. stuff closet that he won't go near. Works every time! I don't have a blog but hope I can still enter. Either way, thanks for the chance at the birthday treats!

  • Newbie Jen

    I frequently hide boxes of newly arrived fabric in the baby stroller that is parked right inside the front door. The beauty of this location is that I can retrieve the mail, hide the boxes as I come in, then immediately take the rest of the mail to my unsuspecting husband.

  • Mimi

    Luckily I don't need to hide my stash… my DH understands my addiction to fabric! I guess if the wife is happy, life is happy! hahahahaha

  • Jennie P.

    Woohoo! Happy Birthday! I love the "30 years experience" part. I'm going to have to start stating my birthday like that!
    I have no partner, so I don't have to hide my stash! Yippee!! But if I did, I guess I'd hide them under the bed.

  • Lynda

    I was a lucky gal, my husband supported all of my artsy endevors and had no issue with the money I spent on them. Now that he is gone, I find myself feeling guiltier than when he was alive when I splurge….go figure!

  • B Greene

    Happy Birthday I hope this is a wonderful year for you!!! I usually hide my acquisitions in plain sight – they tend to blend in with the fabric conflagration that is usually happening everywhere in my house. If there weren't fabric everywhere, I think hubby would be concerned 🙂

  • Potpourri

    Congratulations on your birthday.
    I don't hide my purchases etc. from my spouse, I just put them where they are supposed to be and he doesn't even notice that the pile(s)is expanding.

  • Jan

    I've been married 48 years, I don't need to hide anything. Sometimes I say, "I may or may not have ordered fabric". And he says, "Oh, really!"

  • Gill

    Happy 18th birthday!!!! can I say how good you look for your age??
    I hide my stash all over the house – under our bed, at the bottom of my daughter's wardrobe ….

  • scottylover

    I generally hide it in with the other fabrics I have already. He doesn't notice the difference. 🙂 If it a large amount, I can hide it in the top of the closet and then squeeze it in.

    Sandy A

  • Gale, Ky quilter

    Congratulations!!! I'm 18 with 34 years experience, lol. I hide my stash under the bed, behind the clothes in my closet & in a dresser drawer. Yes, I have too much fabric – or is that possible? Happy Birthday!!!

  • Mom C

    Well, happy birthday. I actually have a very tolerant husband and a sewing room. As long as I don't leave the shopping bags lying around it all just disappears into the sewing room and he seldom says anything. If I happen to leave a bag on the bar, he might comment, "do you need more fabric?" It probably helps that I pay the VISA every month.

  • Indianna

    I leave it in the back of my car and then sneak it into my fabric cupboard once he has gone out! I'm pleased it's not only me that hides stuff!

  • memmens

    Happy Birthday! Hope it is filled with wonderful things.
    Where do I hide my stash? I am so lucky to have a husband who 'gets' my habit and even goes fabric shopping for me on his trips to the states! So no hiding for me – yay!

  • Anne-Mettes Oaser

    Happy birhtday, dear Quiltjane. Hope, you have a great day.
    Thank you for celebrating the day with such a wonderful give away. Well, I don't hide, I just do as if the fabrics have always been there ;-)).

  • ritainalaska

    my sis razzes me about my stash, mostly because my craft room cupboards are overflowing; but what she doesn't know, is that i've chucked the contents of 3 big drawers in my bedroom to stash the overflow! who needs all those sheets and clothes at my age?

  • sunny

    Happy 18th Birthday! Again. I don't really have to hide mu purchases. I just dispose of the bag, and pile the fabric on another teetering pile, and hope for the best!

  • pizzaeater

    When I buy fabric, I sneak into the house making sure not to make any noise. I quietly put the bag on my chair and cover it with a jacket or shirt. When he isn't home, I take off stickers and put them into my stash so it looks like I had it already. Once and while he says, "Have you organized your material? Has it always been this full?" I always answer, "Yes."

  • charlotte

    First, Happy Birthday Jane. I have a few more years of experience than you, but I love the way you phrased that. I do not hide my fabric binges. I only have to put them in my sewing room. He never goes in there. lol

  • hennies.pennies

    My best plan is to always bring my stash in when he's not at home. I can then run it right to my little crafting room and tuck it away in the piles of other treasures. You get to a place where adding a few more pieces just doesn't look any different!! LOL. It really is a sickness!! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  • Lisa C

    Nice! I am 18 years old with 31 years of experience tomorrow! That's a cute way of putting it! Ready to have that celebratory lemon pie tomorrow!

