Thank you Hexie from Marina

The postman brought me a lovely surprise today – a thank you hexie from Marina of Sunny and cheery fabrics to brighten up my garden. Marina uses a very light fusible product from Floriani for her piecing template, Stitch N Wash.

Tutorial for hexagons/flowers by Marina from
Using hexagonal graph paper created at Hexagon Shapes I trace the hexagons onto Floriani stitch and wash Fusible stabiliser.
Once you have traced a few rows you will need to cut out the hexagons as accurately as you can. Cut out hour hexagon fabric, I prepare them into 2 ½ inch squares (or 2 5/8 inch squares to make it a little easier to stitch down) . Iron the hexies onto the wrong side of the fabric
Trim the hexie to allow an amount of turnover.
Next step is to turn over the excess material and stitch down. I usually fold over the fabric and finger press it all around the hexie before stitching the fabric down.
Assemble your hexie flower.

I have found that the more the hexies are handled they do soften up.

(there are further instructions on the use of this stabiliser on the packet)


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