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This morning I awoke at 5.30am to find a little message in my In Box from Sarah, the winner of this competition. Sarah has kindly donated the prize back to the Flood Appeal Raffle I am running on this blog.

Sarah, you are a kind and generous person and I wish you love, joy and happiness all the days of your life. Visit Sarah on her blog and send her a thank you message.


Micmacker said…
Fabric key chains, headbands, and coffee cup cozies – also market bags and ipod/ipad cases. I’ve been doing up the reusable snack bags, too – they sew up super fast with a serger, if you have one. I gave wristlets (pretty zip pouches with a wrist strap) for Christmas, and they were well received. Fabric cards for Valentine’s day (sew a fabric heart onto card stock).

I am looking for inspiration to make some new items for our school / parish craft stall and I need a few suggestions.
I have one FQ pack and 1/2 yard of co-ordinating fabric of the beautiful Spa by Rosemarie Lavin for Windham Fabrics to giveaway.
To enter, please leave a comment letting me know of your favourite item to either buy or make for a craft stall at a fair or fete.
I would even love to hear about the most unusual craft item you have seen or bought at a fete.
I will personally select a winner from all the entries on Jan 20th 2011.
Please leave me a way of contacting you.
If you like my site, please become a follower so I can share with you all my new projects for 2011.


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    I love zipper bags, they are great as they come in all sizes. I think they are great for a stall, like for Mother's day as kids can give them to their mums.

    Thanks for the chance to win

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    A friend of mine makes these great giant clothespins with scrapbooking paper and an initial on them – they are so useful to hold patterns, coupons, phone numbers, notes to your kids, etc. They stand up on end and look great. They sold like hotcakes at her booth….

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    I instantly look toward bags – when I see a booth with multiple sizes and shapes, I ALWAYS look and generally buy. I also immediately look at small zipper bags – I buy those for gifts ALL the time. My hot seller this year for my high school that I graduated from were ribbon covered wooden clothes pins – they can be used for so many things! We put magnets on some of them, added sticks (ie popsicle sticks) and put them in a mason jar with rice and a ribbon around the rice container to make clips that could hold photos or recipes, we put some with just ribbon together in little cloth baggies for whatever use the customer came up with! inexpensive and INCREDIBLY well recieved. <3 Good luck and thank you for the giveaway!! xoxo

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    My favorite item to make was amagnolia blossom using wire, floal tape and white balloons. They looked so real. To buy, I love handbags( with matching change purses & eyeglass cases.

    i love the fabrics in the giveaway

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    iPhone / Camera / MP3 player cases. These are so quick and easy to make. You use up small bits of fabric and batting. Great tutorial here: I think these would sell very well.

    Mug rugs

    Mug cozy with matching coaster

    Lavender eye pads

    Wheat hot pads

    Wooden pegs, painted and decorated and then attach a magnet on one side so you can put it on the fridge with coles fuel vouchers, pizza coupons etc

    I'm sure I'll come up with more ideas :-) My DS starts school this year so I'm looking forward to making crafts for his fete's.

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    I haven't made anything for a craft fair in a long time. However, I would be looking for some sort of small case – something for cell phones, ipads, etc. Or some quilt covered notepads too.

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    A friend in the fall did really well selling ruffled clutches, small snap coin purses, camera strap covers, and key fobs all made with great Ami Butler and Westminster fabrics. I even bought two of the above.

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    I am a painter so alot of my best sellers are ornaments and small hanging pieces that you would hang on a peg. I have been thinking of making some mug rugs and coasters. What a great way to use some of the scraps, so it is profit all the way!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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    Mug rugs are so popular..but I would go one more and make some scented ones. Years ago scented coasters were very popular at fairs. When the hot mug sat on them the heat would release the scent.

    Cinnamon, lavendar, all spice,…

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    I bought one quilty thing at the craft fair this year. It was a beautiful scissor case with embroidery and little charm embellishments. I love it. Not uber practical but gorgeous.

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    You know the little Kleenex packs for your purse? Make cases for those, with a matching small zipper bag and matching little quilty keychain fob thingie. Sets for the purse in different fabric choices, in dark fabrics so they don't get dingy-looking too quickly. :)

    Or lap blankets made from repurposed thrift store wool sweaters – felted, cut into big squares, sewn together.