  • Lori

    happy birthday. I dont have any places that i hide stuff from my husband. we are on a very tight budget, so the little i get for myself is pretty much kept until i find something i would really like. and since it is with "my money" it doesnt matter what it is. same goes for him.

  • Lisa Marie

    Happy Birthday! I am fortunate that my husband doesn't really say anything about the fabric I buy. Every once in a while though, he will venture into the sewing room and look shocked and I just tell him to move along.

  • marieka

    Happy happy birthday Jane! I hope you have a wonderful day.
    I usually hide stuff up the top of the linen cupboard – hubby never looks there. It works well – so much so, that I often find things up there that I had forgotten about!

  • Tracee

    Happy Birthday, I love how you announced your 18th I'll have to remember that one. I'm very open with my husband on my fabric spends so there is no reason to hide…mind you though he always asks me how is it possible that everything I buy is always on special or a bargain.

  • Jeannette Bruce

    Happy Birthday Jane! The trick is getting to the mailbox before he does! Although, if he checks the mail and sees that I've picked up the mail, he then knows I'm on the "hunt" for a package to arrive.

  • Johanna

    Happy Birthday! I hide my fabric in my cabinet as soon as I can, not sure why though. I guess it is out of guilt! Sometimes, I sneak it into the box under my bed too!

  • Patty K

    Happy Birthday to you!! I hide mine in the laundry room. He never goes in there and even if he did he wouldn't notice it amongst all the other piles of clothes, sheets, towels, etc. that need attention.

  • marina

    Happy Birthday Jane!! I wish you many more years of experience!
    Not good at hiding much from hub, My hobby is much cheaper than his so I figure I can always throw that into the conversation should he comment. I also tell him 'You should see how much some people have! My stash is nothing compared to that…'

  • Elisabet Molin

    I hope you have a lovely birthday! Whenever I want to buy more fabric (or all ready have one so…) I encourge my boyfriend to buy some books or a new video game. As you ight gather we're starting to have a pretty cluttered apartment ?

  • Cokie K

    Happy Birthday. I hide mine in plain site. I fold it and put it on a shlef in the middle of other fabrics. He doesn't know what fabric is new and what is old.

  • rachandcarl

    Have a great birthday – hmm best hiding places- in a box labelled cleaning supplies! Or under the laundry sink, perhaps the ironing basket – three places NO ONE will look- at least at my house!!!! Don't gave a blog hope I can still enter-

  • Elisabeth

    Happy 18th birthday, Jane! My husband is really nice as he doesn't mind if I buy new fabric. I don't hide it but don't always tell him that I've bought more. Hiding in plain sight seems to work really well for me.
    Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway!

  • Bron @ Stop That Owl

    Happy Birthday, Jane, hope you have a fantastic day! I'm now a single gal, so no hiding new additions here. Instead I get to unpack and share it with my two girls who are becoming quite the fabric addicts themselves!

  • suemac

    My husband is very supportive. He enjoys fabric shopping with me and loves to help me pick out fabric. Sometimes he crabs about on-line purchases but if I keep it under control he is okay.

  • Deb Cline

    Happy Birthday! Oh, I just put new purchases with old – hubby doesn't know which is which. He stays out of my sewing supplies as much as possible, anyway! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  • Teresa F.

    Happy Birthday Jane. Unfortunately I haven't been able to buy fabric for quite some time now but even if I di ny Dh wouldn't notice it at all. Thank Goodness for that!

  • VickiT

    Happy Birthday. I hope it's a great one!

    I'm one of the lucky ones that actually has my husband who goes shopping with me because of my health problems. In fact, he encourages me to buy more at times. BUT, for things I am going to make for him, I do hide that fabric before he sees, or knows about it. And yes, I have a bunch right now like that hidden away. I have a Rubbermaid bin underneath my desk which I use as a footstool and that's my secret hiding place. No one remembers that's not a footstool and is a great hiding place for stuff so it's quite easy. lol

    Of course, just as it's easy to hide things from men in the refrigerator by wrapping it in foil over the bowl it might be in because if they can't see through it, they can't SEE it….I have been known to just put it into a white envelope large enough to hold it all and leave it in plain site. I mean, really, when one wants to hide something from anyone and that person was trying to find it why would they even bother to look at things on the table in front of them? Nope, they're going to search inside shelves and cabinets etc. LOL Trust me, it really works.

