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    Hahaha…some of them crack me up and make me want to start using them as real words! They could be new jibberish swear words!

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    Haha!!! 😀 I've seen that sign in person. The best vacation my girls and I ever had was a week spent in Wales. Sure wish we could go over there every year.

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    Yup I've noticed that too. I think that they must only every use a letter combination once and they've used up all the shorter ones.

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    I had one the other day that was 11 characters long and one of those squiggly out focus things. I tried 3 times with the word changing each time and finally decided I would never be able to see it properly, emptied my cart and left the site. I guess they no only don't want spam they also don't want business.

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    Lol, we used to live near there. At school we'd have competitions to see who could spell it and pronounce it. I can pronounce it, but I'm dyslexic, and Welsh spelling is, errr, eratic ;o)

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    I used to know how to say that name, like Sunnybec, I could only do the end bit 😉
    As a child, my mum was evacuated there during the war – she still received Christmas cards from the family right through to the 80/90s

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