Share the Love of fabric Giveaway #4

This is the last in the series of giveaways throughout the month of June. Do not despair, The Desperate Housewife’s Quilt starts next week and I will be giving away fabric and notions throughout the project.

This weeks giveaway is a combination of fabrics from the Bryant Park and Anthology collections.

6 x FQ’s of emerald green, golds greys and white

To win all you have to do is answer this question:

What is your favourite household chore?
I am sure we have so many of those wonderful, everyday cleaning jobs we love to do. 
I will announce a winner next Saturday AEST. Don’t forget to leave me a way to contact you. Good Luck!


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    Favorite household chore?! You're so silly :-) Actually, folding laundry is soothing to me — must be the stroking fabrics thing!!! Very nice giveaway 😀

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    I dont really have a favourite house chore ,lol,but the one i enjoy the most would be vacuming as it is quick and the carpet always looks great when you have finished,lol.

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    I actually enjoy housework, now that I am home and have time to do it ;-), but my fave has to be ironing and putting the clothes away – seeing the empty clothes basket is such a good feeling 😉

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    A favorite chore? Are you kidding me? I love all those completed by my husband while I'm out 😉 haha. Walking the dog, if that counts, i like that one! 😀

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    My favorite household chore? I don't have one. In fact, my favorite saying is, "Why do housework? Six months later you have to do it again!"

    Okay, okay, if I have to pick one it would be dusting. It cleans my furniture off like a chalkboard eraser so I have a nice clean surface to draw on when it gets dusty again.

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    My favorite chore is making the bed in the morning. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. Hope June has turned out to be a wonderful month for you!

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    I have two favourites 1st is ironing as i watch MY DVDs while doing it. 2nd moping the floor and seeing it all shining and clean until someone walks in out of the cattle yards with there boots on grrrrrrr. I am new to your blog and have enjoyed reading some of it and thank you for the great giveaway.

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    Hands down it is laundry. Especially when I can hang it outside. But inside is good too & even coming from the dryer I just love to do laundry & fold all those nice clean, good smelling things! Nice giveaway. Thanks.

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    Well, laundry is good because you can sew while you wait. And cooking is good because it's nice to have something to eat. But really, a favorite? They're called CHORES for a reason.

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    Hmmmm…..favorite household chore. I guess washing dishes would be the lesser of all evils. I get instant gratification!

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    Please don't tell my husband this, but I think my favorite chore is making the bed. I never used to make it when I was a kid, but when I got married, it was the one thing that my hubby really insisted get done every day – he couldn't sleep in an unmade bed! Well, over the years, I've really learned to enjoy the thrill of a freshly made bed! Oh, and I really love vacuuming since I got my Dyson……

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    Dessert quality control coordinator. Gotta make sure it is okay for the family… LOL. Oh a real chore.. hmm Vacuuming. I like making the patterns in the carpet.. weird I know.

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    My favorite household chore is cleaning the kitchen… I feel like having a clean kitchen makes or breaks your home! I find it theraputic!

    brooke.malko at gmail dot com

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    I guess I'm not alone when I say…. not one is my favorite. I don't mind the laundry. Guess it is one I could list. Though I hate actually putting it all up. Weird huh!! LOL Thanks for the cool fabric giveaway. Glad I found your site!

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    I like folding laundry and washing dishes by hand… but I hate putting away laundry and putting away dry dishes! What is that all about? Maybe because my cupboards and drawers are usually unorganized :(

    Anyways, that fabric is making me swoon and I would love to win it!

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    I really don't like cleaning at all. I have a wonderful family that splits up the responsibilities. I occasionally hand wash the dishes even though we have a dishwasher and ironing is my responsibility

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    I am blessed to have some help every Friday afternoon to clean my house. I enjoy putting my sheets in the washer knowing these sweet helpers will make my bed : ) I sleep so well every Friday night!

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    If you count cooking as a household chore I'd have to say cooking. If not I'd have to say grocery shopping although I don't like putting away the groceries. I always get more than the pantry will hold.

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    Most household chores are, in their own way, soothing and produce immediate results. But, favorite would probably be vacuuming. It is the one chore I nearly never assign the children.

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    I love hand washing dishes! I work through a lot of problem solving while washing them. Alas, now that we have a dishwasher I find myself only washing pans and knives so most of my problem solving as of late has been trying not to drop them on my feet!

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    Favourite chore?? Did you say favourite??? does anyone really like cleaning??? I hate it, and I have holiday accommodation and I have to clean that too and that's worse cleaning after other people, now look, you have made me rant…LOL. Okay if I must pick something, I would say hanging the washing out because it always smells so nice straight out of the machine. Linda

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    I've always had a thing for ironing… I guess because I can pretend that I'm doing sewing related ironing 😉

    Oh and now that we have a Roomba the vacuuming is fun too!