  • Pink Scissors Design

    I think I could easily just add my spree findings to my current stash and hubby would never notice. Problem is me…I always show off and talk about my fabric findings. And, he is so kind, he always listens with interest.

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

  • Sallie

    Happy birthday! My husband never complains about my buying. If I put stuff in my sewing room, he wouldn't know; but I enjoy showing him what I buy and he enjoys seeing it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Rachelle

    I hide it in the stash, he has no idea how much I have and as long as it doesn't start escaping from the cupboard he won't know it's growing either.

  • Jennie

    Happy Birthday! I leave some of my stash in my car and bring it in when no one is home. Maybe someday my hubby will notice the growing fabric collection!

  • Jenna Z

    I usually am safe leaving it in the bag and just piling it up in my craft room. He's too intimidated by the piles and mounds of fabric to even go in there!

  • Joy

    No need to hide mine Jane, I just take it straight to the 'cave' and mix it in with the rest. Poor DH has no idea how much I buy lol. Thanks for the chance to win your gawjus goodies :)!!!
    Joy :o)

  • Shakey Stitches

    Happy 18th birthday…. I usually buy online so when a package comes I usually put out one or two of the fabrics to show my family while the rest are safely hidden in the envelope. Then they are put away with the rest of my stash.

  • Lee

    My husband really does not care… at least he has never said anything… although he does shut the door to my sewing room sometimes when he is walking by! 🙂 happy happy birthday!

  • Christine M

    Happy birthday Jane. I don't have to hide any fabric I buy as I never (usually) buy that much in one go! If I do need to hide anything, I just put it in my sewing room. No-one ever looks for things in there!

  • JustPam

    My husband has an expensive hobby in the garage so he says nothing about my stash. He does get perturbed by my sewing machine obsession and won't buy me any more vintage machines. He had been an enabler!

  • Unknown

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! At the moment when a parcel arrives he will ask what the fabric is for. I always answer "Your Mums Quilt" He has no idea how much fabric is need for one quilt so I get away with it! (Not sure what i'll do when her quilt is finished LOL!!!)

  • Maree:

    Happy Birthday I also Celebrate 33yrs of Wedded Bliss…lol
    I leave mine in the bag on the floor in my sewing room…my DH knows it's out of bounds for all family members.
    Lovely Giveaway.

  • Christina Flowers

    Hah! I am usually pretty good at resisting the lure BUT you know your run into that one particular fabric that you MUST have and then have to buy yardage to match & thread & notions or whatever else you talk yourself into that's when my ninja stealth skills come into effect, I hide my purchases usually anywhere I keep cleaning supplies until I can hide them in the laundry pile to get them washed (My usual statement when quilting is "I am going to do laundry" DH knows this means he won't see me until 4-5 hours later or the following day :D) Once I am "doing laundry" he does not enter the "MOM" zone and I am free to launder & prep my fabrics then stealthily hide them in strategic places in my stash 😀

    Happy Birthday!!! (I always get a visual of frosty the snowman when I say that lol)


    Happy Birthday, I just had mine on the first, I saw your Epp and love it, I commented earlier . Its hard to hide from my hubby he follows me online when I am shopping LOL, But if we have the funds, he doesnt care.. I have a stash and he couldnt tell you when I bought it anyway,,, but sometimes, I tell him, its a present for the grandkids, then its all ok……… lol

  • Shar

    My sewing table has a skirt to hide the boxes under it. So I will stick the bags under there. Then I pull them out one at a time to add to the stash. He has never asked why the stash doesn't get smaller with all the quilts that I make.

  • Lyn

    Happy Birthday. The stuff that comes in the mail is hard to hide, he really never says much though. If I bring it home, I do try to take it up to my sewing room before he sees it. he does't venture into my sewing room very often.

