Sweet Celebrations

I am so excited to finally (and officially) share with you the new book from the Moda Bake Shop chefs.

Sweet Celebrations with the Moda Bake Shop complied by Lissa Alexander will be on the shelves in October this year.

A book filled with over 35 inspirational projects made especially for celebrations throughout the year. I was excited to have three of my own designs included for Christmas, Fathers Day and New Years Day. (If you look here you can see a glimpse of my Snowflake quilt in the bottom left hand corner of the mosaic)

The book can be pre-ordered here.


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    Congratulations! A great achievement!

    I can't wait till the book comes out. Love your quilt and can't wait to see your other designs.

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    That's so cool! I think this book will be a Christmas gift for myself :) I have the first one 'Fresh Fabric Treats' and I really really like it, hope the 2nd one will be even better!

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    Congratulations! I've only just started following your blog (and I think I stumbled upon it because of either Moda or Pinterest) but was so excited to find someone from Brisbane who blogs about Modern Quilting!! I thought it was completely US dominated so was disappointed! I shall look forward to the new Moda book – your snowflake quilt looks absolutely delightful. I'm looking forward to continuing to read your blog too!

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