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    I haven't made anything but at our craft fetes I look for purses, and covered books, something small for unusual gifts, makeup bags… the last thing I bought was a bread basket that folds flat ….but I think anything with really nice fabric to grab their attention. Linda

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    Here are a few things from my list of gift ideas:
    1) luggage tags
    2) passport holder that hangs around your neck
    3)cooling tie. It has that gel in it that's used in gardening.
    4) Charming Coasters. Uses 5 5" circles to make a coaster that fits on the bottom of a wine glass.
    5) Zipper flower pin
    6) Chocolate Bunny Bag – little bag with two handles that is so cute for Easter.

    I can send you patterns or links for any of these if you need it.

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    My favorite to make for craft fairs is a pull string bag with a zipper pocket. About 6×9" long, with a coordinating zipper pocket. It is a quick project, it looks great with top stitching, and looks fun with colorful zippers that are really cheap in Etsy shops. They're great on their own to carry stuff, or to put in tennis bags, large purses, diaper bags and kids love them for their own as well.

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    Every year I make small items which can be sold inexpensively; these are for our local library holiday sale. Fabric wallets are a big seller. Also: fabric covers on composition books. Even the young girls like them. I've even made covers for the mini composition books, and I add a tiny velcro closure on the fabric cover. Then there are eye masks filled with rice to heat in the microwave. Things made with selvages are big–potholders, pincushions, etc.
    Yikes, you got me going!
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway fabrics.

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    Everyone mentioned things I was going to say (bags, mug rugs, etc) but one thing I would LOVE to see be sewn is passport sleeves. They are SO easy to make, and you can do anything you want with the colors and design – the possibilities are endless. The covers protect your passport from not only Mother Nature but from the eyes of others, especially when you are abroad. And so many people have passports! Here's a great tutorial that I have used:

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    I am always drawn to folky ornaments that are 'one-of-a-kind' but that's just me! People like bags as in purses, or book bags, cases for ipods, cell phones etc. I'm sure that you will find just the perfect idea for your donation for the school/parish craft fair.

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    That fabric is sooooo beautiful!

    I love to do gift shopping at craft fairs, specifically table runners/toppers and handcrafted/covered journals… things I can give as gifts.

    For myself I would be interested in purchasing the quilted postcards I've seen around the web, those would be a fun little craft fair purchase (and I would buy many!) to send out as rays of sunshine to people's mailboxes!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with, I know it will be stunning!

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    I haven't made anything for a fair but I'd get attracted to small zippered purses, kitchen towels, napkins, pot holders & baby cloths/gifts.
    Thanks for the chance :)

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    I made a heap of stuff for a kindy fete a few months ago. My biggest seller was kid size aprons. You could even do matching aprons for the mums.
    I used cotton drill for the apron and gorgeous patchwork fabric for the pocket and feature applique.

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    I love the bag ideas, zippered, gathered clutches, but another one for craft fairs are notecards or postcards with patchwork or fabric art stitched to them. Also I've made bunches of small kraft paper cahier notebooks (moleskine or similar) with scraps of fabric sewn to the cover. Very popular.

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    For a small local craft fair would suggest small zipper bags. Most items should be priced in $5 range and below. If before valentines day, some hanging stuffed hearts with a card for expressing a sentiment, or a fabric postcard with sentiment, would be sweet. Our area's main store is Wal-Mart and most people save/reuse the bags. So, an easy plastic bag "bag holder" would be simple to make/sell. Coasters, mug rug, placemats, casserole dish carrier – if you have the fabric and batting these would be inexpensive to make and easy to sell. I'm listing things that I have bopught before or would buy.

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    Reusable snack bags are selling like mad right now! they're adorable, eco-friendly, and so stinkin' easy to make!
    here's a link to Stephanie's shop so you have a visual (oh, and she's having a sale, be still my heart!!):

    As you can see, hers are mostly muslin and then there's a strip of fabric so the cost can be kept way down. I have two of her pouches and they're great; I made some more with vinyl lining–too easy! Honestly, I think people will buy anything that is cute and they either can't make it themselves or it's just cost effective to buy it instead of making it.
    Best of luck!!