  • shez

    happy birthday Jane,lol i leave the bags in the car boot and when he is not around i quickly stack them in the wardrobe with my other fabric so that they look like they have been there all along,lol.xx

  • Barbara

    Happy happy birthday, Jane !

    I hide my stash in the attic in my off-season clothing storage box. Somestimes I forget to go back and get and then have a surprise when I go looking for a sweater LOL !

  • tis33258

    I have a really big purse that i carry on my fabric shopping day, so far i have been able to stash 12 yards of different fabrics. My husband has never ever gotten into my purse no matter what, he will always ask me to get whatever he wants from my purse. So that is the safest place to hide my fabric addiction. So when he goes to take his shower for the night i take the fabric from my purse and put it into my sewing room, which is another place that he will not go into, he will come to the door and ask or tell me something but he says he afraid he will get lost. To be honest he really dosent care that i buy material, he just likes to give me a hard time about how much i have and and that i will have to live to the age of at least 150 years to get to use all the fabric that i have at this time. Its all good.

  • supersara20

    I was always told that the best place to hide something is right out in the open! So, I usually just throw it on my table or in my scrap bin when I first get it, he never notices it. Of course to get it in the house I put it in my purse which is duffle bag sized!

  • Theresa

    Happy Birthday to You!! Today is also my brother's birthday but he turned 50. What I did to prepare him for his birthday is I sent him 50 birthday day cards 50 days before his birthday counting down the days. Anyways, I have my stash hidden all over. When I am expecting a package in the mail, I make sure my husband doesn't go to the mailbox. If there is a package there, I leave it there and then wait until he's in the shower and then I go out and get it out of the mailbox. I then go hide it. When he goes in my sewing room and sees my fabric, he asks where did that come from and I just say oh I've had that. I also hide my fabric in my purse or under the car seat until I can get it in the room and hide it. Sometimes it's stressful doing this but then most of the time it's fun 🙂

  • Joyce

    I just make sure I get home first to get the mail, or arrive home first when I have bought locally. When he does venture to my basement sewing room and remarks that there seems to be more material around, I just give my standard line….this old stuff??? It just looks like more cause I have it all pulled out when I am being creative! Works every time!

  • Waverlee

    I don't have a partner so lucky for me I don't have to hide anything. I can just leave it out wherever I like, where I can walk past and lovingly admire (or pat) it 🙂

  • Jeneta

    Birthday love to you Jane! I don't hide anything! I stack it nicely with the rest, or leave it in the living room for a while so I can admire it whenever I walk past!

  • Carla G

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂 I don't hide my fabric… And most of the time I either show hubby, tell him about it or he helps me pick it. So I can't help with any hiding spots. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  • tpott

    Hope you have a wonderful and exciting birthday! As for hiding my fabric shopping spree, I hide it in plain sight. I make no excuses. I love fabric! Happy Birthday! ;-> Toni Anne

  • Karen in Breezy Point

    Happy Birthday! Taking your lunch to work in a small cooler works really nicely for smuggling new fabric into the house. I can even get a fat quarter bundle in mine as long as I eat my salad and yogurt! If I am just making a "grocery" run, it only makes sense to take some bottled water along in the cooler–saves money to spend on fabric instead of coffees and provides cover for that sneaky side trip to the quilt shop.

  • Fran

    Happy birthday! I hide my fabric stash in wardrobes & cupboards all over the house – not really ingenious, as any time a cupboard is opened my fabrics threathen to topple out. Hope you have a lovely time with birthday celebrations.

  • Anda W

    Help! My husband claims we will have to buy a bigger house to store my ever-growing stash. It's in the hall closet, in the crawl space and now openly stored in totes in the basement. awolk at rogers dot com

  • Sewgirly

    Happy Birthday Jane!! I don't need to hide my fabric stash, (except after the craft show the other week :-/)….it's my lollies that get hidden, one lot are stashed in my sewing room in a cupboard behind 'stuff', & the other in the potato bin in the kitchen….nobody EVER finds those! Thanks & have a great weekend Tania

  • ljeanne

    I hide my purchases in the freezer underneath the veggies. He never touches them. I use the bag as a trash can liner. Happy Birthday – I would be 8 years and 6 score.

  • blondie19012k

    I have very occasionally snuck in a FQ into my craft draws, but generally I don't bother. I want any excuse to show off new fabric to my husband, so I don't try and hide it!