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    My favorite household chore?
    Cleaning my bike.Does that count.
    I do the daily shopping by bike.
    I try to create a home for the Family.

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    I love to wash the dishes!It gives me some time to calm down and think! But i also enjoy it when I just can put the dishes into the machine, really!Thanks so much for the lovely give away!

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    My favorite household chore is cleaning off the table after dinner. Because my family and I have just finish having a good talk on how their day went.

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    I love hanging laundry outside on the line – we have short summers here so it's always a pleasure once the spring comes. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    I would have to say its making the beds. Making the sheets nice and straight and wrine free, knowing how nice it will feel to get into that bed later that night.

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    Chores are so boring compared to quilting but if I have to pick one it would be putting out the garbage….quick and easy.

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    Definitely anything to do wish my sewing machine – mending, sewing, fixing up hems, etc. Even turning sheets! I must be mad, but it is so satisfying. (Kathy Trevelion)

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    My favorite household chore is doing the laundry. I like the process off folding the clothes and making them neat and tidy. Sick, huh? Thanks!

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    I typically despise housework but I sometimes thoroughly enjoy emptying cupboards and drawers, cleaning them and then reorganizing them. It's the librarian in me.

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    I would have to say, my top 3, in no particular order:
    Cleaning the Bathrooms
    Cleaning the Kitchen

    Dread them all until I've started, then I find them quite enjoyable, and the results are always the best!

    Who can enjoy their day with dishes in the sink and crumbs on the counter?

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    I really don't like the "H" word. It gets in the way of my craft time. But if I had to pick something, I would say grocery shopping.

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    I really like cleaning the bathrooms….small space….quick job. I am an instant gratification kinda girl. Don't mind loading the dishwashereither but HATE unloading!

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    My favorite household chore is laundry. I do a lot of it, as I am a massage therapist, but whether it's for work or home, I like the ritual: wash, into dryer, fold while warm. Pile sheets & towels into functional & pretty stacks or hang shirts & pants while warm, & hang towels back in the bathroom. Sweet!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! :-)

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    This confuses most people, but washing the diapers. It's the best kind of laundry: already sorted and doesn't need folding and you know it reallllly needs to be washed! OK maybe I don't want to win cuz you'll just post this comment and people will see that I'm insane.

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    My favorite chore is laundry. I have always loved the smell of freshly laundered clothes. :-) I have been bugging DH to make me a clothes line outside. That would make them just about pefect.

    Please enter me in your drawing! Thank you!

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    lol, my fav chore is thinking about a list of things I can tell my husband I did during the day so he thinks I was busy.

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    In wintertime, it's polishing furniture. In summertime, hanging laundry on the line.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

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    I know I am weird but I actually enjoy ironing, but I wouldn't like to do it for too long and I have to watch TV while doing it.

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    Oddly enough, I love cleaning the bathroom! I enjoy seeing the shine that is created! I also love the smell of Ajax!

    Those fabrics are lovely!

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    Mine would have to washing clothes – it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I'm achieving something however it is actually cleaning itself and all I have to do is put it in the washing machine, add some soap and hang it on the line (and I get to go outside in the fresh air!) Thanks

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    When I didn't work outside of the home I didn't mind doing housework since I was a stay-at-home mom and that was my job! However, since I don't have time doing chores, I am going to cheat and say cooking is my favorite chore – I guess it would be considred a chore since it has to be done, right? I just wish I had a maid to wash the dishes or at last clean up the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher!LOL

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    I am one of those vanishing people who loves to hang clothes out of doors. Whenever we have moved to a new house, the first thing I've had my husband do is put up clotheslines. In one case where this wasn't allowed, I used to tie up a line on wash day in our walled-in backyard where (hopefully) nobody could see it!

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    I really like ironing! I usually only iron things like tablecloths, napkins and new fabric so I'm always ironing things I like! If I had to iron shirts and sheets, I'm sure I'd hate it!

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    When I wrote the question I thought, a favorite household chore!! Who want to have this! I do not. I do not like anything with housekeeping. I just want to sew, quilt, stitching. That is why a have a dishwasher, washingmachine. Hope to hear from you and thanks for this give-away.

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    Sweeping! I sweep the kitchen floor several times and the rest of the houseat least once. If the floor is clean I fool myself into believeing the rest of the house is clean too :) and I get a little exercise while doing it.

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    That's hard, because I really don't know. But I guess it's washing the bed sheets because it's so nice to sleep on fresh smelling sheets.

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    That's hard, because I really don't know. But I guess it's washing the bed sheets because it's so nice to sleep on fresh smelling sheets.

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