What’s on the table tonight

I have being quilting a large customer quilt all day and in between I have been playing with the 2.5″ mini charm square of Carolyn Friedlander’s Architexture I picked up at market.
The plan is to make a 20″ pillow/cushion using the charms, some fancy artwork and then quilt it. Just as I was getting somewhere the ink ran out. Now I have to wait another week while I wait for more to arrive from the US. Arrrrghhhh!
Best get back to quilting then ……..


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    Wow, that looks so fun and interesting! I can see why you would be distracted and want to keep on working on it. Can't wait to see the finish!

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    Fantastic! Love the combination of drawing and stitching.
    I too would like to know what pen you are using?
    Perhaps we could meet when I'm living back in Toowoomba!

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