  • anne

    Happy birthday to you:). I don't hide my stash I just blend it all in with what I already have… Dh doesn't notice:) Enjoy your birthday:):)

  • Mel

    How can I hide fabric that I'm oohing/ahhing over & touching/folding? Maybe I don't tell him the true amount of the purchases but he can see I'm happy & truth be told I don't spend a fortune anyway.

  • Sara

    Happy birthday! I am very lucky that I have never had to hide my fabric purchases. But my girlfriend always allows it to "age" in the trunk of her car until her husband is not home. Makes me laugh every time.

  • Leanne V

    Happy Birthday – I had one this week also. Hide my fabric purchase – dont bother my Darling Hubby wouldnt even notice a little more fabric is my sewing room. Leanne

  • The Woolen Cellar

    Wishes for a very Happy Birthday! I'm really fortunate in that I live alone so I don't have to hide things, however, I can relate to when I was married. I hid my fabric between my box spring and mattress and never was found out. What a great prize…aurifil threads and candy too….hope you pick me!

  • wanda

    I seldon have to hide my stash but I have hidden stash in my Christmas containers. I have 1 empty one over there in case I have to hide my hubbys birthday gift, etc. Works great when I have over bought fabric. Happy Birthday.

  • Judy

    Happy Birthday!! I used to stop at the fabric store before doing the grocery shopping. I would dump my fabric in the chest freezer in the garage with my frozen groceries and then in the morning after the hubby went to work, I would retrieve my goodies from the freezer. I no longer have to hide fabric because I no longer have that hubby!!

  • Ellen Easter

    For many years we had a post box at the local post office and I used to pick up the mail on my way home. It also helped that I finished work at 2.30 – so plenty of time to get the parcels home and dispose of the evidence. We recently retired to SE Qld and now have a regular post box so I am caught every time lol

  • Adrianne

    Happy Birthday Jane! Haha, I love your question. I don't have to hide my purchases, as my boyfriend is a quilter too. He's not as much of a fabric addict as I am though – he seems to think I have enough fabric to start a shop. If only!

  • Carmel Morris

    I have such a lovely partner, I don't really need to sneak in extra fabric. I'm in charge of the budget in this house, so I really need to hide it from me. I just mix it in with the other fabric and it blends right in. Having said that, I'm not sure I've ever had a "spree" as such, our budget is pretty conservative.

  • Patty C.

    Happy Birthday !!
    I can't say I have ever gone on a fabric spree – But he's pretty smart – I think he'd find it anyway – lol

    Great giveaway – please include me 🙂

  • Tatkis

    Happy 18th Birthday! 😉
    Well, all the fabric addicts are alike, aren't they?
    For now I try to push and stuff new fabrics in the containers with previous bought fabric 🙂 no one is noticing 🙂


  • Jeannie Gan

    Happy birthday!!
    I don't really have to hide my purchases as my husband does not mind. It's only when I feel a bit guilty when I spend too much on fabrics than I just pile it together with my stash without showing him. 🙂
    jchiagan at yahoo dot com

  • Roseanne

    I dont have to hide it from my husband he like what I make and do he tell my friend that it is her hobby I am so luck to have him. It also dose not help when my sister in law has her own online fabric store LOL

  • ledamewood

    Happy Birthday…I've slowed down a lot on buying, but when I was buying more I'd drop it off at my sons house, or meet him for lunch and put it in his car. Then when he comes to visit he brings it. DH says stuff like "you shouldn't indulge your mother, she has enough to last a lifetime". Or my son brings it when his father isn't home. Once in my fabric closet he doesn't notice.

  • gccmom

    Happy Birthday! Haha, how many of us do this! My husband is usually not super curious about what I buy. I feel guilty for buying when I have oodles of stash. So, I will bring all my bags in with the groceries and then slip the fabric upstairs and into my stash. Once there, who could tell I have bought more. My best friend and I have a pact that whoever dies first, the other will quickly get to the house and get rid of the stash so our husbands can't be mad at us after we die! LOL

  • Jacklynn

    Happy, happy birthday!! Sometimes I'll put my local fabric purchases in my big purse, then just take the purse to the sewing room and empty it into my fabric storage when he's not looking. Hard to hide the online purchases……

  • quiltmania

    Happy Birthday to You. I don't have to hide my purchases. I just add them to one of the many piles of fabric in the basement. I'm sure my hubby can't tell what's new and what isn't. LOL! Thanks for the great giveaway and have a nice day!

