Share the love of fabric Giveaway #3

This is the third week of the ‘Share the love of Fabric’ giveaways. This week I will be giving away 6 FQ’s of the solids range from Michael Millers ‘Painters Canvas’ Magnolia Lane Collection by Laura Gunn. I have fallen in love with these textured solids.

To win these beauties you must answer the following question:

What is your favourite winter soup?

Yes, it’s winter in the southern hemisphere and the nights are freezing. My favourite winter soup is Balley Soup (you can find the recipe here.) followed by a close second with pumpkin soup with sour cream and chives.
The winner will be announced next Saturday (AEST). Don’t forget to leave a method of contact.
Good luck.

85 thoughts on “Share the love of fabric Giveaway #3

  1. Oh I am first:)

    I love my home made cream of chicken soup….made with all that naughty cream. There is steamed chicken, carrot & celery in it….that makes it

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  2. My favourite wintersoup is "Gulaschsuppe". No idea what it is called in english! It is made with beef, peppers, ognions, carottes and when serving you add a spoon of sourcream. mmmh.
    Thanks for the lovely give away!

  3. I would find it hard to decide between chicken and pumpkin but in either case i have to use Light evaporated milk instead of cream..but it still tastes good…hmmm…thinks there may be some on the menu tomorrow now as it is sooooooo cold here in Vic. xx

  4. I love any soup in winter. Good old chicken noodle would probably be my favorite. I make soup almost every Sunday in winter, so I have something to pack in my lunch for the following week. Thanks for a chance to win these yummy fabrics.

  5. Soup in general is a big favorite, but pumpkin soup with onions, nutmeg and sausage is a big hit. I also make a slow-rise crusty bread that is a most delicious addition.

  6. My favorite winter soup is so simple – a large can of spicy V8 (a tomato drink), a large can of chicken broth, a package of frozen mixed vegies, and a big double handful of fresh cheese tortellini! It makes up so quickly, and is nice and hot and hearty! Mmmmm – now I want some, even though it's summertime here!

  7. Great giveaway…I am a huge fan of Laura Gunn!

    I'd have to say chili…does that count as a soup? Bean with bacon runs a close second. Something hearty, for sure!

  8. I eat soup year round because I love it so much! Tortilla soup is probably my favorite, but I love making hearty beef & vegetable soups too. :)

  9. My favorite is Sausage Bean Chowder. Everyone always loves it and it makes you all warm inside…. yummmmmmmm! Would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

    Cherise :)

  10. I love pea and ham soup made with ham hocks and split peas. So warm and yummy for winter. The kids don't like it, so it's a very rare treat for me.

    We're going through the soup phase here too. Leek and potato is on the menu for tomorrow.

  11. Soup has to be baked butternut and sweet potato. It is a Donna Hay recipe, baking the pumpkin and sweet potato and onions give the soup a nice caramelized flavour

  12. Pumpkin soup followed by minestrone and any other that comes my way. Hubby makes really good soup and most Saturdays in winter that's what we have for lunch with crusty bread… yum

  13. Pumpkin soup followed by minestrone and any other that comes my way. Hubby makes really good soup and most Saturdays in winter that's what we have for lunch with crusty bread… yum

  14. Such a picky eater here.. I only like Chicken and Dumplings or chicken noodle.. I guess since you are talking winter.. I'd go with the dumplings.. LOL.

  15. I love having soup in the winter and we have a pot of soup every week. My husband loves making soups because he can wing it rather than follow a recipe. Italian Wedding soup is one of my favourites.

  16. Favorite soup for winter – my mother's homemade pumpkin soup from fresh pumpkin. She uses candied ginger chunks, freshly ground nutmeg, and heavy whipping cream. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win your giveaway!

  17. My very favourite soup is pumpkin. I always put in a granny smith apple and a small pinch of curry powder. I think the trick is to sweat the pumpkin, potatoes, onion and apple in lots of butter, for about half an hour before adding the stock.Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  18. California Meatball Soup is the favorite in our house. It's a beef broth base with lots of sliced carrots and celery with browned onions and garlic. The meatballs are made with ground chuck, pressed garlic and egg and dropped into boiling broth and simmered for 1 1/2 hrs. Right before serving you add canned tomatoes and garbanzo beans (chickpeas) and heat through. This is great with a loaf of crusty bread! It makes me want this soup just typing about it and I've just had lunch!

  19. We love a creamy ham and potato soup, but if it were just me it would be bottled tomatoes and cheese. Either of them with garlic bread sticks are delightful.

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