Playing around with Hexies

I have collected these 75 hexies from the swap I have been in for the last couple of years. I was playing around with some settings tonight and designed these two options.

Circles or radiating flower

Simple Radiating Flower

Which do you like best? I have not decided on colour yet. Maybe a collection of grey solids, textures and small prints.


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    what a gorgeous collection of flowers. I can see some familiar ones there.
    I love both options but the second one appeals the most. what a great way to bring them together.

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    Hmm I'm not real good at visualizing so I'm not sure what #1 would look like in a quilt. I do like the #2 layout. I know, thanks not helping. hehe. Looking forward to see what you choose.

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    The first one is so interesting. That's my pick. Swapping hexies seems to be a great way to go. I haven't even finished basting a charm pack of them yet and I am a little tired.

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    I'm with the majority of the second one. Need to see what to do with the ones I have from the swap. What did you use to get the layouts?

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    I love the second option. How did you work that out? Need to look to mine but have already got a soft green for the surrounds.

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