  • Josie McRazie

    Haha! Happy birthday! I am kind of lucky. He is gone for 24 hours at a time so I try to sneak my purchases in on those days so I fan just flawlessly melody something new into what I already have! Sshhhh I am going shopping today!

  • Hilachas

    I don't really have to hide new fabric. I just add it to my piles on alredy existing fabric and it sort of blends in, haha. Thanks for the opportunity to win your generous giveaway.

  • Gina

    Happy Birthday Jane ! I don't ever hide fabric , my husband never notices anything ! He wouldn't know if it was new or old . He made a comment about all the packages I've had delivered lately but I just laughed and said Yes , I know "

  • Carol

    Have a wonderful birthday! I just hide it in with all my other fabric. I think it is becoming obvious that there has been some fabric hauls because the stacks are getting pretty high!

  • Madeleine

    Happy Birthday! I'm just starting out with this quilting thing and loving it, but I don't quite have much of a stash just yet, so no need to hide it. Also, I can't imagine when I'll need to hide it since he is always bringing home more art supplies!

  • Brenda

    Happy Birthday and I hope you have lots of quilty gifts. I hide stuff in plain sight, since my husband doesn't notice one way or the other.

  • Marcia W.

    Ingenious hiding places! I do not have a partner to hide anything from BUT my mother hides her fabric from me in the bottom of her closet. shhhh! Don't tell my mother that I know her secret. Thanks for the fun! And, Happy Birthday! I had mine last week – but I'm lots older than you are at 29.

  • Noela

    Happy Birthday. I am lucky in that I have my room outside in the shed so I park my car under the carport and pop my purchases into my room. I have lots of cupboards and have covers over my work tables so fabric is in boxes under them out of sight. Hugs….

  • Jenny

    Happy Birthday. Sadly, the best way to hide a purchase is to just put it away. He'll never know if it's safely where it belongs opposed to being in a bag somewhere.

  • Amy Losordo

    Happy Birthday!

    My spouse never enters my sewing studio and when he does, he doesn't understand it so I really don't need to hide my purchases. He's very good about my love of quilting and helps me carry in the heavy things…like sewing machines, the new cabinet, the luggage that hits the maximum weight…especially when I return from Australia and Hawaii. I just need to start sewing so that he's not stuck with the "stash" or "house" full of fabric when it's my time to head to that big sewing place in the sky.

  • Cindy

    Happy Birthday! I love reading about everyone's hiding spots! 🙂 I don't have to hide my purchases as my hubs is happy I have a hobby that keeps me happy! You know the adage…happy wife makes a happy home! 🙂

  • Mary

    Happy birthday Jane!!!

    I went to Festival today and I hid my purchases in a gift box for Christmas…and yup I used his credit card. It's a good thing one of the charges didn't post yet because if he knew how much I really spent he might pop a vein LOL

  • Sue

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! for yesterday
    Jane I'm glad you had a great day yesterday, I was out sewing at my friend Clare's place and then did Pitter Patter markets at Camden this morning to help my daughter, only just catching up on the last 24 hours.

    Stash hiding is easy at my place I have an IKEA Expedit bookcase that my fabric is stored on, I just add it to the growing stash and Steve really doesn't notice.
    An aside we collect Lego, really really lots of Lego at my place, Steve decided to sort it, lots of dollars later and many plastic containers he declared to me he would never complain about my stash as he didn't realise just how much we have.

  • elliek

    Happy birthday. My hubby doesn't mind me buying fabric so I don't have to hide it which is soooo good.Hope you are over the jet lag

  • Larissa

    Happy Birthday gorgeous!!! I am LOVING your logic – so totally understandable!!! *giggle*
    Thankyou for asking this question – I have enjoyed reading through the above responses!! Fantastic fun!! … As I don't have a spouse, I don't really have to hide my purchases – except from my mum, of all people, lol! I tend to just add it to the boxes I already have … after working out where I will 'stash' it as I am purchasing it. I don't often have much need to do this though, as my budget really doesn't allow me a lot of room to buy fabric "just because" – there is usually (as in 85% of the time) a reason/project I have purchased it for already, so I have a *reason* to buy it if I'm questioned 🙂 … I have no idea what I will end up doing once I get married, and have to keep my husband in the loop of how much I am spending on my fabric/quilting/crafting purchases!! 🙂

  • Jodie

    This is soooo funny! I usually feel like I should hide my overindulgence in fabric, but since I buy almost all my fabric online, it's easy for my husband to just see everything. Still, I sometimes wait till he's out of the house to open the packages.

