Bella Solid Parade – Cheat Cushion / Pillow / Pushion

Today’s challenge is to make something in one day using the 4 bella solids I was given:

Moda Bella Solid # 209 – Clementine
Moda Bella Solid # 207 – Glacier
Moda Bella Solid # 202 – Graphite
Moda Bella Solid # 204 – Plum
The technique I used for the little cushion ( or pillow – pushion ) has been a favourite of mine for last 10 years. I purchase cheap piped cushions with fill and stitch a block to the front. Very convenient if you don’t want to fuss with zips and piping. When you tire of the design, one can easily unpick the block from the slip and add a new one. Easy.
What you will need:
  • One piped cushion with insert. I chose a 16″ for this project
  • FQ of the main Bella solids
  • At least 2 strips WOF for the co-ordinating fabrics
  • 2 – 1 1/4″ strips WOF for the turquoise binding strips
  • 17 1/4″ square of fabric for foundation
  • 3 – solid 5″ charm squares for circles
  • 10″ x WOF for binding
  • Matching threads
  • Circle Templates – 3.5″, 2.5″ and 2″
  • Cut the Bella solids into 1 1/2″ strips
  • Cut the co-ordinating solids into 1″ – 1 1/2″ strips
  • 3 – 2 1/4″ strips WOF for binding
  • One foundation fabric choose a point away from the centre.
  • Use the point to divide the square into 8 segments
Horizontal Strips
  • Starting approximately 1/2″ from the centre, lay 2 solids right side together and stitch between the marked lines.
Hint: Make sure the strips over hang the marked lines by at least 1″

  • Flip and press. Continue until segment is completely covered
  • Trim back the segment by folding back the foundation and cutting 1/4″ from the marked line. Be careful not to cut through the block
  • Repeat for the other side of the segment.
  • Sew horizontal strips to every second segment.
  • Sew the first horizontal strip to the vertical segment.
  • Where the vertical strip over laps the adjacent horizontal segment, trim back at an angle so the strips from each segment meet with no space ( I overlapped by 1/8″ or so )
  • Repeat and trim as you go until segment is complete
  • Repeat for the remaining vertical segments
  • Trim back the completed block to 17″
Hint: Sometimes these pre-made cushions are not always square. Take out the insert and measure the front. Adjust your block to that size adding 1/4″ all around

Adding the binding strips
To cover the joins between the horizontal and vertical segments:
  • Place a 1 1/4″ strip 1/4″ from join between the two segments. Sew strip to segment.
  • Press 1/4″ to the wrong side of the strip and top stitch or hand sew the mining piece over the join between the 2 segments.
  • I cut 3 circles using pinking shears and sewed them 1/8″ from the edge. The circle sizes were 3.5″, 2.5″ and 2″ in diameter. A flower, hexagon or square would look just as effective. You only need an appliqué piece large enough to cover the centre where no fabric was stitched.
  • This block is not quilted. Add ‘zing’ and ‘bling’ to the cushion cover with beads and fancy stitching in contrasting threads.
  • Make double fold binding from the 2 1/4″ strips.
  • Sew to block in the same way you would sew to quilt, mitring at the corners.
  • Fold back and sew to back of block
Hint: Do not pull binding too far to the back. Leave some room so it will be easier to sew to pre-made cushion

Attaching the block
  • Remove the cushion insert
  • Pin the block to the cushion cover. Don’t worry if the block is a little larger. When  you put the insert back in it will push the cover out.
  • Using matching thread and a small stitch attach the block to the cushion cover. Abut the block right up to the piping.
  • Put back the insert and stand back and admire your new cushion, pillow, pushion


  1. Marion says

    Thanks Jane, great idea, also can use up my large coordinating scraps.
    I need some new pillow covers, so will try this, but will make a full pillow cover.

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