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    Fabric key chains, headbands, and coffee cup cozies – also market bags and ipod/ipad cases. I've been doing up the reusable snack bags, too – they sew up super fast with a serger, if you have one. I gave wristlets (pretty zip pouches with a wrist strap) for Christmas, and they were well received. Fabric cards for Valentine's day (sew a fabric heart onto card stock).

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    I've only ever made stained glass items to sell at fairs, but I think my favorite things to buy would (of course) be jewelry, especially cool quilty necklaces. Have fun!

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    Usually small stuff sells better. Purses, potholders, kitchen towels, and baby stuff always sell well. Best of luck and thanks for the giveaway! Spa is such a beaufitul line.


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    My friend makes pretty, crafted headbands from felt, flowers and antique buttons or feathers. I love trying them all on and had to buy one at our last craft fair together!

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    It's hard to say what my favorite is, but I have a little baby and it seems I'm always looking at the darling things made for babies. Thanks for the great giveaway. And good luck.

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    I just made coin purses for kids and other small purses. Last year I made several small things. I cut out russian dolls and owls and made small ornaments, sold them for a small price. Also several felt ornaments, hearts filled with lavender and a very cute mouse in his bed. Look on my blog on the label sewing there are so many ideas. Good luck.

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    My most popular items at fair type events were gifts for pets. I make matching dog colar/leash sets, training treat bags that clip on your belt, and for ms. purr, a break-a-way colar that you can insert a flea colar (they are so ugly).

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    I think aprons, small zippered pouches and Bible covers with handles would all be great. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love that fabric line.

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    I find that the less expensive an item, the better it sells. My Christmas stall top seller was embroidered pins.
    Now, the strangest thing I ever BOUGHT at a sale? That's easy and it is still in our lives. My SIL went to UK and is a fervent almost obsessional fan. At a sale in October, my stall was across the aisle from a mother/daughter team who placed white Christmas lights in glass containers and embellished them. Glass Blocks glowed under Christmas and Thanksgiving dioramas. Grapes dripped from illuminated wine bottles. But, right in the middle was the gem! A blue glass bottle sporting a UK logo and a plastic basketball crowning the top of the radiating blue glass. It sits next to the flat sceen for all UK events and has become our family's

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    With everyone trying to be "green" these day shopping bags are always popular. Plus it helps to make grocery shopping a little more fun to bring everything home in colourful (and sturdy) reusable bags.

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    I have to agree with a lot of people here and say bags are where I tend to lean when shopping in craft fairs. I also love the table toppers and coordinating kitchen towels and potholders. I just love that stuff! Thanks for a great giveaway too!


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    I have made for craft fairs…
    (*) quilted table runners – take more time but bring in more $.
    (*) those wallet thingys for gift cards – simple and don't take much fabric.
    (*) Rice bags – heat 'em up in the microwave for heat treatments.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    I've been seeing pan grabbers lately they look like an oval with a split down the middle you put your fingers in one side, and thumb in the other side. It folds in half, and you can grab a hot pan and pull it out of the oven instead of putting on a full oven mitt.

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    Zipper bags. Who can have enough of them. Love the fabrics your giving away. MAybe they would me a good choice for me to learn how tomake my own zipper bags.

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    At craft fairs I'm always interested in patchwork scarves, totes and home linens like tablerunners, kitchen towels, etc. The weirdest craft I've ever seen offered was a "painting" made out of recycled dryer lint. I didn't buy it.

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    I recently had a booth in a fair and sold fabric flower pins & key fobs like crazy. The weirdest thing I've seen: a woman was selling a training potty chair made of wood. It was shaped like a grizzly bear with it's arms out and a rather fierce look on it's face. I guess it was meant to scare your kid into being potty trained!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

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    Tea Cozies plz !!
    there's a shortage of thermal tea cozies & with the all the tea lovers in evidence in blogland, we're all needing some lovely tea cozies – shabby chic would be a huge hit… and MANY THX!!

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    I love buting anything hand made at craft fairs but most favourite would be hair accessories and drink coasters. I love to make pot holders and coasters.
    I nearly missed my chance of entering!! or maybe I did??

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