    Happy birthday!!

  • liniecat

    What fun reading folks hidey places and excuses lol
    There is a benefit from not having a partner after all!!!
    But having said that I do keep things from my adult/visiting kids….no point them knowing what Im buying with what they probably judge is their inheritance!! lol

  • andri.

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a blast! Unfortunately it's hard to hide anything here hahaha but I do have a seemingly normal looking box which comes in handy:D

  • Zegi

    Happy Birthday! I don't have to hide it – our policy is "Don't ask, don't tell". The Hubby has a pricey hobby too. Convenient!

  • Monica

    Hahaha…hide it? I just leave it in plain sight because he can't tell the difference between the old and the new stuff.

    Happy happy happy birthday!

  • lynaeve

    I wish I had a secret place. I honestly have bought designer fabric once and he was there. The rest of my favorite are from gifts and garage sale finds. THanks for the chance!

  • Becki

    Happy Birthday! Today is my husband's birthday as well. I either hide my purchases in the trunk of the car, or I put them in the chair in the sewing room. It faces the sewing machine, so HE never notices it!!!! When my children were at home (and I was a single mom), I worked at a fabric store. I would often leave fabric purchases in the trunk of the car then as well. Imagine–having to hide your addiction from your children!!!

  • janie

    Happy Birthday to you.
    I have a large food pantry and I have placed my stash (large pieces) on the bottom shelf in said pantry, so all I have to do is come home put my new pieces away on the shelf and noone is the wiser, except me.

  • Lara from Luellabella

    Happy Birthday Jane! Hiding my stash buys used to be easy, I only bought online and was the first person home, so I could hide packages in my sewing room (he doesn't dare enter)! However, Hubs is now a full-time student, and he is now the one who greets Mr. Postie, both giving each other looks with raised eyebrows when he comes (I think Mr. Postie must have a wife who also loves to shop online, as Hubs tells me they give each other 'knowing' looks)!

  • Lisa in Port Hope

    I don't really need to hide it, he understands that I need to feed my hobby which I love…but I must say that it is mostly away in boxes in the laundry room, which is seldom vistted by himself.

  • Margaret

    Happy Birthday! I usually just move them to the sewing room before my husband comes home. He never, and I mean never, enters my sewing room voluntarily. I think he is afraid he will be attacked or something. He would freak out if he actually knew how much fabric I have in my sewing room. I do all the money management so he has no idea how much I spend on fabric. Hope he never does.

  • Abbybeth

    Well, we don't cohabitate at the moment, so new fabric typically goes unnoticed and he knows he isn't supposed to go into the laundry room – aka "Chamber of Secrets" because it's a tiny little mess of a room overrun by miscellany and fabric 🙂

  • Sandra

    Any fabric that I either win or purchase goes into a UPS box and hid under the bed. Sometimes I forget what is in that box, but the hiding place is fantastic and very clever. Don't you agree? Thank you so much for a chance to win. After all, all quilters crave fabric.

    Sandi T.

  • Karen O

    No partner, so I don't have to hide too much. But my kids will question my additions since I often mention we can't buy something. Fortunately for me, I have won a lot!

  • PattyGregory

    Happy Birthday! Today I'm 19 plus 30! I used to hide my purchases in the trunk of the car until hubby went to work and then I'd drag them off the sewing room and quickly place them in tubes or cabinets and he never seemed to notice…if he did ask I would just say well I've had that forever! I no longer have a car I have an SUV so the trunk is no more…I just take it in and say honey look at my bargains!

  • Tracey @ The Peony Teacup

    Happy Birthday Jane!!

