The Desperate Housewife’s Quilt – Block 18 Reflective Surface

Welcome to week 18 of the ‘The Desperate Housewife’s Quilt’. Todays block is about 60 degree angle cuts and a whole lot of slicing and dicing. It has unlimited possibilities. Remember, this is not a quilt-a-long. Just follow the blog every week and pick and choose which blocks you would like to make. I will be injecting some uniqueness into traditional blocks, applique, three dimensional, crazy and thread-art blocks. If you make a block please post it on the Flickr group for everyone to enjoy. Also, I have this nifty button under each post that allows you to save the post as a PDF.
Reflective Surfaces
The mirrors, the windows, glass, stainless steel. Scrub them until they shine and you can see your reflection in their surfaces. 
Be sure to visit this week’s Guest Blogger and their wonderful block.
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My guest this week is Ros from Rosa Munda. Ros is presenting a wonderful block using a fabulous and innovative technique to make ‘diamonds in a square’. Make sure you pop over to Ros’s blog and have a look.


Techniques explored

  • strip piecing
  • 60 degree angle cutting
  • 3 – 10″ blocks
  • 1 – 2.5 x 10″ solid
  • From 10″ square 1  cut 1- 2 x 10″ strip and 1-1.5″ x 10″ strip

  •  From solid 2.5″ x 10″ piece cut 2 – 1″ x 10″ pieces

  •  From 10″ square 2 cut 4 – 1.5″ x 10″ strips

  •  from 10″ square 3 cut 3 – 3.25″ strips

Making the block

  • Lay out the strips as pictured below

  • Sew the strips, staggering them by 0.75″. (Hint. Cut a piece of template plastic 0.75″ wide as a marker). 

  • Place your ruler with the 60 degree line parallel to one of the seams
  • Cut along the edge of the ruler as close to the edge as you can. Discard the off cut.
  • Cut 4 strips 1.5″ wide. Keep the end piece for later use.
  • Join the strips together. 
  • Trim block to 14″ x 4.5″ then cut in half to yield 2 – 7″ x 4.5″ pieces.
  • Rotate one piece 180 degrees and sew pieces together.
  • Remove 1″ strip from base of block. Block will measure 8.5″ x 6″
  • From the saved end piece, cut a 1″ strip. Cut this strip to 1″ x 8.5″.
  • Use the 2″ strip from 10″ square 1 and sew it to the base of the block. 
  • Sew the 1″ x 8.5″ piece to the 2″ strip and
  • Sew the 1.5″ strip from 10″ square 1 to 1″ strip.
  • Square your block to 8.5″
One unfinished 8.5″ square block
The block

On point with rotation

Horizontal with rotation

Horizontal with rotation

On point with rotation

Wouldn’t this make a great single bed quilt? Large blocks joined horizontally.
On Point with rotation

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks block. Next week’s block will be something to do with lightening and thunder.

*** Copyright 2011 Jane Davidson. Please remember that these blocks and any blocks designed by guest bloggers should not be used for commercial purposes ( sold as a pattern, published etc) without the written consent of the owner ***


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    Another awesome block I can't wait to have go at, but sadly I think it will be a little while before I get to catch up on any housewife blocks.

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