Christmas Holidays

I am back from my little trip to visit my place of birth for Christmas. A wonderful time was had by all.

William jumping off the wharf on Christmas Day. Everyone was in the water. I never tell my children about the big sharks that lurk below!

Great weather in Sydney compared to the wet weather in Queensland. My ark is still not complete and they are expecting another 100ml of rain this week. Oh well, I will just stay in side and quilt.

I have the most wonderful family in the world and this is where we were raised.

The bay was our playground. We spent our youth fishing, sailing, water skiing and running amongst the bush and sandstone of the national park.

Cronulla Beach was a few bays around the corner. Cronulla had the best grass hills to roll down and a very yummy ice cream parlor.

I also found a quilt that I made many years ago for my sister that I never photographed – so I did.

A hexie arrived from Leanne. Thank you, it’s perfect.

P.S Don’t forget I will be giving away a prize when I reach 200 followers.


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