    My husband rarely enters my sewing room, so I don't really feel the need to hide it once it's in there… but sometimes I conceal my purchases when I enter the house by making sure they're securely in my "project" bag… then it just looks like I'm carrying around my current sewing project! That method doesn't really work so well when the parcels arrive in the mailbox though!

  • Fiona

    Happy Birthday Jane…. wonderful way of staying young….. so nice of you to celebrate with us….. I do hide my fabric purchases even though he would never complain…. I put them under a pile of old second hand fabrics that I have found at op shops so they are disguised!!!

  • Jen Jr.

    Happy Bday!!! My secret stash hiding spot is extra sneaky…my wedding dress is hanging in the guest room closet and the bottom is nice and full, even in its storage bag. The perfect amount of puffiness to hide extra fabric under(and no that's not why I chose that dress, but it is a nice perk)

  • Laura

    Happy birthday Miss Jane! I'm just starting to catch up. (No, not really, i'm waaaaay behind but I made a special effort to come and visit you!)

  • JaneB

    Happy Birthday!! I'm a bit ahead of you. I usually just bring in the packages unless its a huge amount. Then I break the up over a day or two. The easily blend in with the existing stash.

  • Jess

    Happy bday. I hide mine new purchases in plain site. My stash is so messy and overflowing that my bf never knows what's new unless I specifically point it out.

  • Helen

    Happy Birthday Jane.
    I don't hide anything, but it's strange how everything I buy seems to be either on sale or a real bargain. I already have so much stash that I really don't think my husband would notice a little extra. Anyway, he has his shed. Need I say more?

  • bets

    Hope you had a good birthday!i am like a lot of others…,just throw it in a drawer with other stash, he has NO clue tow much I have! Although I am good at using my stash tooo…

  • Diane Swett

    would love to be in on this giveaway. When my hubby was alive I would hide my stuff in my sewing room in with all my other fabric and craft things. He never would come in there. guess all my stash was to overwhelming for him LOL….

  • Jo

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday. When I buy fabric I quickly add it into my stash so it looks like it has always been there!

  • Deb R

    Happy Happy Birthday Jane!!!! I must admit I just put new purchases on my cutting table…its always cluttered and he never ventures far into the room lol….then I allocate it a space in the neverending WIP drawers/totes 🙂

  • Annelies Deruyter

    Happy B-day! My hiding place is in my hamper. Our room has two very small closets (his and hers) and each one has a hamper inside. So I just put the shopping bag in my hamper and with all of the dresses you can't see a thing. After that it makes it into my stash which is an old Singer 380 Space Saver (Cabinet). It hides all, but it is getting full. I guess I need to get sewing.


  • Shirley in Canada

    Hoping your birthday was a joyous one!

    My place to hide was the trunk of "my" car. But now that hubby enjoys seeing what I spend my time on. He now asks "what project is that fabric for?" 😉

  • Jayme

    Happy Birhday! I put my goodies away right when I get home, since I tend to get home before him. Or I leave it in my car until he's not home. 🙂 Not like he doesn't find out anyway since he looks at the bank statements.

  • Amira Ameruddin

    Hope you had a great birthday.I rarely do physical shopping, I normally shop online. I always wish that the delivery would come whenever he is not around.. even if he is, I wouldn't open the parcel till he's out of sight..LOL.. then, I put it on the shelf with all the other fabrics..he wouldn't notice at all..

  • Lyn

    I usually don't worry about hiding purchases, just pop them in with my other bits and pieces, but sometimes when I need to I have a 'hiding place' at the top of the wardrobe..I'm trying only to buy for current projects now, but look on all my other bits and pieces as saving for my retirement..just hope I haven't gone off them by them!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  • Lori Kay

    Happy birthday to you! my birthday is coming up later in the month. I don't really hide the fabric as it comes in the door. But I try not to let it stack up (in plain view) before I get it washed and put away.

  • Mary Beth

    Happy Birthday! Honestly, my husband is wonderful about fabric purchases and his standard response is "you'll use it" We live in a rural area and I often make gifts w/o going to town. If I were to hide new fabric, it would be the laundry basket…who would look there?

  • Modern Male Homemaker

    Happy belated birthday, Jane! While I know it's too late for the giveaway (I'll give someone else a chance to win!) I hide mine within my current stash in plain sight, usually just under whatever has been on top for a while. He never seems to notice 🙂

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